Videocart-03: Video Blackjack (Fairchild Channel F)

Videocart-03: Video Blackjack (Fairchild Channel F)
DeveloperFairchild Semiconductor
PublisherFairchild Semiconductor
GenreGambling, Card Game
Title Screenhot
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There are 8 achievements worth 28 (137) points.
Authors: voiceofautumn (8)

Blackjack Playbook
Achievements are earned as the left player | Game Manual in Forum Topic
39 (37) of 39
(100.00%) players
Basic Play
Win a hand of Blackjack against the dealer
23 (23) of 39
(58.97%) players
The Long Stretch
Get 21 points with 3 or more cards and win
21 (21) of 39
(53.85%) players
Name Of The Game
Get a Blackjack and win
17 (16) of 39
(43.59%) players
Maximizing Your Profits
Bet 99 and win a hand
23 (23) of 39
(58.97%) players
Quadruple Digits
Reach a total of 1.000 or more credits
14 (13) of 39
(35.90%) players
Ten Times The Fun
Reach a total of 5.000 or more credits
4 (2) of 39
(10.26%) players
Getting Bang For Your Buck
Max out the replay value of the game and break the score
4 (2) of 39
(10.26%) players
Recent Players:
Sm0r3s2022-09-11 00:13:53Getting ready to select the correct player
Recent comment(s):
Beulu79 31 Jul 2022 17:54
You can't separate twin cards ?
Nevermond12 13 Aug 2022 18:10
have fun slowly making about 1k in profit. then, watch as we put you into 17 unwinnable games in a row!! so glad those unnecessary extra achievements for getting to 5k and 9999 are completely not worth it in the slightest!!!
Beulu79 19 Aug 2022 13:05
Thinking the same. And no one did it. xD
VectorPrime40 25 Sep 2022 02:15
What a sh***y game ... Consider it luck if the game even allows you to reach 2,000 ... I can't believe people actually used their hard earned money to buy this back in the 70's



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