Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Game Boy Advance)

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There are 112 achievements worth 845 (5485) points.
Authors: MarioJunior10 (53), PManningFan1618 (46), StingX2 (12), SirVG (1)

We Gotta Run!
You've obtained the Dash Boots.
4168 (2449) of 5501
(75.77%) players
Double Jump
You've defeated Cerberus and collected his Relic.
2921 (1885) of 5501
(53.10%) players
This Switch Hasn't Been Pressed Yet
You've found the teleport and broken the barrier in the Audience Room.
406 (274) of 5501
(7.38%) players
Time to Break Blocks
You've defeated Necromancer and collected his Relic.
2444 (1631) of 5501
(44.43%) players
Wall Jump
You've defeated the Iron Golem and collected his Relic.
2195 (1490) of 5501
(39.90%) players
Hmmm... a Switch! Why Don't I Press it And See?
You've defeated Adramelech and used the Statue Breaker Switch.
1800 (1261) of 5501
(32.72%) players
Dropping Boxes
You've defeated the Twin Dragon Zombies and collected their Relic.
1702 (1192) of 5501
(30.94%) players
Boxes and Blocks
You've solved every puzzle in the Underground Warehouse.
254 (188) of 5501
(4.62%) players
You've defeated Death and collected his Relic.
1531 (1086) of 5501
(27.83%) players
Sky's the Limit
You've defeated Camilla and collected her Relic.
1497 (1047) of 5501
(27.21%) players
The Key to Success
You've defeated Hugh and collected his Relic.
1340 (943) of 5501
(24.36%) players
Bat Level
You've Reached Level 10
2530 (1669) of 5501
(45.99%) players
Skeleton Level
You've Reached Level 20
1988 (1343) of 5501
(36.14%) players
Franken Level
You've Reached Level 30
1582 (1105) of 5501
(28.76%) players
Minotaur Level
You've Reached Level 40
1369 (976) of 5501
(24.89%) players
Vampire Killer
You've Reached Level 50
963 (753) of 5501
(17.51%) players
Beginner Explorer
You've Explored 25% of the Map
2334 (1562) of 5501
(42.43%) players
Advanced Explorer
You've Explored 50% of the Map
1766 (1240) of 5501
(32.10%) players
Expert Explorer
You've Explored 75% of the Map
1414 (1010) of 5501
(25.70%) players
Master Explorer
You've Explored 100% of the Map
612 (526) of 5501
(11.13%) players
Warping Around
You've used every Teleport in one session
1280 (938) of 5501
(23.27%) players
Run, Nathan! Run!
You've found the Skeleton Medalist! Good luck killing him.
982 (792) of 5501
(17.85%) players
Power of Fire
You've obtained the Salamander Card (Magician Mode excluded)
5287 (2827) of 5501
(96.11%) players
Power of Ice
You've obtained the Serpent Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1738 (1242) of 5501
(31.59%) players
Power of Plants
You've obtained the Mandragora Card (Magician Mode excluded)
2286 (1561) of 5501
(41.56%) players
Power of Earth
You've obtained the Golem Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1861 (1302) of 5501
(33.83%) players
Power of Stone
You've obtained the Cockatrice Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1680 (1195) of 5501
(30.54%) players
Power of Poison
You've obtained the Manticore Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1614 (1158) of 5501
(29.34%) players
Power of Wind
You've obtained the Griffin Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1367 (1010) of 5501
(24.85%) players
Power of Electricity
You've obtained the Thunderbird Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1459 (1077) of 5501
(26.52%) players
Power of Light
You've obtained the Unicorn Card (Magician Mode excluded)
675 (529) of 5501
(12.27%) players
Power of Darkness
You've obtained the Black Dog Card (Magician Mode excluded)
673 (539) of 5501
(12.23%) players
Messenger of the Gods
You've obtained the Mercury Card (Magician Mode excluded)
4232 (2459) of 5501
(76.93%) players
Goddess of Love and Beauty
You've obtained the Venus Card (Magician Mode excluded)
