Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zenin Shugo! (NES)

Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zenin Shugo! (NES)
DeveloperTechnos Japan
PublisherTechnos Japan
GenreAction » Beat-'Em-Up » 2D
ReleasedJuly 26, 1991
Title Screenhot
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There are 51 achievements worth 510 (1263) points.
Authors: revixter (51)

Let's Get Started
Watch the introductionary movie.
82 (65) of 106
(77.36%) players
Medicine Man
Acquire and deliver the KANPOU to Bunzo.
23 (20) of 106
(21.70%) players
Ultimate Happiness
Get the girl. Drinks are on Bunzo.
17 (16) of 106
(16.04%) players
Forever Drifting
Rejection is the one constant of human experience.
14 (12) of 106
(13.21%) players
Best Punch Line
Max out the punch stat (127, item bonuses don't count).
15 (14) of 106
(14.15%) players
Professional Butt Kicker
Max out the kick stat (127, item bonuses don't count).
16 (14) of 106
(15.09%) players
Miyamoto Musashi
Max out the weapon stat (127, item bonuses don't count).
15 (14) of 106
(14.15%) players
105 mph Fastball
Max out the throw stat (127, item bonuses don't count).
13 (13) of 106
(12.26%) players
Run Like the Wind
Max out the agility stat (127, item bonuses don't count).
13 (12) of 106
(12.26%) players
I Think I Can, I Think I Can...
Max out the willpower stat (127, item bonuses don't count).
13 (12) of 106
(12.26%) players
Max out the defense stat (127, item bonuses don't count).
13 (13) of 106
(12.26%) players
Master Deflector
Max out the strength stat (127, item bonuses don't count).
12 (12) of 106
(11.32%) players
Presidential Fitness Award
Max out the stamina stat (255, item bonuses don't count).
14 (14) of 106
(13.21%) players
Bottomless Reserves
Max out the vitality stat (255, item bonuses don't count).
15 (14) of 106
(14.15%) players
I Call Him Stabby
You are one with your prized dagger.
16 (16) of 106
(15.09%) players
Bamboo is technically just grass, but it's your grass.
13 (13) of 106
(12.26%) players
Everybody Must Get Stoned
The thought of dropping your precious stone scares you.
14 (14) of 106
(13.21%) players
Million Dollar Idea
This is your pet rock, none shall take him from you.
17 (16) of 106
(16.04%) players
Completely Stumped
Fight back with nature.
14 (14) of 106
(13.21%) players
A Hard Lesson
Scrolls contain knowledge and knowledge is power. Don't lose yours.
15 (14) of 106
(14.15%) players
Buck It
You've grown quite attached to this bucket. Don't lose it!
17 (16) of 106
(16.04%) players
Rickshaw Driver
Make a killing out of your living.
15 (14) of 106
(14.15%) players
The Frat Guys
Defeat Ashi, Ben, Hide, Hira, Moemo, Mura, Sada, Saita, Seki, Yotsu and their leader Gonsa.
42 (33) of 106
(39.62%) players
The Generic Dudes
Defeat Itoki, Hagi, Hansu, Hashi, Koue, Kosu, Saixu, Saki, Tamo, Yuki and their leader Ginpa.
55 (43) of 106
(51.89%) players
Benny and Clyde
Defeat Chie, Isoro, Kuma, Onoki, Rihei, Tata, Tomo, Urae, Yata, Wata and their leaders Ichi and Roku.
32 (29) of 106
(30.19%) players
The Jets
Defeat Dezou, Hachi, Kumi, Rihe, Shima, Suya, Taro, Tero, Urasa, Yone and their leader Kinsu.
29 (25) of 106
(27.36%) players
The Home Boys
Defeat Bobu, Kisu, Kouki, Nori, Sahei, Suema, Take, Umema, Yoshi, Yuue and their leader Tame.
30 (26) of 106
(28.30%) players
The Jocks
Defeat Gensu, Hemo, Hisa, Kame, Mune, Oisa, Shin, Sumi, Taki, Yota and their leader Heiru.
31 (27) of 106
(29.25%) players
Oko Yono
Defeat Yono.
39 (33) of 106
(36.79%) players
The Sharks
Defeat Akizo, Ineta, Ishi, Jmgq, Junzo, Mori, Saku, Shiba, Shiro, Uraji and their leader Heisi.
28 (25) of 106
(26.42%) players
The Hurricanes
Defeat Atsu, Chiji, Ebino, Gosu, Kana, Shuu, Suke, Sute, Tsuno, Yuri and their leader Jinro.
26 (23) of 106
(24.53%) players
The Cowboys
Defeat Gosa, Katsu, Kengo, Kiku, Mansi, Obisa, Sono, Toshi, Tsuki, Yasu and their leader Han.
