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Pokemon Trading Card Game (Game Boy Color)

Developer:Hudson Soft
Publisher:Media Factory
Genre:Strategy–Trading Card Game, RPG
First released:1996
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 35 achievements worth 325 (489) points.
Authors: mickyt888 (35).

Breaking The Zen
won by 440 (329) of 644 (68.32%)
Defeat Gene
Slash and Burn
won by 453 (339) of 644 (70.34%)
Defeat Nikki
Snuffed Flame
won by 398 (305) of 644 (61.80%)
Defeat Ken
Center Stage
won by 396 (306) of 644 (61.49%)
Defeat Issac
Funding Cancelled
won by 405 (309) of 644 (62.89%)
Defeat Rick
Future Imperfect
won by 354 (273) of 644 (54.97%)
Defeat Murray
Wandering Fist
won by 345 (270) of 644 (53.57%)
Defeat Mitch
Olympic Swimmer
won by 424 (326) of 644 (65.84%)
Defeat Amy
Grand Master of Flame
won by 279 (226) of 644 (43.32%)
Defeat Courtney
Grand Master of  Lightning
won by 277 (222) of 644 (43.01%)
Grand Master of Freeze
won by 259 (207) of 644 (40.22%)
Grand Master of Dragon
won by 263 (213) of 644 (40.84%)
Grandest of the Masters
won by 260 (209) of 644 (40.37%)
Defeat Ronald and become Grand Champion
I'm Ronald
won by 374 (287) of 644 (58.07%)
Defeat Ronald
No Need For A Masterball [m]
won by 229 (194) of 644 (35.56%)
Defeat Ronald during the 1st Challenge Cup (held after your 3rd medal and before 4th)
Super Retrieval Artist
won by 291 (233) of 644 (45.19%)
Defeat Ronald Again!
Original Mew [m]
won by 213 (181) of 644 (33.07%)
Defeat Ronald during the 2nd Challenge Cup (held after your 5th medal and before 6th)
The Mysterious Imakuni
won by 372 (300) of 644 (57.76%)
Defeat Imakuni
Play To Lose
won by 238 (210) of 644 (36.96%)
Obtain the Promotional Imakuni Card
won by 226 (199) of 644 (35.09%)
Trade With Ishihara For A Surfing Pikachu
Sort Of A Flying Pikachu
won by 180 (162) of 644 (27.95%)
Trade With Ishihara for a Flying Pikachu
Tail Slide
won by 153 (140) of 644 (23.76%)
Trade with Ishihara for A Surfing Pikachu
Pika Party
won by 173 (161) of 644 (26.86%)
Trade with Man for a Pikachu LVL 16
Petal Dance
won by 391 (300) of 644 (60.71%)
Trade with Lass for a Vileplume
Pikachu In 3D
won by 246 (211) of 644 (38.20%)
Trade with Lass 2nd time for another Pikachu
Hydro Pump
won by 195 (178) of 644 (30.28%)
Trade with Lass 3rd time for a Blastoise
Thunder Punch
won by 343 (276) of 644 (53.26%)
Trade with Chap for an Electabuzz
won by 265 (224) of 644 (41.15%)
Help Lad with energy cards for a Slowpoke
Fire Blast
won by 334 (270) of 644 (51.86%)
Trade with Gal for an Arcanine
won by 286 (236) of 644 (44.41%)
Receive A Gift From Pappy
Card Collector
won by 545 (389) of 644 (84.63%)
Collect Half of the Cards in the game
Card Master
won by 126 (116) of 644 (19.57%)
Collect All Obtainable Cards in the Game
Energy Master
won by 231 (185) of 644 (35.87%)
Collect 99 of any energy card
won by 110 (100) of 644 (17.08%)
Collect 99 of all energy cards
A Dr. Mason Creation
won by 126 (112) of 644 (19.57%)
Defeat 10 consecutive opponents in Dr. Mason's Challenge Machine (only available after beating the game)
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Recent comment(s):
25 Jan 2021
Mastered! If you like this game, play the sequel.
28 Mar 2021
Mastered! Those last few are a real grind, I was going to play the sequel straight after but i'm burned out on pokemon tcg for a while now.
8 Apr 2021
First game I mastered! Really good game, I had a lot of fun. Core game a little too easy, but Challenge machine stood up to it's name ;) I used Rain dance at first, but my 50 wins was with Alakazam/Gengar deck, which I recomend more than Blastoise.
12 Apr 2021
Achieve that mastered set too. But I have do it with Haymaker Deck, its kinda hard to make this deck because Electabuzz dont drop it to me. And the all cards I get some struggles too, more than 130 boosters to drop a single one Pidgeot.
1 May 2021
What happened to the two 50pt achievements from winning Mason's challenge? I don't see anything here or in the forum saying why they were removed?... I spent many hours on those lol.
2 May 2021
Hey, the new icons look pretty good.
10 Jun 2021
Never played that one before, gotta try, some tips? pls?
12 Jun 2021
Mastered, funny game, almost every coin I tossed gives me tail though, but yet a very good game
12 Jun 2021
For the ones who gonna try this one and never played before, after you get your 3rd medal, go right away to the building named Challenge Hall, there is a Cup there for you to get a exclusive card, and after the 5th medal, it is it or.. new save game
4 Jul 2021
Mastered! It was great to go back to this game after a couple years from my first beating the game (also the first time I completed the card library, good grief some of those are rare).
25 Jul 2021
man I remember playing this game on my Nokia 5130 good shit
2 Aug 2021
The energy cards are a bit pita to get. You need to farm the first practice battle over and over again. Would delete them because they are not really achievements, but grinds. I even don't know if the colourless energy cards do count. They are ultra-rare. Rest of the achievements are great.
2 Aug 2021
Yeah. After a couple hour of thinking and pondering I really believe both the achievements of grinding 99% energy cards needs to be deleted. The others are awesome, and the Challenge Machine and getting all the cards are the real endgame achievements.
2 Aug 2021
2 Aug 2021
MariusRetro, I agree. Energy Master and Pokoenergy grinds should be removed. I am surprised the energy cards cheevos survived the last revision and the 50 wins against Dr. Mason's Challenge Machine should be added back.Double colorless are not included in the set, but they are still a repetitious grind without benefit to playing the game or skill.
3 Aug 2021
having at least 4 copies of each cards makes more sense than those 99 grind
3 Aug 2021
While 4 copies of each card would be more practical for deck building, the time to get all the rares and promotionals would be longer than just 99 of all basic energy cards, which is already a grind.
3 Aug 2021
Thank you for all the comments, guy. Seems I am not the only one that wants the 99 energy cards gone. Specially since the Double Colourless are extreme rare. 20 hours ingame. Only found 4. Anyway. I would suggest for endgame-content: 1.Remove both energy-card achievements. 2. Keep 10 constructive wins and collect all Pokemon cards3. Add 25 and 50 non-constructive wins.Then anyone who completed this 'demo' can hop to TCG 2 which is bigger and deeper.
11 Aug 2021
MariusRetro, the two achieves for 99 energy dont count the special energy card double colorless energy. Besides then. You have heavily farm boosters to accomplish the all cards achievement. I accomplish 99 fighting basic energy cards while complete one of the 4 boosters sets from this game. But I admit it tooks me a while to do the grind at pratice battles.
11 Aug 2021
To accomplish the older achievs for 50 win streak I need to farm so much more boosters which I thought.

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