2142 (1476) of 5501
(38.94%) players
God of the Heavens
You've obtained the Jupiter Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1960 (1362) of 5501
(35.63%) players
God of War
You've obtained the Mars Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1625 (1166) of 5501
(29.54%) players
Goddess of Moon and Hunting
You've obtained the Diana Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1227 (932) of 5501
(22.31%) players
God of the Sun
You've obtained the Apollo Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1118 (850) of 5501
(20.32%) players
God of the Seas
You've obtained the Neptune Card (Magician Mode excluded)
1294 (960) of 5501
(23.52%) players
God of Agriculture
You've obtained the Saturn Card (Magician Mode excluded)
849 (679) of 5501
(15.43%) players
Former God of the Heavens
You've obtained the Uranus Card (Magician Mode excluded)
991 (791) of 5501
(18.01%) players
God of the Underworld
You've obtained the Pluto Card (Magician Mode excluded)
867 (704) of 5501
(15.76%) players
Gods and Goddesses
You've obtained every Action Card in the castle (Magician Mode excluded)
155 (134) of 5501
(2.82%) players
Elemental Master
You've obtained every Attribute Card in the castle (Magician Mode excluded)
122 (104) of 5501
(2.22%) players
Full Deck
You've obtained every Action and Attribute Card in the castle (Magician Mode excluded)
117 (103) of 5501
(2.13%) players
A Curse from a Demon
You've found the Dark Armor
711 (589) of 5501
(12.92%) players
Gleams with Light
You've completed the Battle Arena and collected its reward
778 (589) of 5501
(14.14%) players
Cracker Jack Prize
You've found the Toy Ring
923 (720) of 5501
(16.78%) players
Gambit's Brace
You've found the Gambler's Armband
547 (461) of 5501
(9.94%) players
Mirror Mirror On My Body
You've found the Mirror Armor
716 (583) of 5501
(13.02%) players
Penance For Pain
You've found the Needle Armor
666 (562) of 5501
(12.11%) players
You Shall Pass!
You've found the Sage Robe
643 (538) of 5501
(11.69%) players
Nathan In The Sky With Diamonds
You've found the Diamond Armor
662 (548) of 5501
(12.03%) players
Smart Sage
You've found the Sage Armband
860 (682) of 5501
(15.63%) players
Defender's Wristguard
You've found the Defense Armband
651 (533) of 5501
(11.83%) players
Accessorizing For Power
You've found the Strength Armband
705 (571) of 5501
(12.82%) players
Double Your Fun
You've found Not ONE but TWO Double Grips
815 (660) of 5501
(14.82%) players
Meeting of The Mind
You've found a Mind EX
738 (597) of 5501
(13.42%) players
Better Than A Red Bull
You've found a Potion EX
668 (544) of 5501
(12.14%) players
Platinum Plate
You've found the Platinum Armor
239 (185) of 5501
(4.34%) players
Robe of Many Colors
You've found the Rainbow Robe
228 (178) of 5501
(4.14%) players
You've found the Magic Robe
167 (139) of 5501
(3.04%) players
Take Back the Night
You've found the Night Suit
259 (188) of 5501
(4.71%) players
A Gift From Ninjas
You've found the Ninja Garb
169 (137) of 5501
(3.07%) players
Military Uniform
You've found the Soldier Fatigues
160 (133) of 5501
(2.91%) players
Feel Me Like a Silk Worm
You've found the Silk Robe
351 (240) of 5501
(6.38%) players
Bear Tank
You've found the Bear Ring
141 (122) of 5501
(2.56%) players
Lucky Charm
You've found the Luck Ring
261 (185) of 5501
(4.74%) players
Kingdom Hearts
You've found the Heart Mega
198 (159) of 5501
(3.60%) players
Try Either Arm - You Can Only Win!
Equip two Star Bracelets and see their power on each arm
169 (151) of 5501
(3.07%) players
Stylish Man
You've found the Stylish Suit
366 (255) of 5501
(6.65%) players
The Circle Ends Here!
You've defeated Dracula and beaten the game
1027 (734) of 5501
(18.67%) players
Feel the Magic Up Close!
You've beaten Magician Mode
379 (339) of 5501
(6.89%) players
Simon's Strength - No Magic Needed!
