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Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive)

Developer:Midway Games
Publisher:Midway Games
First released:October 8, 1992
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 41 achievements worth 425 (3576) points.
Authors: MarioJunior10 (27), Wolferhu (8), Scott (5), Dissection (1).

Violence is Allowed for All Achievements
won by 147 (103) of 1286 (11.43%)
You Unlocked The Blood Code
First Victory
won by 1243 (689) of 1286 (96.66%)
Win Your First Victory Against the CPU
won by 553 (371) of 1286 (43.00%)
Perform Your First Fatality on the CPU
won by 841 (550) of 1286 (65.40%)
Fight on Every Standard Stage
won by 86 (75) of 1286 (6.69%)
Perform Johnny Cage's Fatality on the CPU
Heart Wasn't Censored Here
won by 59 (54) of 1286 (4.59%)
Perform Kano's Fatality on the CPU
Beheaded by a Lightning
won by 66 (57) of 1286 (5.13%)
Perform Rayden's Fatality on the CPU
Star and Uppercut
won by 67 (55) of 1286 (5.21%)
Perform Liu Kang's Fatality on the CPU
True Face
won by 92 (73) of 1286 (7.15%)
Perform Scorpion's Fatality on the CPU
Cruel Decapitation
won by 98 (75) of 1286 (7.62%)
Perform Sub-Zero's Fatality on the CPU
Death Kiss
won by 57 (50) of 1286 (4.43%)
Perform Sonya's Fatality on the CPU
won by 107 (83) of 1286 (8.32%)
Break the Wood
won by 99 (83) of 1286 (7.70%)
Break the Stone
won by 83 (72) of 1286 (6.45%)
Break the Steel
won by 40 (37) of 1286 (3.11%)
Break the Ruby
won by 37 (33) of 1286 (2.88%)
Break the Diamond
High Score
won by 420 (308) of 1286 (32.66%)
Achieve a score of over 5,000,000
Reptile Challenge
won by 266 (209) of 1286 (20.68%)
Achieve a score of over 10,000,000
Forgotten Fight
won by 80 (65) of 1286 (6.22%)
Defeat Goro
won by 498 (373) of 1286 (38.72%)
Defeat Shang Tsung in the tournament
Johnny Cage
won by 381 (292) of 1286 (29.63%)
Finish the game with Johnny Cage (Medium or higher difficulty)
won by 281 (233) of 1286 (21.85%)
Finish the game with Kano (Medium or higher difficulty)
won by 297 (247) of 1286 (23.09%)
Finish the game with Rayden (Medium or higher difficulty)
Liu Kang
won by 281 (227) of 1286 (21.85%)
Finish the game with Liu Kang (Medium or higher difficulty)
won by 346 (271) of 1286 (26.91%)
Finish the game with Scorpion (Medium or higher difficulty)
won by 347 (273) of 1286 (26.98%)
Finish the game with Sub-Zero (Medium or higher difficulty)
Sonya Blade
won by 274 (226) of 1286 (21.31%)
Finish the game with Sonya (Medium or higher difficulty)
Supreme Master
won by 242 (193) of 1286 (18.82%)
Win the tournament on Very Hard difficulty
Avenging Kung Lao
won by 60 (49) of 1286 (4.67%)
Win with a Flawless Victory vs Goro
Sorcerer Defeated
won by 57 (49) of 1286 (4.43%)
Win with a Flawless Victory vs Shang Tsung
Hidden Enemy
won by 33 (30) of 1286 (2.57%)
Perform Double Flawless and Fatality on the Pit, and find the secret
won by 32 (29) of 1286 (2.49%)
Defeat Reptile
The Protector is Gone
won by 32 (29) of 1286 (2.49%)
Perform a Fatality on Reptile
No Kicks
won by 34 (29) of 1286 (2.64%)
Win a round vs CPU, as Johnny Cage or Liu Kang on Very Hard (Enemy 2 or Higher)
No Punches
won by 40 (36) of 1286 (3.11%)
Win a round vs the CPU, as Scorpion or Sub-Zero on Very Hard (Enemy 2 or Higher)
Sonya's Revenge
won by 34 (31) of 1286 (2.64%)
Win with a Flawless Victory and Fatality vs Kano as Sonya
2 Arms Work Better Than 4
won by 40 (36) of 1286 (3.11%)
Win with a Flawless Victory vs Goro as Johnny Cage
Challenge of Gods
won by 45 (41) of 1286 (3.50%)
Win with a Flawless Victory vs Shang Tsung as Rayden
won by 40 (33) of 1286 (3.11%)
Win the game without using a kredit (Medium or higher difficulty)
MK Champion
won by 30 (27) of 1286 (2.33%)
Win the tournament with flag 1 enabled
Ultra Warrior
won by 31 (28) of 1286 (2.41%)
Win the game without losing a round on Hard or higher difficulty
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Recent comment(s):
18 Jan 2021
I too had this game mastered, and now it claims I have zero achievements. Feeling cheated!! You revised it to prevent cheaters, and cheated those who won honestly in the process! My badge should be restored!
