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Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Ages (Game Boy Color)

First released:February 27, 2001
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There are 55 achievements worth 494 (3763) points.
Authors: dude1286 (34), BenGhazi (21).

Royal Gift
won by 1217 (626) of 1290 (94.34%)
Obtain your sword from Impa.
Buying Protection
won by 746 (433) of 1290 (57.83%)
Buy a shield from a local shop in Labrynna and equip it.
Ring Novice
won by 917 (511) of 1290 (71.09%)
Obtain the L-1 ring box from Vasu the Jeweler.
Bested Pumpkin Head
won by 300 (245) of 1290 (23.26%)
Defeat Pumpkin Head without being harmed.
Eternal Spirit
won by 693 (420) of 1290 (53.72%)
Earn the Eternal Spirit form the Spirit's Grave.
Passing the Time
won by 712 (415) of 1290 (55.19%)
Acquire the Harp of Ages.
Bested Head Thwomp
won by 310 (225) of 1290 (24.03%)
Defeat Head Thwomp without being harmed.
Ancient Wood
won by 532 (322) of 1290 (41.24%)
Earn the Ancient Wood from the Wing Dungeon.
Bested Shadow Hag
won by 210 (177) of 1290 (16.28%)
Defeat Shadow Hag without being harmed.
Echoing Howl
won by 454 (281) of 1290 (35.19%)
Earn the Echoing Howl from the Moonlit Grotto.
Friendly Flute
won by 537 (314) of 1290 (41.63%)
Gain access to your animal friend through the use of a flute.
The Current of Time
won by 457 (281) of 1290 (35.43%)
Acquire the Tune of Currents.
Bested Eyesoar
won by 120 (98) of 1290 (9.30%)
Defeat Eyesoar without being harmed.
Burning Flame
won by 386 (238) of 1290 (29.92%)
Earn the Burning Flame from the Skull Dungeon.
Ring Apprentice
won by 322 (215) of 1290 (24.96%)
Obtain the L-2 ring box from the shop's back entrance.
Bested Smog
won by 172 (139) of 1290 (13.33%)
Defeat Smog without being harmed.
Sacred Soil
won by 346 (220) of 1290 (26.82%)
Earn the Sacred Soil from the Crown Dungeon.
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
won by 59 (36) of 1290 (4.57%)
Win the platinum level of the Goron Dancing minigame without a single fail.
Bested Octogon
won by 117 (102) of 1290 (9.07%)
Defeat Octogon without being harmed.
Lonely Peak
won by 286 (188) of 1290 (22.17%)
Earn the Lonely Peak from the Mermaid's Cave.
Ageless Tune
won by 308 (205) of 1290 (23.88%)
Acquire the Tune of Ages.
Amended Noble
won by 327 (216) of 1290 (25.35%)
Have the broken sword fixed through the trading sequence.
Iron Upgrade
won by 290 (192) of 1290 (22.48%)
Have a Tokay give back your shield, except it is not your shield.
Bested Plasmarine
won by 121 (107) of 1290 (9.38%)
Defeat Plasmarine without being harmed.
Rolling Sea
won by 258 (170) of 1290 (20.00%)
Earn the Rolling Sea from inside Jabu Jabu's Belly.
Bested Ramrock
won by 100 (91) of 1290 (7.75%)
Defeat Ramrock without being harmed.
Falling Star
won by 246 (165) of 1290 (19.07%)
Earn the Falling Star from the Ancient Tomb.
Time for Love
won by 143 (105) of 1290 (11.09%)
Obtain all heart containers scattered throught Labrynna.
I'm Slimey!
won by 180 (152) of 1290 (13.95%)
Equip a ring to become a Like Like.
won by 189 (161) of 1290 (14.65%)
Equip the ring that shows off you killing potential.
won by 85 (76) of 1290 (6.59%)
Equip a ring that shows off your collected wealth.
won by 83 (75) of 1290 (6.43%)
Equip a ring that shows off your collector's side.
Bested Veran
won by 73 (69) of 1290 (5.66%)
Defeat all forms of Veran without being harmed.
Trial of Time
won by 62 (57) of 1290 (4.81%)
Complete the game without increasing your maximum health.
Nayru of Time
won by 230 (152) of 1290 (17.83%)
Rescue the land of Labrynna from the chaos of time.
Waltz for Zora
won by 54 (38) of 1290 (4.19%)
Receive a sword upgrade from King Zora in the present.
Bibliotheca ~ Dreamer in the Library
won by 50 (38) of 1290 (3.88%)
Receive a shield upgrade from the back-room librarian.
The Diamond Minecart
won by 54 (40) of 1290 (4.19%)
Receive Bombchus for hitting every target in the Target Carts minigame.
Inside Identity
won by 58 (42) of 1290 (4.50%)
Receive a second Seed Satchel upgrade from Tingle.
Perfect Symmetry
won by 50 (38) of 1290 (3.88%)
Receive a Ring Box upgrade from the Symmetry Twins.
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
won by 58 (41) of 1290 (4.50%)
Obtain a heart container from the fairies in the Fairy Woods.
Great Sword
won by 52 (40) of 1290 (4.03%)
Prove your worthiness to use the Biggoron's Sword by beating the Goron Gallery with it.
The Celebration of the Lizard
