Vanguard Bandits
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July 30, 1998


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DropTheGrace 29 Sep 2019 03:05
It would be great to have achievements for this game, one of the best strategy/mech/rpg games of this era. One of my all-time favourites!
SaskeTriste 20 May 2020 21:26
Yeah would be fine achievements for this game.
fabrizio78 13 May 2022 09:42
Great Rpg
Alarju 13 Jul 2022 15:01
Reallly looking forward for the achievements on this one, great rpg
BalrogRPG 13 Feb 2023 22:18
A forgotten classic. Can't wait for someone to make a set for this
taterz 13 Aug 2023 17:19
if this does get a set, then i won't be looking forward to going through all the missions to complete it lol
Zexerous 31 Aug 2023 18:20
Would be great to have this for a cheevo set.
atratus 23 Oct 2023 18:39
interesting game.
Xeinok 18 Dec 2023 04:43
Who can deny a Mecha TRPG?? Would love to see this get an RA set some day!