18 Jan 2021
I only added new challenges, cheat protection was added much before, actually, also no one can touch your achievements earned, if they disappeared means that you probably reseted unintentionally and don't remember
18 Jan 2021
And who won this game honestly certainly will do it again, some ones already did that, revisions are much more than protect against cheat, as said above
18 Jan 2021
I disagree, but I'm also not going to get into an argument with you. I just won't play this game anymore or any others you create achievements for.
19 Jan 2021
I really don't care if you disagree or no, and if you will play my sets or no. I only explained the reasons that make me revising them, but this really not worthy since you started to act like a dick.
19 Jan 2021
So, do me a favor and never comment in any forum/wall for games that I worked anymore, my sets are for players that want challenges, and not for a useless user like you that complain without never helped RA in nothing.
25 Jan 2021
Come on guys. Show some respect, towards the devs. RA is free and relies on people volunteering their time and effort into creating achievement sets. Revisions are standard practice, especially for older sets that don't meet current standards.
25 Jan 2021
This is obviously done to improve the quality of the sets and not to screw with the playerbase of the game, which is why you keep your already unlocked achievements and mastered/completed badge even after a revision goes live.
25 Jan 2021
The creator of these achievements is clearly a disrespectful person which is seen in his own comments above.
25 Jan 2021
You show yourself as someone that don't try to got the revision point even after explanations, so the minimum that expect is devs be aggressive with you. I also asked you for never write here again, but you still proceed, so providences will be taken
25 Jan 2021
Nice words CosmicZeppelin, you know how hard is revise a old and abandoned set, our intention is bring a better quality for the fans of those games, still has a lot of popular games with basic sets for who only worry with badges instead of creativity
25 Jan 2021
RetroRAB, keep in mind that the achievement creators donate a big portion of their freetime creating content for the whole community. And the only reward they can get is recognition and appreciation for their work.
25 Jan 2021
RetroRAB, even if you believe you didn't sound disrespectful, when you say you won't play any achievement a dev created you'll surely trigger people around here.
25 Jan 2021
MarioJunior10, I'd like to ask you everytime you feel you're about to be aggressive because a member triggered you, please, contact a moderator so we can take an action ASAP and avoid these kind of interactions.
30 Jan 2021
Again, I don't mind if player X or Z will play my sets. Fact is that I wasted much time revising them, time that could be used in other things. Complain won't solve nothing once this was did a months ago, I just want they understand and respect that.
4 Mar 2021
Advanced english knowledge isn't requisite to be a developer. If anyone is interested to change a set they are welcome to put effort to become a developer.
4 Mar 2021
Once you become a developer you can propose a revision that you see as suitable, and as long as the developers group approves the changes can be applied.
4 Mar 2021
As long as you are civil and respect the rules you are free to do whatever you want.
4 Mar 2021
Critics can be made, but with respect as Cosmic said above, but as I said above, is a waste of time revise sets here, so I'm abandoning this set and won't assume any bug reported here, please, contact other devs for make changes here, fuck this all.
4 Mar 2021
Devs are always open for suggestions, nobody is saying that this set never will be changed anymore, I just prefer that use the forum for that since the messages can be higher and has more visibility.

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