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~Z~ Pokemon - Blue Version (Game Boy)

Developer:GameFreak Inc.
Genre:Role-Playing Game
First released:September 28, 1998
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


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Recent comment(s):
4 May 17:01 2020
The irony is a petition is what created the merge, so petitions do work when sensible.
4 May 20:03 2020
I would like to make it very clear that every single player who got the achievements from the demoted set will be awarded with the equivalent one in the merged set.
4 May 20:04 2020
Please, help to spread this message to your fellows pokefans.
4 May 21:09 2020
4 May 22:03 2020
meleu I still would prefer separate sets, but still <3
4 May 23:00 2020
Thank you meleu, that does help quite a bit :). There is some cool stuff in the new set, just the feeling of losing all past unlocks was painful!
10 May 18:26 2020
I prefer it to be, separate the achievements, per game since they are two different games
11 May 14:50 2020
No, they are not
11 May 14:51 2020
They are more or less the exact same game. It's hard to justify 2 sets even if I personally didnt mind it, and preferred the old sets.
11 May 15:56 2020
Even so, merging the sets is a very inside-the-box, not interesting way of dealing with Pokemon having split entries.Ruby and Sapphire's sets should really be the standard on the site for Pokemon games.
12 May 0:20 2020
15 May 14:14 2020
A vote for FRLG is happening right now. Get on Discord and vote against Blazekickn's revision plan to merge the sets.
15 May 14:22 2020
Also, they've created two versions of a "no" vote against a "yes" vote to ensure the "no" vote is split and "yes" will win. Don't let them get away with this.
18 May 15:54 2020
lost time playing 2 games
26 May 18:32 2020
s digo facepalm, mas no nego ter juntado dois em um pois mais um do msmo.
4 Jul 21:39 2020
If this got accpeted, what going happened with mine Red/Blue together achievements if Red and Blue getting separated??
22 Jul 20:46 2020
This is bull, c'mon i worked for those separate achievements. Blue > red anyways
25 Jul 18:25 2020
I only just noticed this got merged together. I had completed all of pokemon blue but took a break before finishing red. All the points from blue gone and only partial retained from red :/
22 Aug 23:49 2020
This site award is so legacy now =D
16 Sep 22:32 2020
They merged two different games for whatever reason (and my time mastering both lost), great

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