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Kirby's Pinball Land (Game Boy)

Developer:HAL Laboratory
First released:November 27, 1993
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 27 achievements worth 330 (1177) points.
Authors: BMT (27).

50k Rookie Score!
won by 599 (407) of 757 (79.13%)
Score 50,000 Points or more in-game
200k Ace Score!
won by 346 (253) of 757 (45.71%)
Score 200,000 Points or more in-game
500k Pro Score!
won by 181 (131) of 757 (23.91%)
Score 500,000 Points or more in-game
1m Master Score!
won by 79 (57) of 757 (10.44%)
Score 1 Million Points or more on the Ranking Board
2m Wizard Score!
won by 45 (30) of 757 (5.94%)
Score 2 Million points or more on the Ranking Board
Bonus 10k
won by 163 (126) of 757 (21.53%)
Have 10k or more stored in Bonus Points
10x Multiplier
won by 72 (52) of 757 (9.51%)
Earn 10x Bonus Multiplier or higher
Bombed Out and Depleted
won by 181 (122) of 757 (23.91%)
Defeat Poppy and grab the key
won by 153 (103) of 757 (20.21%)
Defeat Kracko and grab the key
Make Like a Tree...
won by 128 (85) of 757 (16.91%)
Defeat Wispy and grab the key
Confront King Dedede
won by 61 (30) of 757 (8.06%)
Reach the Final Boss King Dedede
Dedede Down!
won by 61 (29) of 757 (8.06%)
Defeat King Dedede
Kirby World Tour
won by 48 (22) of 757 (6.34%)
Confront all four bosses in one life (and without reloading a save game!)
won by 48 (27) of 757 (6.34%)
Gain an extra life by collecting all EXTRA letters
Kirby Conservation
won by 64 (40) of 757 (8.45%)
Have 3 Extra Lives or more
Back With A Vengeance
won by 526 (359) of 757 (69.48%)
Bounce back from the springboard at top speed!
won by 138 (104) of 757 (18.23%)
Reach the Wispy Bonus Room
won by 320 (239) of 757 (42.27%)
Reach the Poppy Bonus Room
won by 212 (159) of 757 (28.01%)
Reach the Kracko Bonus Room
Tightrope Tomato
won by 618 (411) of 757 (81.64%)
Activate an M Tomato in any Bottom Section
Tasty Tomato
won by 371 (275) of 757 (49.01%)
Activate an M Tomato in Poppy's Middle Section
Torrential Tomato
won by 327 (232) of 757 (43.20%)
Activate an M Tomato in Kracko's Middle Section
Triple Tomato
won by 223 (159) of 757 (29.46%)
Activate an M Tomato in Wispy's Middle Section
English Breakfast
won by 119 (88) of 757 (15.72%)
Activate an M Tomato in Wispy's Top Section
All Day Breakfast
won by 361 (250) of 757 (47.69%)
Activate an M Tomato in Kracko's Top Section
Turkish Breakfast
won by 390 (273) of 757 (51.52%)
Activate an M Tomato in Poppy's Top Section
Not a Fussy Eater
won by 463 (336) of 757 (61.16%)
Feed Kirby a Spikeball
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Recent Players:
Leonardo2mbc2021-12-06 11:17:52Playing Kirby's Pinball Land
s3fi632021-11-24 17:18:40Kirby is at the Bottom of Kracko's stage, Lives:2, Score:35340
Fluddy2021-11-19 12:47:42Playing Kirby's Pinball Land
StevenSexy2021-11-12 03:38:45Rankings
crashbox452021-10-12 21:06:33Kirby is at the Top of Poppy's stage, Lives:2, Score:135110
Agora2021-07-17 02:37:53Kirby is at the Bottom of Poppy's stage, Lives:1, Score:377430
somarijones2021-05-31 01:59:36Kirby is at the Middle of Poppy's stage, Lives:3, Score:0
unknownmoxx2021-05-12 21:27:46Kirby is at the Bottom of Kracko's stage, Lives:0, Score:76590
Bollet2021-03-06 14:17:19Title Screen
boxd2021-02-07 01:13:56Title Screen
Recent comment(s):
7 Jul 2015
Cheat protection is on the achievements, so boss fights, bonus rooms and high scores will not trigger if you are using them!
31 Jul 2015
I was thinking about making the World Tour cheev a bit easier, but then I got it after a few tries, definitely doable! This game may seem tricky at first but stick with it, it feels like there's a lot of luck involved but that's not the case.
31 Jul 2015
Remember to hold kirby on the flippers if you want to wait, mash the tilt if you're juggling on the bumpers and it looks like you'll end up down one of the side chutes.
31 Jul 2015
And on the bosses, don't panic, learn to aim your shots. So again, it may feel hard at first, but I protest... it's a lot less frustrating than Sonic bloody Spinball :P
15 Jan 2016
the bounceback ball save is fucking awful. it's pure luck. after playing this for a WHILE (for a gamebody title) and defeating 2/3 bosses I still have no clue how the timing on this most basic of things is even supposed to work!!!
21 Jan 2016
Maybe I'm the only person in the world that has the knack/luck for this game then? Sorry if I set the bar a bit high :P
24 Jan 2016
huh? I full cleared this game and await your challenge at the leaderboard ;-) but I still hate the bounceback
12 Feb 2016
Thanks to whoever added the High Score leaderboard! I'm too much of a rookie couldn't figure out how to do it. Game on :)
28 Feb 2016
challenge accepted, once you pass the 5m mark it really becomes an endurance test haha, have fun
9 Mar 2016
it takes a damn long time, that's for sure
21 Oct 2016
There's a little easter egg in this too, no cheevos tho, the Meta Knight appears in certain places after you beat Dedede :)
3 Mar 2019
something is wrong with the challaenge avalible high score it keeps spamming it to me
11 May 2019
Hi folks, BMT from the future here. I wasn't too smart to begin with so unfortunately there are a couple of tickets open that I can't fix. If any talented devs want to fix things, go ahead ;P
1 Mar 2021
First game i mastered on Hardcore :D
11 Apr 2021
The top two scores in the leader board are glitch scores and they need to be removed. There is no ninth digit for score in this game.

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