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Rugrats: Search for Reptar (PlayStation)

Rugrats: Search for Reptar (PlayStation)
ReleasedOctober 31, 1998
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


Authors: Flawestruck (23)
There are 23 achievements worth 205 (348) points.
Start the game by completing Training.
214 (165) of 384
(55.73%) players
Play fetch with Spike.
177 (130) of 384
(46.09%) players
Find the hidden babies in under 5 minutes.
157 (123) of 384
(40.89%) players
Get a hole-in-one.
218 (150) of 384
(56.77%) players
Find and destroy the pyramid monster.
125 (103) of 384
(32.55%) players
Get a hole-in-one on Hole 9.
85 (64) of 384
(22.14%) players
Defeat Mr. Friend without taking damage.
80 (73) of 384
(20.83%) players
Beat all 3 Easy levels.
171 (134) of 384
(44.53%) players
Find Spike in under 2 minutes.
139 (112) of 384
(36.20%) players
Defeat the goose without hurting Chuckie.
187 (135) of 384
(48.70%) players
Free the light in under 5 minutes.
145 (113) of 384
(37.76%) players
Beat Visitors from Outer Space in under 7 minutes.
159 (119) of 384
(41.41%) players
Beat all 4 Medium levels.
124 (107) of 384
(32.29%) players
Skip half of the level Incident on Aisle 7.
91 (84) of 384
(23.70%) players
Find the hidden Reptar bar in Toy Palace.
112 (95) of 384
(29.17%) players
Beat all 3 Hard levels.
139 (114) of 384
(36.20%) players
Escape Mirrorland in under 5 minutes.
97 (88) of 384
(25.26%) players
Collect the golden coin in Gold Rush.
128 (98) of 384
(33.33%) players
Collected the golden egg in Egg Hunt.
198 (147) of 384
(51.56%) players
Obtain a Reptar puzzle piece by collecting Reptar bars.
285 (191) of 384
(74.22%) players
Complete the Reptar puzzle.
187 (137) of 384
(48.70%) players
Beat all levels, bonus stages, and extras.
92 (90) of 384
(23.96%) players
Collected all reptar bars.
55 (53) of 384
(14.32%) players
Recent Players:
SOUNDZLIT2023-03-31 07:43:16Starting the game.
Sloppydj2023-03-31 06:11:26Tommy is exploring Pickle's Home 🚩.
Joe2012023-03-26 07:49:30Playing Rugrats: Search for Reptar
Rosstifer252023-03-24 21:10:42β–Œβ–ŒTommy is exploring Pickle's Home 🚩.
TheRemnant882023-03-22 18:51:58Tommy is exploring Pickle's Home 🚩.
Buginhead552023-03-14 05:40:05Tommy is exploring Pickle's Home 🚩.
thatonevenusaur2023-03-11 17:37:17Playing Rugrats: Search for Reptar
Jasvxr2023-03-05 22:00:39Browsing the menus.
Buginhead2023-03-04 17:38:24Starting the game.
thirst2023-02-05 01:41:08Tommy is exploring Granpa's Teeth 🚩.
Recent comments: (All 22)
SayuMyers 4 May 2020 23:59
My childhood game! Would love to see cheevos
Gary200 9 Aug 2020 09:46
Need Achievements!!!!
Gary200 14 Sep 2020 20:13
Craymeco 16 Sep 2020 00:32
If you complete the puzzle, you'll automatically be put in the final level. It is not necessary to place the puzzle pieces you obtain.
BALtimore2001 27 Sep 2020 04:59
Is it an easy game? Because I'm vowing to try it.
FabinSS 23 Oct 2020 18:54
Very very easy game as far as I remember.
cowtzu 24 Nov 2020 22:54
The Hide 'n Go Peek achievement isn't unlocking for me, and times for the related leaderboard won't post. When I finish the level it just says leaderboard attempt cancelled.
Aekko 20 Jan 2021 01:13
Hunting for all those bars is a boring load of bollocks. Good god.
ChronoGear 7 Mar 2021 01:29
Strykeforce0 9 Jun 2021 00:44
I've done about half of the achievements I still have locked and can't get them to pop. My leaderboards keep canceling too. Is there something I'm doing wrong? The hash is correct.
TheNegativeIon 3 Aug 2021 04:18
Mastered! Man, it was such a heartbreak coming back to this game for the first time in 20-ish years only to find out that it actually sucks. Clunky controls, uncooperative camera, and constantly bumping into everything made this game quite the hassle to get through.
Bearfax62 16 Aug 2021 07:43
From what I can tell, beating the final level causes the entire game to reset; including your collected bars. You'll want to refrain from placing the last puzzle piece(s) until you've done everything else you want to do.
FabinSS 23 Aug 2021 02:24
Got an achievement, the emulator crashed, forgot to save. And bye bye game. Does the 3 easy stages achievement need to be done in one session and only the first completion works? Didn't pop for me, even replaying them.
warkitten13 16 Sep 2021 07:58
Idk what it is but it is literally impossible for me to hit a hole in one on hole 3. No matter how hard or straight i hit, it will NOT go in. Instead it stops like 2 inches away from the hole.
FabinSS 16 Sep 2021 09:01
@warkitten13, this is a perfect shot. You need 100% power. Try to change the camera angle to an up to down view and align the arrow with the borders. Use a dpad or keyboard, theyre less sensitive than the analogic button
warkitten13 17 Sep 2021 01:18
@FabinSS, thanks for the tip but ive tried all of that. I'm pretty sure it comes down to Swanstation not being as accurate of a core so it doesn't allow it with my current settings. Gonna go through the game again on another more accurate core to see if it changes anything.
FabinSS 17 Sep 2021 01:27
Good luck! The last hole is very tricky too.
BlessedSeraphim3 19 Dec 2022 03:44
This game is so nostalgic to me, It's so good to be able to replay this and collect achievements. What a blast from the past!
Mophmeister 29 Jan 2023 22:13
Mastered! This was really fun, and mostly easy (aside from freaking hitless Mr Friend). The controls suck, but thankfully kid me got used to them. Thank you for this set.
DistalSoul 6 Mar 2023 13:10
Just as fun to master as it was to play through as a child. Using the list posted by NyahDesu made the Reptar bars much easier, and I’ve posted a decent strat which I used to make the Mr Friend no damage achievement very easy on the thread. Hole 9 took me a while to hole in one before I saw the strat posted on the thread for that achievement, but besides that, nothing was too difficult.

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