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Chessmaster, The (SNES)

Developer:Software Toolworks
Publisher:Mindscape Inc.
Genre:Board Game (Chess)
First released:September 1991
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 13 achievements worth 70 (139) points.
Authors: Pelouch (13).

Learning The Fundamentals
won by 43 (38) of 45 (95.56%)
Win a game as the white pieces
Gambit Declined
won by 31 (28) of 45 (68.89%)
Win a game as the black pieces
Who Needs Time Control?
won by 16 (16) of 45 (35.56%)
Win as the black pieces in less that 40 turns on at least level 4
Sorry About That
won by 19 (18) of 45 (42.22%)
Win as the black pieces in 3d mode on at least level 2
Another Day At The Office
won by 16 (16) of 45 (35.56%)
Win as the white pieces in 2d mode on at least level 12
Commentator's Mode
won by 15 (14) of 45 (33.33%)
Win as the black pieces in 'War Room' mode on at least level 6
Classic Showdown
won by 18 (18) of 45 (40.00%)
Win as the white pieces on at least level 11
Chess Fantasy
won by 13 (13) of 45 (28.89%)
Win as the black pieces in the 'Fantasy' style on at least level 8
Old School
won by 15 (14) of 45 (33.33%)
Win as the black pieces in the 'Staunton' style at level infinite
Blitzing My Way To A Win
won by 19 (19) of 45 (42.22%)
Win as the white pieces in less than 10 minutes on at least level 3
Ready For The Local Tourney
won by 10 (10) of 45 (22.22%)
Win 5 games in a row at exactly Level of Play:13 (With The White Pieces)
Chessmaster Up For Adoption
won by 10 (10) of 45 (22.22%)
Win 10 games in a row at exactly Level of Play:10 (With The White Pieces)
Warming Up
won by 11 (11) of 45 (24.44%)
Win 15 games in a row at exactly Level of Play:5 (With The White Pieces)
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Recent comment(s):
14 Feb 2015
I'd like to create an achievement. How do I do that?
19 Sep 2015
First you'll need to identify useful memory addresses (use the "Memory Inspector"), then under the "Achievement Sets" option + "Achievement Editor" create the conditions desired to trigger the achievement
10 Jul 2020
I did it :P five years later.A quick note about the set "cheating" it's not allowed. That means, setting up the board, replaying moves, changing sides midgame, changing styles midgame etc. If you "accidentally" do it just start a new game
12 Jul 2020
The game can sometimes get softlocked after a checkmate, ruining the streak, which kinda sucks.
13 Jul 2020
Really? I never had that happen to me I'll try to beat the other achievements that I'm missing and if it happens I'll see about lowering the requirements for warming up
13 Jul 2020
I mastered it just fine. Maybe change cores/try to do the last one on libretro... I've finished about 70 games against the computer and it has never softlocked
13 Jul 2020
It's probably just extremely rare and I rolled poorly. I have a save state in the middle of a softlock, so it definitely exists.
16 Aug 2020
Forcing chessmaster to move is a perfectly legal and sometimes required action
18 Nov 2020
How much time for one of the last three achievements? can you save the game? seems impossible in hardcore without turn off the computer for days
18 Nov 2020
The 15 matches one is definetly the longest. It should be like 1 hour but since the UI is so slow it takes a bit more. About 2:30 hours if you take your time. The other two are fairly quick I think 1 hour each is a good estimate
27 Nov 2020
Ah! I understand now. You people, are too good for me :). I need at least an hour for a level 4 match and I need more time than the machine. Thank You!
25 Mar 2021
Great chess game for the SNES. Consistently beats me. Lol.

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