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Splatterhouse 2 (Mega Drive)

Developer:Now Production Co., Ltd.
Publisher:Namco Hometek Inc.
Genre:Action / Side-Scrolling
First released:Aug 03, 1992
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 20 achievements worth 305 (1213) points.
Authors: SamuraiGamerCat (20).

Paint The Walls Green, Rick
won by 1161 (551) of 1201 (96.67%)
A God Send
won by 663 (385) of 1201 (55.20%)
Gain 20,000 points to earn an extra life.
I Have Tums For That
won by 329 (203) of 1201 (27.39%)
Defeat Bellyache without taking damage
A Secret Entrance?
won by 813 (440) of 1201 (67.69%)
Reach Stage II
Eye Poppa
won by 153 (89) of 1201 (12.74%)
Defeat BigHead without taking damage.
Foul River
won by 341 (195) of 1201 (28.39%)
Reach Stage III
More Like Blood Muppets
won by 106 (66) of 1201 (8.83%)
Defeat Bloodpuppets without taking damage.
The Building On The Island
won by 271 (155) of 1201 (22.56%)
I Ain't Got Time For That..
won by 169 (95) of 1201 (14.07%)
Don't fall in any of the holes in Stage IV
Jennifer Is Closeby..
won by 209 (116) of 1201 (17.40%)
Reach Stage V
Squashed Like a Bug
won by 110 (65) of 1201 (9.16%)
Defeat Bugbrain without taking damage.
I Still Don't Have Time For That..
won by 138 (66) of 1201 (11.49%)
Don't fall in any of the holes in Stage V
Openin' A Portal
won by 181 (98) of 1201 (15.07%)
Reach Stage VI
Crossin' Over
won by 182 (98) of 1201 (15.15%)
Reach Stage VII
I'm Your Hero
won by 97 (53) of 1201 (8.08%)
Rescue Jennifer in Stage 7 without being harmed
The Building is Crumbling!
won by 169 (96) of 1201 (14.07%)
Reach Stage VIII
Lake It Ain't no' Thang
won by 107 (60) of 1201 (8.91%)
Defeat Like Thing without taking damage.
Ultimate Failure
won by 111 (57) of 1201 (9.24%)
Defeat the Ultimate Evil final form without taking damage.
Happily Reunited...For Now...
won by 156 (85) of 1201 (12.99%)
Beat the Game (On Normal)
Rick The Game Master
won by 75 (51) of 1201 (6.24%)
Complete the game on Game Master setting (No Passwords)
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Recent comment(s):
27 Apr 2015
Just finished this game, disappointed in lack of achievements. Difficulty Achievements maybe?
30 May 2015
I'll get started on them as soon as I have some down time from work. I also plan to do SH3 for the Genesis as well. Frankly, I'm surprised there aren't any achievements for SH3 yet. Guess I'll have to take it into my own hands!
16 Nov 2015
Not complete, will probably add more soon. No damage achievements possibly.
16 Nov 2015
I also used the ROM Splatterhouse 2 (USA).md
17 Nov 2015
More cheevos please!
8 Oct 2016
I should have made the no damage achievements be set for each difficulty. I believe the enemies have more health on the other settings. See, that's why I hate doing "No damage" achievements.
15 Aug 2018
Cant seem to run the game without it crashing any emulator i use (RALibretro, RetroArch, or normal Genesis emulator)
4 Jan 2019
Can someone send the right checksum plz. Every US Rom i tried crashed or doesnt support achievements.I tried the EU version: avhievements are working but the EU rom runs slower than the us and jp Roms.Only the jp rom works fine.
19 Jan 2019
I can't find a US version that works either. I tried the EU version out of like 10 of them. But the boss achievements don't work on it.
20 Jan 2019
Update: For anyone else who can't get the boss ones to work. I finally got them to work on the E version. Past stage 2 use the passwords for the bosses and no falling into pits ones.
8 Feb 2019
Defeat BigHead without taking damage.Defeat Bloodpuppets without taking damage.Only work in Japanese version.The last three bosses need to kill with two HP
22 Feb 2019
i am using the USA version and there are no achievements. only European version works, how come?
4 Oct 2019
my us version works
12 Feb 2020
This mess of a game is unplayable after playing TG-16 port of SH1. Didn't expect such poor collision detection in this one.
5 May 2020
Tried every core and version of the game, boss achievements are only reliable with the EU rom which is miserable to play.
5 May 2020
Nevermind, can't get Bloodpuppets to trigger on EU either.
11 Sep 2020
Authors, please fix this bug from these no damage achievements. it's getting frustrating. it's the tenth time I've tried and it doesn't work.
12 Nov 2020
Commenting again that the no damage achievements still aren't working
9 Jul 2021
If you have some problems with no-damage achievements try use RALibRetro and PicoDrive-core. Squashed Like a Bug (25) was not working for me until I changed the core. Version of game: Splatterhouse 2 (U) [c][!]

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