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Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Seasons (Game Boy Color)

Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Seasons (Game Boy Color)
ReleasedFebruary 27, 2001
Title Screenhot
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Authors: dude1286 (37), FBernkastelKues (22)
There are 59 achievements worth 509 (2377) points.
Obtain the Wooden Sword from the Hero's Cave. (Unlinked Only)
1990 (1038) of 2237
(88.96%) players
Obtain the Wooden Shield from the shop and equip it.
1549 (843) of 2237
(69.24%) players
Obtain your first ring case from Vasu.
1880 (995) of 2237
(84.04%) players
Defeat Aquamentus without being harmed.
440 (335) of 2237
(19.67%) players
Obtain the Fertile Soil from Gnarl Root Dungeon.
1552 (856) of 2237
(69.38%) players
Acquire the Rod of Seasons.
1376 (775) of 2237
(61.51%) players
Acquire the winter power for the Rod of Seasons.
1347 (762) of 2237
(60.21%) players
Defeat Dodongo without being harmed.
573 (423) of 2237
(25.61%) players
Obtain the Gift of Time from Snake's Remains.
1206 (691) of 2237
(53.91%) players
Acquire one of the Companion's flutes.
1295 (703) of 2237
(57.89%) players
Acquire the summer power for the Rod of Seasons.
1086 (629) of 2237
(48.55%) players
Defeat Mothula without being harmed.
409 (318) of 2237
(18.28%) players
Obtain the Bright Sun from Poison Moth's Lair.
967 (562) of 2237
(43.23%) players
Blow up the house where the Great Moblin resides after destroying his base and make it out alive.
312 (210) of 2237
(13.95%) players
Acquire the spring power for the Rod of Seasons.
864 (506) of 2237
(38.62%) players
Obtain your second ring case from Vasu.
883 (507) of 2237
(39.47%) players
Equip the Sign Ring to show off your sign killing abilities.
211 (176) of 2237
(9.43%) players
Acquire the autumn power for the Rod of Seasons.
779 (454) of 2237
(34.82%) players
Defeat Gohma without being harmed.
267 (208) of 2237
(11.94%) players
Obtain the Soothing Rain from Dancing Dragon Dungeon.
766 (444) of 2237
(34.24%) players
Defeat Digdogger without being harmed.
237 (185) of 2237
(10.59%) players
Obtain the Nurturing Warmth from Unicorn's Cave.
703 (408) of 2237
(31.43%) players
Acquire the Iron Shield.
628 (372) of 2237
(28.07%) players
Acquire the Noble Sword.
694 (405) of 2237
(31.02%) players
Defeat Manhandla without being harmed.
201 (163) of 2237
(8.99%) players
Obtain the Blowing Wind from Ancient Ruins.
639 (372) of 2237
(28.57%) players
Defeat Gleeok without being harmed.
216 (166) of 2237
(9.66%) players
Obtain the Seed of Life from Explorer's Crypt.
586 (336) of 2237
(26.20%) players
Defeat Medusa Head without being harmed.
193 (149) of 2237
(8.63%) players
Obtain the Changing Seasons from Sword and Shield Maze.
554 (319) of 2237
(24.77%) players
Complete your life meter to full power.
280 (187) of 2237
(12.52%) players
Equip the Octo Ring.
477 (343) of 2237
(21.32%) players
Equip the Slayer Ring to show off your killing capabilities.
365 (279) of 2237
(16.32%) players
Equip the Rupee Ring to show off your acquired wealth.
137 (116) of 2237
(6.12%) players
Equip the 100th Ring to show off your ring collecting abilities.
132 (113) of 2237
(5.90%) players
Defeat both forms of Onox without being harmed.
130 (96) of 2237
(5.81%) players
Complete the entire game without increasing your maximum health.
95 (87) of 2237
(4.25%) players
Rescue Din and save Holodrum from the destruction of the seasons.
523 (291) of 2237
(23.38%) players
Receive a sword upgrade from the man living beneath the Clock Shop in Horon Village.
173 (108) of 2237
(7.73%) players
Give a password to the Subrosian Smith brothers to receive a secret shield upgrade.
147 (94) of 2237
(6.57%) players
Obtain a bomb upgrade from the Piratian in Subrosia.
147 (99) of 2237
(6.57%) players
Obtain a Seed Satchel upgrade from the Deku Scrub in Holodrum's Natzu region.
150 (101) of 2237
(6.71%) players
Obtain a Ring Box upgrade from the mayor of Holodrum's Horon Village.
161 (99) of 2237
(7.20%) players
Receive a heart container from the Graveyard in Holodrum.
171 (110) of 2237
(7.64%) players
Obtain the Biggoron's Sword from Holodrum's Goron Mountain.
153 (96) of 2237
(6.84%) players
Receive Bombchus from the golden Subrosian.
139 (89) of 2237
(6.21%) players
Obtain the Swimmer's Ring in the Sunken City.
128 (83) of 2237
(5.72%) players
Obtain Heart Ring L-1 from the Great Fairy in the Temple of Seasons.
160 (101) of 2237
(7.15%) players
Transfer one of your secrets (excluding Ring Secret) back to your linked game.
