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Pokemon Ruby Version (Game Boy Advance)

Pokemon Ruby Version (Game Boy Advance)
Developer:Game Freak
Genre:Role-Playing Game
Released:November 21, 2002
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 49 achievements worth 485 (1891) points.
Authors: Brian (25), jos (24).

Just Heating Up
won by 1267 (786) of 1313 (96.50%)
Defeat Brendan or May for the first time.
You Aren't Half Bad
won by 660 (488) of 1313 (50.27%)
Defeat Brendan or May for the second time.
You Are Pretty Decent Actually
won by 501 (398) of 1313 (38.16%)
Defeat Brendan or May for the third time.
You're Pretty Good
won by 478 (379) of 1313 (36.41%)
Defeat Brendan or May for the fourth time.
The Ultimate Ball [m]
won by 435 (349) of 1313 (33.13%)
Find the Master Ball in a secret hideout.
The Rock-Loving Honors Student
won by 872 (592) of 1313 (66.41%)
Earn the Stone badge.
A Big Wave in Fighting
won by 759 (546) of 1313 (57.81%)
Earn the Knuckle badge.
The Cheerfully Electrifying Man
won by 628 (478) of 1313 (47.83%)
Earn the Dynamo badge.
One With a Fiery Passion that Burns
won by 556 (433) of 1313 (42.35%)
A Man in Pursuit of Power
won by 533 (417) of 1313 (40.59%)
Earn the Balance badge.
The Bird User Taking Flight into the World
won by 495 (391) of 1313 (37.70%)
The Mystic Combination
won by 450 (362) of 1313 (34.27%)
Earn the Mind badge.
Artist, and Lover of Water
won by 435 (348) of 1313 (33.13%)
Earn the Rain badge.
Volcanic Showdown
won by 560 (437) of 1313 (42.65%)
Defeat Maxie in Mt. Chimney.
Panic in the Institute
won by 500 (397) of 1313 (38.08%)
Defeat Courtney in the Weather Institute.
Not So Secret Hideout
won by 461 (368) of 1313 (35.11%)
Defeat Tabitha in team Magma hideout.
Awaken, My Master!
won by 440 (354) of 1313 (33.51%)
Defeat Maxie in the Seafloor Cavern.
From Zero to Hero
won by 406 (333) of 1313 (30.92%)
Defeat Wally in the Victory Road.
The Birth of a New Champion
won by 364 (316) of 1313 (27.72%)
Become the new Hoenn Champion.
Heavy Weather
won by 427 (344) of 1313 (32.52%)
Catch Groudon.
Sky High
won by 298 (268) of 1313 (22.70%)
Catch Rayquaza.
The Stone Titan
won by 290 (260) of 1313 (22.09%)
Catch Regirock.
The Ice Titan
won by 289 (259) of 1313 (22.01%)
Catch Regice.
The Iron Titan
won by 288 (258) of 1313 (21.93%)
Catch Registeel.
Roaming for Eons
won by 267 (240) of 1313 (20.34%)
Catch Latios.
Eco-Friendly Trainer
won by 223 (175) of 1313 (16.98%)
Turn off the generator in New Mauville and claim your reward.
Dethroning the Trick Master
won by 123 (108) of 1313 (9.37%)
Clear all the puzzles of the Trick House and claim the last reward.
Ancient Crafting
won by 114 (101) of 1313 (8.68%)
Obtain the ingredients needed and craft a Shell Bell.
Treasure Deliverer
won by 131 (111) of 1313 (9.98%)
Return the Scanner to Captain Stern.
won by 130 (110) of 1313 (9.90%)
Return the Red Orb to the place where it came from.
won by 91 (83) of 1313 (6.93%)
Acquire a black belt.
won by 86 (78) of 1313 (6.55%)
Acquire a silverpowder.
Hoard Lord
won by 84 (76) of 1313 (6.40%)
Acquire a dragon fang.
Machine Collector
won by 84 (78) of 1313 (6.40%)
Obtain every TM at least once.
Not Totally Scammed
won by 99 (87) of 1313 (7.54%)
Obtain all the gift and in game traded Pokemon.
Pest Control [m]
won by 83 (74) of 1313 (6.32%)
Interact with all the stationary pokemon in Hoenn.
Successful Transition
won by 81 (73) of 1313 (6.17%)
The gender of Azurill just changed!
Size does Matter
won by 91 (81) of 1313 (6.93%)
Show big pokemon to a pair of competitive brothers.
Chain of my Chains
won by 76 (68) of 1313 (5.79%)
Breed an Absol with Double-Edge, Baton Pass, Feint Attack and Substitute and enter a battle with it.
Mysterious Feature
won by 109 (96) of 1313 (8.30%)
Become a member of the Mystery Event Club.
Renowned Trainer
won by 89 (79) of 1313 (6.78%)
Completely fill the Trainer's Eyes list.
Owning Wally
won by 87 (80) of 1313 (6.63%)
Win the fourth rematch onwards against Wally at V. Road with only one Pokemon in your party. (No legendary or pseudo-legendary)
Epic Sweep
won by 89 (78) of 1313 (6.78%)
Beat the Pokemon League using a party of 6 version exclusives without resetting. (See the achievement comments)
won by 61 (51) of 1313 (4.65%)
Win 50 times in a row in the Battle Tower. (Level 50)
won by 57 (49) of 1313 (4.34%)
Win 50 times in a row in the Battle Tower. (Level 100)
Champion of Champions
won by 55 (46) of 1313 (4.19%)
Win 100 times in a row in the Battle Tower. (Any level)
Squishy Son of a Fish
won by 99 (87) of 1313 (7.54%)
Catch a Feebas.
Professional Catcher [m]
won by 91 (77) of 1313 (6.93%)
