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Donkey Kong Land 2 (Game Boy)

Donkey Kong Land 2 (Game Boy)
Genre2D Platforming
ReleasedSeptember 1, 1996
Title Screenhot
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Authors: msdmario (28)
There are 28 achievements worth 350 (829) points.
Collect your first kremkoin.
527 (327) of 696
(75.72%) players
Transform into Rambi.
435 (290) of 696
(62.50%) players
Collect your first DK Coin.
605 (355) of 696
(86.93%) players
Transform into Enguarde.
373 (255) of 696
(53.59%) players
Transform into Rattly.
389 (269) of 696
(55.89%) players
Transform into Squitter.
312 (220) of 696
(44.83%) players
Transform into Squawks.
232 (165) of 696
(33.33%) players
Reach Krem Cauldron.
354 (244) of 696
(50.86%) players
Defeat Krow without taking damage.
277 (205) of 696
(39.80%) players
Fill the bottom screen with hearts AND have your partner available.
193 (137) of 696
(27.73%) players
Defeat Kleaver without taking damage.
172 (121) of 696
(24.71%) players
Reach Krazy Kremland.
197 (138) of 696
(28.30%) players
Collect 24 out of 47 Kremkoins.
128 (100) of 696
(18.39%) players
Defeat King Zing without taking damage.
131 (99) of 696
(18.82%) players
Reach Gloomy Gulch.
162 (111) of 696
(23.28%) players
Defeat Kreepy Krow without taking damage.
121 (94) of 696
(17.39%) players
Reach K. Rool Keep.
151 (104) of 696
(21.70%) players
Enter the Flying Krock level select screen.
141 (100) of 696
(20.26%) players
Collect all 47 Kremkoins
108 (89) of 696
(15.52%) players
Pay the toll to Klubba and enter the Lost World.
107 (88) of 696
(15.37%) players
Complete the game.
135 (97) of 696
(19.40%) players
Finish Rattle Battle without Rattly.
108 (95) of 696
(15.52%) players
Reach Krazy Kremland in under 25 minutes.
71 (64) of 696
(10.20%) players
Complete the game in under 1 hour and 10 minutes.
58 (52) of 696
(8.33%) players
Surpass Yoshi in the Video Game Hero Standings (30 DK Coins).
109 (88) of 696
(15.66%) players
Surpass Mario in the Video Game Hero Standings (40 DK Coins).
102 (86) of 696
(14.66%) players
Survive at least for 3 minutes during the Krocodile Kore battle.
87 (77) of 696
(12.50%) players
Finish off Kaptain K. Rool for good.
103 (86) of 696
(14.80%) players
Recent Players:
METRO2023-03-31 12:21:57Pirate Panic, Game Time: 01:22:27
Vaultzhunter892023-03-26 21:46:43Barrel Bayou, Game Time: 00:42:25
viniciusdm22023-01-11 00:29:38Playing Donkey Kong Land 2
luigiab2022-12-31 07:58:46Selecting a level, Game Time: 01:19:32
oOBASSOo2022-12-26 22:31:43Selecting a level, Game Time: 00:08:09
OnWarlord2022-12-14 17:17:59Selecting a level, Game Time: 00:00:00
CountBlack2022-12-07 18:57:50Mainbrace Mayhem, Game Time: 00:04:27
amgart2022-10-19 20:02:38Mainbrace Mayhem, Game Time: 00:09:56
Ypms2022-10-17 09:58:08Playing Donkey Kong Land 2
jchapin51932022-10-01 20:53:59Playing Donkey Kong Land 2
TiringCoyote 17 Jun 2019 03:37
This is pretty much a port of DKC2.
Tiempillo 23 Jul 2021 03:32
Mastered! It doesn't feel as much of its own thing as the first DKL does, but at least it holds up as a solid port of the original DKC2.
LETSPLAYmarkus 20 Dec 2021 01:40
Mastered! My 61th Award and the 46th Master for the Game. It's not a port, more an own version, sticking to it's origins. I liked it
GrayCloudSpectator 30 Sep 2022 13:50
Did not enjoy mastering this as much as DKL1, since, even though that game also feels lackluster compared to the game it's based on, it's clear that more love and creativity went into crafting DKL1 (like new story, mostly new music, much smoother animation, and half of the environmental assets and a few enemy types being exclusive to it) compared to this game, which is really just a stripped down version of DKC2 with worse level and boss designs where Rare didn't even feel the need to come up with new names for the levels. What DKL2 does better though is how it got rid of that annoying echo-y bouncing sound whenever you hit an enemy in DKL1.
domaners 8 Nov 2022 16:18
If anyone is wondering how to make the web platforms with Squitter, you need to fire the web with B as normal and then press SELECT to make the platform. This was to totally not obvious to me and took a while to work out! On that note, here's a scan of the manual I found:
js92 23 Dec 2022 20:28
Mastered! :)
Kazama168 2 Jan 2023 01:39
a speedrun?? really???? why all dk games need to do speedrun to get "mastery"? this makes no sense,its about make people try and play games, not about scare em and make em run away from sets.......You are not a Master if u cant speedrun the game?????? that make no sense
domaners 2 Jan 2023 11:35
Yeah I’m still stuck on those two remaining speed run cheevos…
GrayCloudSpectator 2 Jan 2023 14:20
I'm also not too much of a fan of speedrun achievements, because even though I do love watching them, I find them more stressful than fun if I have to do it myself. I believe the main reasons why the DKC and DKL games on here have speedrun achievements is because of the save file having a timer and mostly because of the infamous Cranky statement at the end of the first DKC.

With all that being said though, here is how I did it: practice speedrunning a particular level (or levels) in a completed file and whenever you are satisfied with your speed, repeat your effort for that level in the file where it needs to count for the achievement and reload the save if you believe you need to try again.
I'm the first to admit this isn't too much fun and there are instances in the game where you have to do up to three levels until you can access a savepoint (Gloomy Gulch is the worst offender here). You can also save after beating each boss if you enter the completed world on the world map instead of to the next one and save, then go to the next world with Funky. Utilize all shortcuts for each level in the first world.
Digifiend 3 Jan 2023 18:49
There should be achievements for finding those warp barrels. DKC GBA has such achievements.
KimuraGracie 4 Jan 2023 00:41
I see a lot of people on RA complain about hard achievements, speedruns, grindy stuff, multiple playthroughs. I think the more achievements, the harder they are, the more time the take, the BETTER. Of course there should be a good balance for all play levels, but when we talk about mastery we're talking about accomplishing everything in the game that a site full of creative gamers can come up with.

Some people just want to run through a set and get all the achievements. Its almost like they're not playing the video game they're playing the achievement hunt. But to me achievements are just a little bit of added satisfaction to what is already a fun game. If I miss some achievements that's fine. If its a good game I'll play it again and be happy that I still have achievements to get. If something is too hard or I don't want to put the time into getting it, that's fine too, I'm not gonna complain that an achievement someone else took the time to develop is "too hard" or "annoying" because I can't get it. I will only relish in the glory of victory when I finally do.

So to the devs getting complaints I wanted to give this opposing opinion. The harder and weirder stuff is the more incentive I have to replay the game. And that's what retroachievements is all about for me. Replaying old games, and discovering new old games.

Happy gaming friends!

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