won by 45 (37) of 1290 (3.49%)
Receive a bomb upgrade from the Tokay Museum.
You Spin Me Round
won by 48 (38) of 1290 (3.72%)
Receive the Spin Ring from the mayor of Lynna City.
Who Let the Dogs Out?
won by 46 (37) of 1290 (3.57%)
Find Mamamu's lost dog and return it to her.
Stranger in the Desert
won by 99 (69) of 1290 (7.67%)
Meet up with a familiar face in Labrynna.
won by 91 (65) of 1290 (7.05%)
Rescue Zelda in the Black Tower.
Oracle of Secrets
won by 83 (61) of 1290 (6.43%)
Transfer one of your secrets (excluding Ring Secret) back to your linked game.
Heart of Limestone
won by 50 (39) of 1290 (3.88%)
Complete the Hero's Cave in Oracle of Ages.
Diamond Ring
won by 23 (23) of 1290 (1.78%)
Collect every ring in Oracle of Ages without using a password in a linked game.
Platinum Ring
won by 42 (36) of 1290 (3.26%)
Complete your ring collection in either game.
Bested Twinrova
won by 30 (27) of 1290 (2.33%)
Beat both forms of Twinrova without being damaged.
A Song of Ice and Fire
won by 69 (49) of 1290 (5.35%)
Beat Twinrova and witness the revival of Ganon.
Bested Ganon
won by 27 (25) of 1290 (2.09%)
Beat the newly revived Ganon without being hurt.
Raison d'Etre
won by 68 (48) of 1290 (5.27%)
Beat the newly revived Ganon and escape with Zelda.
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Recent comment(s):
13 Nov 2019
i remember asking myself, how come i havent played this since middle school? Then i got to the Goron Dance. That makes these games unplayable.
13 Nov 2019
When you will fighting with gohma no damage in zelda season its too unplayable, totaly bullshit, for dance goron its totaly possible but i hate this.
19 Mar 2020
I just now realized that I'll be forced to play this game TWICE to get the rest of the cheevs. Same with Seasons. And I did them both twice already!
19 Mar 2020
I thought that the Bonus Set could count for one playthrough for each game, but no! So that's THREE total per game!
19 Mar 2020
If only Diamond Ring didn't exist... then I could use a Password Generator to give myself Cursed Ring, allowing me to do the Bonus Set at the same time as the Linked Run in THIS Set!
19 Mar 2020
Of course, I'd still have to do the Hero's Caves twice and the Final Lair three times, but that's much more preferable!
19 Mar 2020
Yeah, its crazy. And there is no way I'm doing the worst minigame ever created hundreds of times to get the rings.
20 Mar 2020
Another thing I realized: I have to do the "normal" run FIRST for efficiency... so beating those three dungeons again was for NOTHING!
3 Apr 2020
Well, that's it for the non-Bonus runs! Though I noticed a considerably larger amount of damage being taken in later dungeons than I will be able to afford...
23 Sep 2020
Could someone explain what should I do on "Diamond Ring"? It wasn't clear to me.
23 Sep 2020
Complete your ring collection as much as possible without ever using a Ring Secret.
29 Sep 2020
Thanks, ShadwSonic!
29 Sep 2020
Now, one more question. How do I enter a linked game on an emulator? I'm currently using RetroArch.
29 Sep 2020
At the end of a non-linked game, you get a password. Enter that in the other game.Alternatively, use a password generator.
10 Oct 2020
Oh boy.. this is frustrating.. so I beat seasons, linked to ages and I start with 4 hearts instead of 3.. so that means I don't be able to get that trial cheevo right? Am I gonna have to play both games twice to get everything???
1 Feb 2021
For the Diamond Ring achievement: I was told the GBA Nature Ring is necessary, but I'm not sure how it's possible to obtain this ring without the password. Can someone explain?
29 Mar 2021
Goron Dance was only in Ages, Seasons has a much easier version called the Subrosian Dance, but either way dont let it get you out of the mood to play you ony gotta do it 2 times and then never again, you dont even have to do the Subrosian Dance.
29 Mar 2021
Also if you play a linked game the trial becomes a much harder trial you dont need to do in seasons, in ages a new cave appears. These act as that games special post game linked dungeon, you need like every item to get through it
29 Mar 2021
You need a password from Seasons to get that ring, so either look it up on the internet or play seasons, its in the gba shop
2 May 2021
some cheevos are insane! why beat a boss whitout taking damage? the game doesn't count it! some cheevos must be on the harder set!

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