23 (21) of 106
(21.70%) players
The Mob
Defeat Ingo, Mochi, Mohe, Neha, Omeno, Shou, Some, Tema, Toube, Zene and their leader Yago.
23 (21) of 106
(21.70%) players
The Squids
Defeat Goro, Inosu, Kamo, Kota, Mango, Mata, Tsuda, Uki, Umeta, Usuke and their leader Nizae.
23 (21) of 106
(21.70%) players
The Dragon Twins
Defeat Home, Kichi, Kuro, Nenki, Neto, Senbe, Senpa, Tago, Taha, Teha and their leaders Tatsu and Tsui.
22 (20) of 106
(20.75%) players
The Internationals
Defeat Heko, Keta, Kunki, Manpe, Masu, Mataa, Mehei, Momo, Tane, Unji and the traitor Tsuu.
17 (16) of 106
(16.04%) players
The Plague
Defeat Fune, Ihoma, Kansu, Kanta, Kome, Mino, Rohei, Sichi, Suji and Ushi.
22 (20) of 106
(20.75%) players
The Black Plague
Defeat The Plague a second time, including their leader Tora.
19 (17) of 106
(17.92%) players
Grand Finale
Defeat The Plague for a third and final time, including their leader Asaji.
18 (16) of 106
(16.98%) players
Reasonable Roller
Win three bets in a row.
22 (19) of 106
(20.75%) players
Paying for Hope
Using the third option, win 4000 in a single bet.
18 (15) of 106
(16.98%) players
Fully Equipped
Equip an item in every item slot.
11 (11) of 106
(10.38%) players
High Fashion
Obtain and equip MASTER shades.
30 (22) of 106
(28.30%) players
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Obtain and equip MAP CRSR.
23 (18) of 106
(21.70%) players
Make it Rain
Obtain and use GOODTIME.
14 (13) of 106
(13.21%) players
Tech School
Obtain and activate M.FIST, M.KICK, M.WPN, M.FUMI, SCREW, N.ATTACK, and H.GUARD.
21 (17) of 106
(19.81%) players
Certified Technician
18 (14) of 106
(16.98%) players
Super Technical
Obtain and activate BIGBANG or BMPKNART (on Kunio).
24 (18) of 106
(22.64%) players
Hot Stuff
Defeat a gang's leader by throwing them into the center pit of the lava fields west of Rikuchuu.
14 (14) of 106
(13.21%) players
Circus Performer
Keep a singular boss rolling or airborne for at least 10 seconds.
17 (16) of 106
(16.04%) players
Defeat an entire gang with each hit doing 100 or more damage (this applies to your ally).
12 (12) of 106
(11.32%) players
Recent Players:
GhostInTheMachine2021-08-18 04:34:07Fixing Achievements
Sertdemir2020-06-01 04:57:53Kunio and Gonsa are standing outside Bunzo's.
Recent comment(s):
Mutawarrior 10 Oct 2015 08:47
This is the Famicom-only sequel to River City Ransom.
Mutawarrior 10 Oct 2015 08:48
Note to anyone interested in making achievements for this game: I linked the English translation patched rom (by Technos Samurai Team) with the original Japanese version in this entry so both are associated.
revixter 10 Jan 2018 03:48
Released the set, I'm sure there are tons of bugs, namely achievements triggering out of place. I can add more stipulations if need be. Please put in a bug report for anything you find and I'll fix it ASAP!
revixter 10 Jan 2018 03:57
Some notes: almost all achievements must be completed on medium or higher difficulty. The weapon achieves are to beat an entire gang with that particular weapon without losing it (getting hit, falling down, etc).
meleu 10 Jan 2018 04:02
WTF?! Is it a sequel to River City Ransom! I want it!!
revixter 10 Jan 2018 04:15
It is! :D The fighting engine in this game is incredible. I feel RCR is slightly better because this game makes you seek out the gangs and relies too heavily on ugly oranges and browns for its color palette. The fighting engine is like RCR on crack!
ZBR 10 Jan 2018 10:32
Can't wait to try it! Thanks, revixter!
revixter 10 Jan 2018 14:37
This game is surprising not very user friendly when you first start, I will make a user guide in the forum that will hopefully have you kicking butt in no time.
RichterMasters 6 Aug 2022 13:03
Various broken cheevos and just seems like have no more support... Need to be revised...



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