Hotel Dusk: Room 215
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January 22, 2007


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28 Feb 2024, 6:25am

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lovelessrapture 15 Jan 2021 14:37
Would love to see a set for this game, truly one of the unique gameplay experiences on the DS. Although it's mostly linear there's the special ending which could be worth tackling!
Numberman 28 Sep 2022 14:38
He likes pants because they're comfy and easy to wear
AdamGOT 9 Oct 2022 12:08
Would love to see a set for this game
terarded 12 Jan 2023 13:15
I always heard this game was good but never found the motivation to visit it. A set could just be the motivation i need to give it a go
mishal2k2 23 Jan 2023 13:48
Bring back memories
Whoops 31 May 2023 11:37
I had a lot of issues trying to get this or Last Window working properly in RetroArch. For anyone interested in playing this I recommend using BizHawk. It's much easier to rotate the screens.
Krunchy0920 22 Oct 2023 04:25
Just finished replaying this game all the way through.. It's such an unbelievably great DS title and I'm sad that this and Last Window have been stuck on DS ever since.. Maybe with Another Code Recollection's success, we could see these games come back too?
Tachikomas 18 Jan 2024 14:09
Yo! I actually beat this game. Believe it or not
Tachikomas 18 Jan 2024 14:10
@krunchy0920 I hope certainly that we will. One of the first assist trophies I ever won in smash was Dunning Smith. I felt like the only person I had ever met who knew who that was.
retrosoul86 14 Feb 2024 21:52
I loved this game from the moment I picked it up. I couldn't put it down till I beat it.