Catch Latios without using the Master Ball.
Gotta Catch 'em All - Ruby
won by 72 (63) of 1313 (5.48%)
Catch all pokemon without using external trading.
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Recent Players:
jarccc2022-06-24 20:15:55Playing Pokemon Ruby Version
1999radiomix2022-06-24 14:55:50Ryanna is exploring Littleroot Town with 8 Badges and 78/202 Pokemon.
Dxmt2022-06-24 12:18:33Playing Pokemon Ruby Version
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PebotTypato2022-06-24 05:18:57Playing Pokemon Ruby Version
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Duduscuidado2022-06-22 06:00:08NICOLA is exploring Route 114 with 3 Badges and 7/202 Pokemon.
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Recent comment(s):
8 May 2018
FYI - If the chevo doesn't pop save your game and reload and it should.
3 Nov 2018
23 Nov 2018
set is being worked on atm and i did a dumb don't panic because achievements don't trigger
23 Nov 2018
alright set should be working now. finished adding save protection.
17 Mar 2019
25 Dec 2019
These new achievments suck...
25 Dec 2019
i'm a bad developer, so it checks out
25 Dec 2019
I was almost done and today came a lot of achievements. There are nonsense there, winning 100 times in a row in Battle Tower is absurd. I even got discouraged from trying to Master...
30 Dec 2019
Wowie look at that score ratio now
3 Jan 2020
Good thing I've mastered this before. Also that score ratio and the 50/100 wins in a row jesus christ just why would you do this to these people
20 Mar 2020
4 Jun 2021
Mastered! Perfect set. No issues for me. Good job! Thank you.
27 Aug 2021
Why are Ruby/Sapphire separate?
13 Sep 2021
Not to be boring, but these Battle Tower achievements are boring. Using myself as an example, it took me a long time to get just the one to win 50 times at Level 50 and when I was continuing to make the 100 wins at any level, I not only lost the chance to get the achievement but also lost the desire to want it.
13 Sep 2021
It may be crying on my part, but the interest in wanting to continue is diminished by the number of victories needed to achieve it. If you're going to keep the Battle Tower achievements, could you at least decrease the amount of victories needed to get them?
13 Sep 2021
It may make it less boring to get the Battle Tower achievements. It's just my opinion and my request to the developer of the achievements.
10 Oct 2021
Mastered, Battle tower was easy, if you are having trouble to get 100 wins streak, don't even think about playing emerald, don't even dream about playing platinum, you will lost interest in achievements at all
10 Oct 2021
Just get there with a good team, i've commented in 100 wins streak achievement page about the team i 've used, take a look, maybe it will help you
10 Jun 2022
Mastered! According to RetroArch, this took 40:09 in real time (with the emulator spedup) My final in-game time was 149:37. I have to say, out of all the base Pokemon games I've mastered, this one is by far the grindiest. Just reaching 177 in the Pokedex already takes a lot of grinding due to all the high evolution level caps involved. However, the achievements make the grinding even worse. You need to raise three Pokemon all the way to Level 100 for the battle tower and you probably also need to raise a version exclusive to ~ Level 60 for that achievement. I would estimate about 80 hours of my playthrough was spent grinding exp in the Sky Pillar. This made the mastering process very unenjoyable, although that may have been inevitable for this game. To speed up the process of training three Pokemon all the way to Level 100, I recommend using a team of 4-5 Zigzagoons and the Pokemon you're training. After each battle, check your party to see if the Zigzagoons picked up any Rare Candies. I did this throughout my entire playthrough and managed to get ~140 rare candies. The battle tower was not as difficult as the one in Crystal version imo, despite having way more battles (although I did that battle tower on Level 10 mode, big mistake). I would like to give a big thank you to @Rarronak for the battle tower strategy, it saved me a lot of time. With all that said, it's time for Sapphire version :)
19 Jun 2022
Finally, platinado. I had to grind hard for some cheevos and while some were meh, I loved revisiting this game again and finally finishing it. I'm proud that I finished Epic Sweep using only Mawile (MVP for sure) and Zangoose and the Champion of Champions with Gardevoir and Walrein (Blaziken went underleveled). Thanks for the set :)

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