166 (108) of 2237
(7.42%) players
Rescue Zelda from the Moblin King in North Horon.
212 (133) of 2237
(9.48%) players
Receive the Master Sword in Holodrum's Lost Woods
100 (73) of 2237
(4.47%) players
Witness a reunion between Queen Ambi and her lover.
162 (107) of 2237
(7.24%) players
Complete the Hero's Cave in Holodrum.
124 (81) of 2237
(5.54%) players
Collect every ring in Oracle of Seasons without using a password in a linked game.
46 (45) of 2237
(2.06%) players
Complete your ring collection in either game.
90 (68) of 2237
(4.02%) players
Beat both forms of Twinrova without being damaged.
64 (50) of 2237
(2.86%) players
Beat Twinrova and witness the revival of Ganon.
150 (91) of 2237
(6.71%) players
Beat the newly revived Ganon without being hurt.
65 (50) of 2237
(2.91%) players
Beat the newly revived Ganon and escape with Zelda.
150 (90) of 2237
(6.71%) players
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GRINKE2023-03-23 04:10:42Playing Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Seasons
Recent comments: (All 29)
Aeavymetal666 27 Feb 2017 23:56
Also fifth boss not working.
Ideru 9 Dec 2017 21:51
Hello im looking for this game in multilingua europe version i try some but they not work with retroachievement.
PhantomCoop 10 Dec 2017 08:47
Why is this and ages classified as Gameboy games when they should be Gameboy color?
Lancerlott 13 Dec 2017 22:14
Going to try Medusa Head no dmg a couple times, if it doesn't pop I'm going to submit a savestate cuz the set appears to be broken... got 2 no damage achieves for Mothula and Dodongo b4 I even fought them... many are reporting broken cheevs...
Lancerlott 13 Dec 2017 22:32
Yep, achievement is still broken/bugged. Did the boss three times without taking damage and still no credit. How do I go about submitting the save state I took before the boss?
MrKoippa 2 Dec 2018 13:14
I got Ring Apprentice ring case from red goron instead of Vasu..But I got the achievement..
ShadwSonic 24 Mar 2020 15:41
I got almost to the end of the Linked Seasons run... THEN realized what Vasu meant by "wearing" rings. Meaning I'd done everything WITHOUT rings!Bodes a little better for the Bonus set though!
RuSsile 7 Sep 2020 21:01
Tried both the USA & MultiLang editions and neither one gives me any achievements. Vasu gives us a L1-Ring Box immediately in the game which should be your first achievement but its not working.
RuSsile 8 Sep 2020 00:35
Oops I just learned I waa using myGBA which is primarily a GB Advance Emulator. GB Color games will work but achievements won't work on it. Now that I'm using that Batty GBC emu its working now.
ShadwSonic 8 Sep 2020 01:08
It can't just be that it was a GBA emulator... this game has a ring that requires it run on GBA. However, I used the standalone emu, not Libretro cores, so maybe that's the difference.
RuSsile 2 Oct 2020 17:23
I just thought about something that could be helpful for games like this one. You know how some achievements are missable and are marked with a [M]? Well some of the achievements here cannot be earned on a single play thru, what if we marked the ones
RuSsile 2 Oct 2020 17:26
that require a second play thru/secret password system to get? Maybe a [2nd] for 2nd playthru or something like that.. just a suggestions. Sometimes I get ideas, and I figure why not post it. Might be helpful.
RuSsile 10 Oct 2020 06:28
Just gonna be honest.. this whole secret thing doesn't make any sense to me and I dont understand it. Beat seasons to link to ages.. in ages linked ppl give secrets to bring back to season AGAIN? but why wud I want to replay Seasons again? Help?
ConfectionWitch 17 Feb 2021 06:58
You can use the secrets from Ages in a completed game of Seasons (and vice versa)
Oslash 23 Mar 2021 07:59
everything but the linked secrets upgrades can be obtained on a linked playthrough, just getting the upgrades via farore is not enough, these must be obtained on a completed standard file, telling the npc the secrets obtained in oracle of ages
spikeriley 19 Jun 2021 08:24
How do linked games even work in the emulator? I can't figure it out.
BlazingSpade 20 Jun 2021 02:03
I'll try to explain. Upon completing Oracle of Ages, a password will appear in final screen, use this password for creating a new file in Oracle of Seasons (This Oracle of Season is a Linked Game now).
BlazingSpade 20 Jun 2021 02:09
For items: 1. Find and get the password1 from certain NPC in OoS-Linked > 2. Back to the completed OoA and find the mentioned NPC, use the password1 to get the special item and a new password2 > 3. Back to OoS-Linked: use the new password2 in Farore.
SturmB 6 Feb 2022 18:53
This seems like a bug: When I load up my saved game (usually from a savestate) in RetroArch, unequip the shield, then re-equip it, the "Buying Protection" achievement pops again. This happens every time.
KeiranTrick 22 Dec 2022 06:28
Question about Diamond/Pearl Ring, if anyone is out there - I understand what rings are needed for one or the other. My problem is understanding why it needs to be a linked game specifically? Does this mean I have to complete a regular game without getting any rings (because getting the Friendship Ring locks you out) and then start a new one linked?