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November 21, 2001


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Recent comments

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CheckMate20XX 24 Dec 2023 07:09
Really? This game doesn't have achievements? Thought the Smash community would've had plenty ideas for adding different goals. Strange.
SoulSoralis 24 Dec 2023 07:42
I'm pretty sure it's because Dolphin doesn't Fully support Achievements yet, only for development for now.
CheckMate20XX 27 Dec 2023 12:12
Any idea when Dolphin support is planned later down the line? Or is it just not compatible?
jerbq 31 Jan 2024 09:08
mangaro 31 Jan 2024 21:45
i have seen somewhere that dolphin was going to implement trophy, but i wouldnt expect it soon, mb later that year
Drurso 1 Feb 2024 02:09
Obrigado pelo set.
reypacino 6 Feb 2024 08:10
Please consider using the European Version for Multi-Language Support. Thank you
AngeloLeonhart 6 Feb 2024 14:36
Guys.... where's the Melee
jerbq 6 Feb 2024 14:51
ThatAmericanSlacker 6 Feb 2024 20:27
You can't rush art
ISSO1407 9 Feb 2024 09:59
I never touched the broken af ntsc release. I guess finally will have to.
mondovondo 19 Feb 2024 20:43
oh man. this has a chance to be the craziest set on RA.
AngeloLeonhart 19 Feb 2024 21:00
melee melle
melle meLee
jerbq 19 Feb 2024 21:05
MilesTailsFan2005YT 21 Feb 2024 20:08
Its Not Melee!
AngeloLeonhart 21 Feb 2024 20:15
guys........ where's the Melee
markdarkness 26 Feb 2024 06:31
Ideally we would get a more standard set for the main game that is fun to do and a bunch of subsets with the insane challenges that some people certainly want.
TheJediSonic 26 Feb 2024 06:42
Pretty much yeah, we're still including custom challenges in the main set but ones that are either standardly difficult but fair to expect, or ones that are less challenging and just a bit more fun thrown into custom matches
markdarkness 26 Feb 2024 07:12
Sounds like a great plan, TheJediSonic.
Legomane 28 Feb 2024 07:47
imagine we get a slippi set one day