You've beaten Fighter Mode
347 (317) of 5501
(6.31%) players
Shootin' Around
You've beaten Shooter Mode
309 (283) of 5501
(5.62%) players
Big Thief is Destined for Greatness!
You've beaten Thief Mode
299 (277) of 5501
(5.44%) players
No Potions? No Problem!
Manage to recover health without the help of items or save points
247 (194) of 5501
(4.49%) players
Shooting Stars
Perform the secret technique with no sub weapons in slot (Shooter Mode excluded)
91 (86) of 5501
(1.65%) players
Richter is Proud!
You've used all of the item crashes in one session (Pluto + Salamander)
124 (118) of 5501
(2.25%) players
Magic Man
You've cast every spell with the Apollo card in one session
133 (124) of 5501
(2.42%) players
Your Word is My Command!
You've summoned every familiar with the Saturn card in one session
137 (126) of 5501
(2.49%) players
Open the Hell Gate
You've summoned every creature with the Uranus card in one session
136 (124) of 5501
(2.47%) players
No Grinding is Needed
You managed to turn into a Skeleton without the cards needed
150 (132) of 5501
(2.73%) players
Bear Torpedo
Transform into the Teddy Bear, and fire your Amazing Weapon!
170 (155) of 5501
(3.09%) players
Brain Lord (Catacomb)
Grab the HP Max in the Catacomb before the Roc Wing
216 (179) of 5501
(3.93%) players
Brain Lord (Lower Chapel)
Grab the Hearts Max in the Chapel Tower before the Roc Wing
248 (182) of 5501
(4.51%) players
Brain Lord (Upper Chapel)
Grab the MP Max in the Chapel Tower before the Roc Wing
185 (153) of 5501
(3.36%) players
Moth Morphed
Grab the Hearts Max in the Underground Warehouse before the Roc Wing
202 (164) of 5501
(3.67%) players
Brain Lord (Waterway)
Grab the HP Max in the Underground Waterway before the Roc Wing
171 (144) of 5501
(3.11%) players
This is Really Suspicious Looking
You've found a secret behind a fake wall in the Underground Waterway
217 (171) of 5501
(3.94%) players
There is Something Funny About this Wall
You've found a secret behind a Relic
215 (169) of 5501
(3.91%) players
Hawkeye Hank Hatfield
In the Underground Gallery, Kill 25 enemies using the Gun
108 (99) of 5501
(1.96%) players
Hex Hammer
In the Eternal Corridor, Kill 25 enemies using the Hammer (no secret rooms)
120 (111) of 5501
(2.18%) players
Black Belt
In the Underground Warehouse, Kill 25 enemies using Martial Arts (Wights room excluded)
114 (105) of 5501
(2.07%) players
Rain Over Me
Kill 75 enemies by using the 'Hydro Storm' on them
111 (105) of 5501
(2.02%) players
You managed to kill a Dragon Zombie without starting the fight
98 (94) of 5501
(1.78%) players
[Magician Mode] Defeat Cerberus without taking a hit and always having a Hawk helping you (no heart usage)
89 (86) of 5501
(1.62%) players
Retired Shaft
[Magician Mode] Defeat Necromancer without taking a hit and always having Poison Clouds around you (Jupiter + Manticore, no Cross allowed)
79 (75) of 5501
(1.44%) players
Falling to Pieces
[Magician Mode] Defeat Iron Golem without taking a hit and using only the Darkness Whip (Mercury + Black Dog)
81 (77) of 5501
(1.47%) players
Soul Stealer
[Magician Mode] Defeat Adramelech without taking a hit and using only the Holy Sword (Mars + Unicorn)
75 (71) of 5501
(1.36%) players
Double Smack!!
[Magician Mode] Defeat the Twin Dragons without taking more than 3 hits (no Uranus, Pluto or Neptune allowed)
74 (71) of 5501
(1.35%) players
Dracula's Trusty Ally
[Magician Mode] Defeat Death without taking a hit and using only Tonfers (Mars + Cockatrice, Camilla alive)
69 (66) of 5501
(1.25%) players
The Best Offense is Defense
[Magician Mode] Defeat Camilla without taking a hit and using only the Circular Shield (Jupiter + Unicorn)
73 (68) of 5501
(1.33%) players
Hugh vs Jackman
[Magician Mode] Defeat Hugh without taking a hit and using only Poison Claws (Mars + Manticore)
65 (62) of 5501
(1.18%) players
Die, Monster!
