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Astrosmash (Intellivision)

Developer:Mattel Electronics
Publisher:Sears, Roebuck & Co
First released:1981
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 12 achievements worth 105 (135) points.
Authors: Keltron3030 (12).

Novice Asteroid Smasher
won by 14 (11) of 15 (93.33%)
Reach the 2x level at 1000 points
Competent Asteroid Smasher
won by 15 (12) of 15 (100.00%)
Reach the 3x level at 5000 points
Proficient Asteroid Smasher
won by 14 (12) of 15 (93.33%)
Reach the 4x level at 20,000 points
Expert Asteroid Smasher
won by 10 (10) of 15 (66.67%)
Reach the 5x level at 50,000 points
Master Asteroid Smasher
won by 8 (8) of 15 (53.33%)
Reach the 6x level at 100,000 points
Hyper Smash
won by 11 (10) of 15 (73.33%)
Reach the 3x level in less than 100 seconds
Laser Saver
won by 7 (7) of 15 (46.67%)
Reach the 4x level without losing a laser cannon
won by 9 (9) of 15 (60.00%)
Destroy 3 consecutive UFOs without losing a life
Astro Dash
won by 9 (9) of 15 (60.00%)
Avoid a guided missile with hyperspace at the last moment
Spinner Survival
won by 11 (11) of 15 (73.33%)
Avoid death with 3 spinners on the screen
Astro Cache
won by 6 (6) of 15 (40.00%)
Possess 65 laser cannons in reserve
5 Star Laser Battery Commander
won by 8 (8) of 15 (53.33%)
Reach 250,000 Points
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Recent comment(s):
15 Feb 2021
Boy, that was fun!
15 Feb 2021
Well, done. Was fun watching the run for 4x deathless... Cringing while you played at low speed ;)
16 Feb 2021
Mastered. A surprisingly fun and intense game. Was a fun set to do.
16 Feb 2021
Yeah, I should have known that playing at a slower speed wouldn't count.
16 Feb 2021
Yeah, would make the challenges sort of trivial. Regarding achievements for destroying 4 or 5 spinners on the screen at once... 4 would be perhaps doable but probably not reasonable.
16 Feb 2021
I wasn't aware that 300K represented a difficulty plateau as you suggested or I might have made the target score 300K or 350K rather than 250K.
16 Feb 2021
Yep. I should poke around the ROM some more to see if I can find the list of difficulty gradients. But 300k is definitely one of them.
16 Feb 2021
Sure, let me know what you find and maybe we can do a quick set revision if the challenge is reasonable. I always prefer a systematic approach over more arbitrary objectives.
16 Feb 2021
I'm reviewing my video now, because I just bought a dedicated wireless gaming router; past videos with a general-purpose router had intermittent video quality degradation. What comes to mind is a "lowest negative score" leaderboard position.
16 Feb 2021
Another leaderboard position would be cool for "highest score before a rock lands" like in Intellivision Lives for PS1.
16 Feb 2021
I made the leaderboards for Intellivision Lives including the "perfection" board. I didn't put it here since I figured it would be something to make the PS1 set unique. Probably should move to the forums for more discussion at this point.
19 Feb 2021
Achievements won't pop. Playing on default speed.
19 Feb 2021
Until Retroarch 1.9.1 you must play on the nightly or RALibretro.
19 Feb 2021
So are you going to add the other games like Sharp Shot?
19 Feb 2021
Well, I didn't make the achievements for sharp shot, but someone could port them over. If I did I'd probably make a new set altogether. Star Strike and Space Armada have core issues that make them too problematic at the moment.
19 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021
I was 5 years old when I got my first video game ever ..... Intellivision =D I have to play this
21 Feb 2021
Yes you do.
5 Apr 2021
But but but. ... it's not loading on Retroarch, always crashes =(
5 Apr 2021
Make sure you're on 1.9.1 and have the two bios files in your system folder

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Highest Score reached before Game Over (Game Speed 4)
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Highest Score reached before losing a laser cannon (Game Speed 4)
Reach the 3x level as fast as possible (Game Speed 4)