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April 16, 2011


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Gnarc Gnarc

26 Nov 2023, 11:42pm

Samus is entering the room in Crateria. Beam: Power 0/11 Suit items. 99+0/99+0 Energy, 0/0 Missiles, 0/0 Super Missiles, 0/0 Power Bombs. Game Time:0:10.30

zemaduvant zemaduvant

26 Nov 2023, 7:39pm

Playing ~Hack~ Metroid: Super Zero Mission

JuanCruzPecot JuanCruzPecot

26 Nov 2023, 5:28pm

Samus is exploring planet Zebes in Brinstar. Beam: Power 0/11 Suit items. 99+0/99+0 Energy, 0/0 Missiles, 0/0 Super Missiles, 0/0 Power Bombs. Game Time:1:09.28

Switchxeno Switchxeno

26 Nov 2023, 1:52pm

Playing ~Hack~ Metroid: Super Zero Mission

Sonike4u Sonike4u

26 Nov 2023, 10:21am

Playing ~Hack~ Metroid: Super Zero Mission

CrystalGameYtm CrystalGameYtm

24 Nov 2023, 4:53pm

Samus is viewing the Planet Zebes map in Chozodia. Beam: Charge+Wave+Ice+Spazer 7/11 Suit items. 79+200/799+200 Energy, 54/90 Missiles, 20/20 Super Missiles, 0/0 Power Bombs. Game Time:3h29:10.95

Linkin Linkin

24 Nov 2023, 2:36pm

Playing ~Hack~ Metroid: Super Zero Mission

redtiger2781 redtiger2781

23 Nov 2023, 6:05pm

Playing ~Hack~ Metroid: Super Zero Mission

danillowesker danillowesker

22 Nov 2023, 8:30pm

Playing ~Hack~ Metroid: Super Zero Mission

Keyneye Keyneye

20 Nov 2023, 9:30pm

Playing ~Hack~ Metroid: Super Zero Mission

Apostila 21 Sep 2020 15:39
MrRage2021 2 Nov 2021 13:32
Great hack,probably my favorite
MiguelsoaresGames2 6 Jan 2022 17:15
leislonjose 25 Feb 2022 07:28
I can't access the forum because apparently I "don't have permission to view this page", so I'll post it here instead. Full map (simple): Full map (ultra detailed turbo HD): Please someone make achievements for this!
GoddessBow 24 Jan 2023 10:33
Need more Metroid and achievements! Make it happen ♡
JAM 25 Jan 2023 19:05
I will. Not promising to make it quick but I'll try to make a qualitative work. It should be ready around this summer. I want to focus on exploration, sequence breaking, challenges and other missable stuff. This hack have a lot of potentional and I'm currently playing it on ZSNES until I beat it several times and make a solid plan.
GoddessBow 25 Jan 2023 22:27
Sounds perfect! I'll give you a follow just for that bud ^3^
I'm hoping to see a really insane and heavy set for this hack, friend of mine said it's gigantic so alot you can do with it :3

Also take your time! A polished set is so much better than a rushed one! ♡
Wolfric 10 Feb 2023 20:19
Just no BS achievements like "no damage" and speedrun please? It's about enjoying a game to is fullest, not absurd challenges.
GoddessBow 10 Feb 2023 21:03
Speedrun is a staple in Metroid so that one you can't get away from, that being said the timer don't need to be WR tight or anything
As for no damage, that entirely depends on the boss arena and how terrible it is

Then again.. I'm a Veteran, been playing Metroid since 1994
Wolfric 10 Feb 2023 21:12
Let me clarify:

I don't mean completion speed; for those tend to be quite decent and with good game understanding you can pull them off with 100% completion.

But... escape speedruns? I've yet to do the Super Metroid one because it's just too absurd. 1:30 minutes remaining? That I get. Hell, make it 1:40 remaining too! But 2 minutes remaining? That leaves no room for error and considering the walk back to Mother Brain... it's just a miserable experience.

I'm certain there's a good compromise to make that's not speedrunner levels as the main set has under the "Professional Escape" achievement.

No damages also add nothing to the game, especially when the bosses in question contain RNG. They're just cheap achievements.
GoddessBow 10 Feb 2023 21:22
I agree the professional escape on the main game is ridiculous! I got lucky af when I did it

The no damage depends on the boss honestly
Phantoon can eat a stick but Boteoon and Kraid for instance just require some good reaction and the save is very close for both

If you want a no damage from hell: try No Damage Phantoon in Ascent..... it 8 hours to practice and try to get it, it's diabolical it is :/
Wolfric 10 Feb 2023 21:25
I've only fully done Metroid NES and Metroid II's achievements. But after Super Metroid, I'm truly struggling to attempt another lol

I can pull off the 3 E-Tanks just fine, but after the wall that is that escape sequence I just couldn't find the will to remain on Zebes lol

I've been keeping an eye on Hyper Metroid (This one seems really achievable), but seeing Metroid Fusion, Zero Mission and Rogue Dawn require so many runs and RNG-focused "no damage"/escape sequences really puts me off from even attempting them, which is a shame as I deeply love those GBA games.
GoddessBow 13 Feb 2023 11:51
Main set for Fusion was surprisingly okie
It's the JP set that is hell XD
Zero Mission can eat a stick tho =....=
Rouge Dawn I recently mastered and it was surprisingly okie
Wolfric 13 Feb 2023 12:07
Damn, how is main set okay?! I'm just at the part I have to do the sequence break shinesparking and I'm dreading it, that Yakuza fight, and it all lol
GoddessBow 13 Feb 2023 12:26
Oh NVM XD been so long since I beat it I forgot how hardcore it is :p
Just be glad you don't have to no damage X-Core and Nightmare..... I'm still trying to get Nightmare :/ such a shit boss that one

Yakuza I found it's best to stay in a corner and just spam missiles and charged shots
You will get lucky! It took me 6 hours but there's less RNG than you might think :3 just keep a eye on how it moves and you will nab it in no.time :3
Wolfric 13 Feb 2023 12:37
Yeah that's literally what I did for Yakuza. Spam missiles for it and normal shots for the trash it threw.

As I said, I'm at the Shinespark sequence break past Yakuza but I haven't started it. We'll see how it goes when I do.
danillowesker 13 Jun 2023 23:58
Tá demorando até demais hein, certeza vai ser mais de 100 achievements.
danillowesker 22 Nov 2023 22:09
Desde 2020 que essas conquistas desse jogo num sai
danillowesker 22 Nov 2023 22:10
Daqui pra 2030 sai essas conquistas