Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Nintendo DS)

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Nintendo DS)
DeveloperIntelligent Systems
GenreTactical RPG
ReleasedFebruary 16, 2009
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Recent Players:
Kaloogh2022-12-08 06:13:41Playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
ss8142022-11-28 22:28:21Playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
QuietXOF2022-11-27 05:09:02Developing Achievements
Bena802022-11-15 20:56:14Playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Arsendeur2022-11-11 00:45:31Playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
lestatxz2022-09-25 04:49:21Playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Ardessalore2022-07-18 04:27:47Playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Recent comment(s):
Cooligno1234 27 Sep 2020 15:42
It would be great see a Set for this game in Merciless
jeftah 25 Nov 2021 02:17
^ this, I have already completed a 5* run, but I would like something to show for it
fabrizio78 13 May 2022 09:25
Great game
FolkSong 28 Aug 2022 04:17
Woohoo, I just wishlisted this a few days ago and I see QuietXOF has now claimed it! Best of luck with the development and thanks in advance!
Elolawyn 10 Oct 2022 17:21
5 points! You saw that doga????
Artanis 20 Nov 2022 02:01
The claim expires on November 28th... :( our luck is running out? please nooo :( i am praying for the set
FolkSong 27 Nov 2022 04:37
I see the claim has now been renewed. Thanks to QuietXOF for continuing to work on this game!
QuietXOF 27 Nov 2022 04:48
Thank you for the encouraging comments. I'm currently working on staple achievements and hammering out ideas for more creative ones, but progress has been slow due to how the memory loads in this game. It is difficult but not impossible, so thank you for your patience.
Elolawyn 27 Nov 2022 09:30
Please, if you are going to add H5 achievements, allow us to cheese bosses just like devs cheese us. :(
Artanis 27 Nov 2022 13:36
thanks, QuietXOF, for your effort, i am anxious for the set :) good work!



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