[Magician Mode] Defeat Dracula's 1st form without taking a hit and using only the Holy Whip (Mercury + Unicorn)
67 (64) of 5501
(1.22%) players
You Don't Belong in this World!
[Magician Mode] Defeat Dracula's 2nd form without taking a hit, summoning Cockatrice or Thunderbird or using the Cross (no Neptune or Pluto allowed)
64 (60) of 5501
(1.16%) players
Miserable Pile of Secrets
You've found every breakable wall in the castle
130 (118) of 5501
(2.36%) players
Gotta Love
You've found every Hearts Max upgrade in the castle
117 (108) of 5501
(2.13%) players
Sorcerer's Apprentice
You've found every MP Max upgrade in the castle (Fighter Mode excluded)
117 (107) of 5501
(2.13%) players
Healthy Man
You've found every HP Max upgrade in the castle
113 (104) of 5501
(2.05%) players
Arek's Challenge
Starting in the broken statue, playthrough the Underground Waterway and reach the last room without having the Cleansing (no Fighter, Magician or Unicorn allowed)
97 (80) of 5501
(1.76%) players
Challenge of Gods
[Fighter Mode] Complete the entire Battle Arena without using sub weapons and without recovering your health (<=50 Level)
68 (66) of 5501
(1.24%) players
Recent Players:
KPI2022-09-29 05:33:51Normal Mode | Nathan is in the Chapel Tower | Lv 22 | Map: 49﹪ | ⌚8h25:58.80
insomniabob2022-09-29 04:32:52Normal Mode | Nathan is in the Audience Room | Lv 10 | Map: 22﹪ | ⌚59:41.28
enterSadman2022-09-29 04:07:46Normal Mode | Nathan is in the Machine Tower | Lv 16 | Map: 33﹪ | ⌚3h17:32.25
ru5her2022-09-29 04:02:18Normal Mode | Nathan is in the Underground Warehouse | Lv 29 | Map: 64﹪ | ⌚6h37:37.11
Bill2022-09-29 02:58:02Thief Mode | Nathan is in the Ceremonial Room | Lv 51 | Map: 61﹪ | ⌚1h12:12.85
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eduardosega19852022-09-29 01:43:26Normal Mode | Nathan is in the Observation Tower | Lv 41 | Map: 89﹪ | ⌚5h45:31.86
Janaquim2022-09-29 00:33:21Normal Mode | Nathan is in the Catacomb | Lv 6 | Map: 10﹪ | ⌚37:53.46
Johnsonic2022-09-28 23:15:58Normal Mode | Nathan is | Lv 46 | Map: 92﹪ | ⌚11h19:13.48
keyman42022-09-28 21:04:43Normal Mode | Nathan is | Lv 0 | Map: 0﹪ | ⌚0:00.00
Recent comment(s):
Snighter 22 Jan 2022 15:29
Re-mastered! Nice set and revision! Thanks for the fun! :D
DragoonWolf 24 Jan 2022 19:25
Can someone explain how those 3 brain lord achievements work because I have spent several hours trying to figure them out trying everything I can think of.
Arekdias 24 Jan 2022 21:50
@DragoonWolf Freezing or petrifying enemies allows you to use them as platforms for a short while.
slashfour21 27 Jan 2022 00:27
Look up to the review, it wasn't too bad. At least the new challenges are interesting and explore mechanics that the player would hardly use. Thanks MarioJunior10.
MarioJunior10 7 Feb 2022 18:01
"the new challenges are interesting and explore mechanics that the player would hardly use." Finally someone who understood that, these cheevos won't created to being "pleasant" for people who only wanna easy life breaking the game, and that's why dumb players dislike sets like these, Aria or Sotn. Despite of that, still worth to revise sets while we having good people around, like you or Arek, for example. Thanks for sharing your opinion, slashfour21!
