Elf: The Movie (Game Boy Advance)

Elf: The Movie (Game Boy Advance)
DeveloperJolliford Management Limited
PublisherCrave Entertainment
GenreAction Adventure
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


There are 19 achievements worth 90 (102) points.
Authors: Dexterspet (19)

Set out on Buddy's grand adventure.
211 (162) of 213
(99.06%) players
Get through the perilous ice caves.
194 (156) of 213
(91.08%) players
Collect all the letters to find out where Buddy's dad is.
174 (144) of 213
(81.69%) players
Cross the ocean to reach America.
129 (116) of 213
(60.56%) players
Slide down the mountain and reach a wondrous land without snow.
128 (116) of 213
(60.09%) players
Cross the wilderness to reach the city of New York.
123 (112) of 213
(57.75%) players
Collect the Christmas lights to brighten up New York.
108 (102) of 213
(50.70%) players
Sort the mail properly.
108 (102) of 213
(50.70%) players
Sort the mail properly once more.
108 (102) of 213
(50.70%) players
Sort the mail properly one last time.
108 (102) of 213
(50.70%) players
Retaliate when faced with a snowball assault.
109 (103) of 213
(51.17%) players
Deliver the lost presents to help Santa Claus.
109 (103) of 213
(51.17%) players
Repair Santa's sleigh.
109 (103) of 213
(51.17%) players
Get Santa back off the ground and save Christmas.
106 (101) of 213
(49.77%) players
129 (116) of 213
(60.56%) players
112 (105) of 213
(52.58%) players
Reach 15000 points.
107 (103) of 213
(50.23%) players
Complete level 5 in the Snowman Building minigame.
104 (99) of 213
(48.83%) players
Complete all levels in the Snowman Building minigame.
95 (93) of 213
(44.60%) players
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Recent comment(s):
SplatteredBrains 17 Dec 2015 14:10
Holy crap! What a cruddy game haha, but fun nonetheless. That ice level is driving me insane right now, I suck at those jumps. Thanks for the little bit of Christmas spirited fun for a lesser known/loved title.
SexyChazz 21 Dec 2015 23:58
Very funny game!
Whelkman 22 Dec 2015 08:07
The year is 2004. You are 10 years old. It is Christmas Day. You eagerly open up the video-game shaped box, hands shaking in anticipation. Is it Half-Life 2? GTA: San Andreas? Halo 2? WoW? Rome: Total War? No, its Elf - The Movie.
Whelkman 22 Dec 2015 08:07
Your hands drop. Tears form in your eyes. You walk away, dejected. Mom still hears about the disappointment to this day. Merry Christmas.
Kutal 23 Dec 2017 14:58
I guess this is what Santa leaves in the stockings of the naughty gamers instead of Christmas gifts
ArtieTonite 6 Feb 2019 18:48
Worth it just to get you some compressed photos of Will Ferrell on your GBA.
Retrobert 9 Aug 2019 07:36
Will Ferrell in a video game? lol
Pelouch 5 Jul 2020 11:13
Lol. Sorry to hear that whelkman
Alurith 22 Jul 2020 07:05
Wow, this game is so bad.
jastar9 24 Dec 2020 04:53
yea as a kid, i would've been pretty bummed out. but just for fun, to try out on RA, i enjoyed it!
monkeykong 28 Dec 2020 02:07
Well, "Mastered Elf: The Movie" is now going to be a permanent skidmark on my user page. Was it worth it? I'm not sure. Also these sprite animations are some of the jankiest I've ever seen, lol.
jabman696 26 Jan 2021 07:51
52nd master. This game was not worth my time but I got a badge so that's a good thing, I guess. Another thing, screw that Snowman mini game. Spent more time on that than on the main game. This is AVGN material bad.
Kinglink 15 Nov 2021 08:17
Annoying but not too hard... Now everyone can know I played this piece of crap and didn't stop at any point.
BlotchJBMR 22 Dec 2021 07:06
JimCarreyFan1996 5 Oct 2022 22:28
MASTERED! - I have to say this is the MOST AMAZING game I have ever played in my many years of being a PRO GAMER. I have mastered many MANY games, and non of them compare to this game. This provides many hours of hardcore gameplay. The story mode is OUTSTANDING! and stays true to the beautiful story told in the the movie Elf. You can just feel the christmas magic of it all, and you can almost feel the increase of cheer in the air when you are collecting the bells on stage seventeen. The mini-games are amazing and challenging, and the snowman building mini-game is one of the BEST mini-games I've seen in a LONG time. It's mentally stimulating for those with a higher IQ (like myself), and it feels so amazingly rewarding to complete all of the wonderful experiences that are the levels. If I could give the game 1 million- no 1 BILLION stars on this review I would have! It's too bad that they limit it to just a measly 5 stars. I recommend this to ALL REAL GAMERS who want a REAL CHALLENGE.
DraconianEcho 13 Nov 2022 00:52



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Save Christmas with the highest score you can!
Ratufufu Ratufufu023945
Clear Level 4 with the most time left over!
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