MarioJunior10 7 Feb 2022 18:01
Also, I'm not referring to Andrevus or Shioxus when I said "dumb players", so don't you worry about that if any of you 2 read the post above
Jazerus 7 Feb 2022 19:45
The "do x before Roc Wing" challenges definitely should not be in a bonus set...they are extremely easy. In fact there are a few other items you can get before the Roc Wing too which should have achievements - they require a small bit of thought though.
Andrevus 7 Feb 2022 20:17
I was thinking the same thing. There are several freeze-wall kick-double jump items that don't have Brain Floats in them that would be good achievements.
MarioJunior10 7 Feb 2022 23:07
Right now I'm not sure if have more, but if they can be easily obtained using the Kick Boots, then not worth to have achievements for them
slashfour21 8 Feb 2022 00:30
@MarioJunior10 As much as I already have 1 year of RA, I'm still new to some things, especially revisions. The first one that was Aria's I was really scared, because infernox is famous for doing tense challenges, but in the end with the help of colleagues and a lot of insistence, I managed to complete it.
Andrevus 8 Feb 2022 03:34
@MarioJunior10 actually they're not "easy", since you need both Kick Boots, Double and a Freeze/Petrify combo (Example : Castle Main Gate with the flame armor, Chapel bottom right)
Jazerus 9 Feb 2022 18:11
@MarioJunior10 There is one in Catacomb where you are intended to have Double but can get it by freezing spirits before getting Double. This is the room with Spirits and Mudmen. There are two items in Underground Gallery (both in the same room) where you have to freeze a Harpy in a precise position to get the items without Roc Wing. There are a few others but those are the ones that come to mind immediately. They are certainly harder than the Brain Lord achievements. You are also missing an achievement for the Outer Wall brains, which is probably the most challenging of the brain climbs (although still quite easy)
Shmelyoff 9 Feb 2022 19:50
Yeah, let's add one achievement each week. A really great idea!
Jazerus 9 Feb 2022 20:19
There is no need to be rude, I am simply pointing out some additional potential achievements that could be added in a batch at some point. If I had noticed that this game was under revision previously I would have suggested them at that time, but I didn't.BTW I am compiling a video illustrating the sequence breaks I know how to do as I play through the game and will send it to you when I'm done in case you do decide to add more, MarioJunior.
Shmelyoff 9 Feb 2022 20:28
I understand when they forgot to add something meaningful, complex or possibly containing some serious reference to another game, but all these brain lords are just fillers. And it's OK to do them while doing challenges, collecting all the cards, etc. But run half the game to turn a harpy into stone and take HP or MP up five minutes earlier than the usual method. For people who have already mastered the game and may lose their place in the leaderboard. Is this really a good idea?
Jazerus 9 Feb 2022 20:36
I don't necessarily disagree, although most of these sequence breaks shave a lot more than 5 minutes off of the time that you get them... I wasn't really thinking about the leaderboard implications, just making the set as good as possible. It makes the player feel clever to find ways to get items early and I found it strange that the Brain Lord achievements exist but these don't. I would even agree that Brain Lords are fillers but I don't feel that the more complex sequence breaks are given that they were clearly not intended by the game developers and require thought and careful positioning, unlike the brain climbs which obviously were intended and do not require any effort beyond grinding the Earth Demon for the ice card.
Shmelyoff 9 Feb 2022 20:52
5 minutes was applied figuratively. And still I think it's fillers, two upgrades won't make any difference in the gameplay. But it just my opinion.
completos 1 Jun 2022 07:39
SRamos 4 Jun 2022 17:20
Mastered! :)
IDarkReaderW 27 Aug 2022 03:19
I feel like the set doesn't show much of a challenge in achievements, in general, along with the glich of the cards, it makes your progress a lot easier, in which case there should be a requirement in Roc Wings related achievements, like having X Card to achieve this or things like that in general, I found both the Necromancer and Death to be a challenge to try not to get hurt, a great game, and a set that can be greatly improved (or added to a separate bonus set). NEVER STOP!



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