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Duck Tales 2 (Game Boy)

Genre:Platformer (Side Scrolling)
First released:November 1993
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 32 achievements worth 350 (591) points.
Authors: Firebrand4 (32).

Niagara Falls -Pocket Edition-
won by 144 (115) of 220 (65.45%)
Collect the Crystal Flower in Niagara Falls
Bermuda -Pocket Edition-
won by 120 (95) of 220 (54.55%)
Collect the Mermaid Teardrop in Bermuda
Egypt -Pocket Edition-
won by 114 (91) of 220 (51.82%)
Collect King Khufu's Knife in Egypt
Mu -Pocket Edition-
won by 108 (84) of 220 (49.09%)
Collect the Stone Plate in Mu
Scotland -Pocket Edition-
won by 103 (82) of 220 (46.82%)
Collect The Lamp of Eternity in Scotland
Unlucky Adventurer
won by 56 (50) of 220 (25.45%)
Finish the game and obtain the Bad Ending
Friendship is the True Treasure
won by 88 (70) of 220 (40.00%)
Finish the game and obtain the Normal Ending
A Trick Up My Hat
won by 70 (61) of 220 (31.82%)
Finish the game and obtain the Good Ending
Lucky Adventurer -Pocket Edition-
won by 70 (61) of 220 (31.82%)
Collect all big treasures in the game
Map Collected -Pocket Edition-
won by 70 (62) of 220 (31.82%)
Complete the map of the secret Lost Treasure
Armored to the Teeth -Pocket Edition-
won by 105 (84) of 220 (47.73%)
Fully upgrade your cane
Firequacker -Pocket Edition-
won by 102 (86) of 220 (46.36%)
Defeat Firequacker without being harmed
Pirate -Pocket Edition-
won by 93 (80) of 220 (42.27%)
Defeat the Pirate without being harmed
Pharaoh -Pocket Edition-
won by 84 (71) of 220 (38.18%)
Defeat the Pharaoh without being harmed
Robo Duck -Pocket Edition-
won by 81 (69) of 220 (36.82%)
Defeat Robo Duck without being harmed
Sorcerer Duck -Pocket Edition-
won by 89 (74) of 220 (40.45%)
Defeat Sorcerer Duck without being harmed
won by 77 (62) of 220 (35.00%)
Defeat the D-1000 without being harmed
Scotland Underground -Pocket Edition-
won by 72 (64) of 220 (32.73%)
Collect the Secret Treasure in Scotland Underground
Niagara Falls Treasure Master
won by 62 (56) of 220 (28.18%)
Collect all treasures in Niagara Falls
Bermuda Treasure Master
won by 62 (56) of 220 (28.18%)
Collect all treasures in Bermuda
Egypt Treasure Master
won by 54 (48) of 220 (24.55%)
Collect all treasures in Egypt
Mu Treasure Master
won by 54 (48) of 220 (24.55%)
Collect all treasures in Mu
Scotland Treasure Master
won by 54 (47) of 220 (24.55%)
Collect all treasures in Scotland
Underground Treasure Master
won by 50 (45) of 220 (22.73%)
Collect all treasures in the Underground
The Ascension of Legend -Pocket Edition-
won by 99 (82) of 220 (45.00%)
The Legacy of The Garbled One -Pocket Edition-
won by 94 (80) of 220 (42.73%)
Aziz Light!
won by 107 (86) of 220 (48.64%)
Open a hidden passage using the reflecting power of a mirror
Second Youth -Pocket Edition-
won by 68 (60) of 220 (30.91%)
Find both hidden stars, increasing Scrooge's life meter to 5 HP
Masked Mallard
won by 70 (60) of 220 (31.82%)
Beat the game in Hard mode
X-Ray Vision
won by 212 (157) of 220 (96.36%)
Obtain the X-Ray Glasses
Another Kitty Ducky -Pocket Edition-
won by 73 (61) of 220 (33.18%)
Collect 9 lives in the game
Playing It Safe
won by 128 (108) of 220 (58.18%)
Buy a safe from the Item Shop
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GrumpyArseGamer2022-01-07 17:58:37Playing Duck Tales 2
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Recent comment(s):
4 Aug 2015
I uploaded the achievements. Good luck to the players ! Thanks Mutawarrior for his list and help, and thanks kid38 for his work about Duck Tales 2's achievements for the NES ( ! :D
14 Mar 2016
A couple notes I've found about the "Treasure Master" cheevs: The "check" and "boss" chests don't count, but hidden gems do. Also, you must open ALL of them in one life, or it doesn't count. Fortunately, the chests respawn upon exiting the level.
7 Apr 2016
Yeah the hidden gems that you can see with the X-Ray Glasses count as the remaining chests the magic/talking chest in each stage tells you about when you pogo jump & golf swing them.
18 Oct 2016
"Scotland Treasure Master" don't work, contrary to the other levels ? I collected several times all treasures in this level but nothing happens
18 Oct 2016
I'm sure I didn't forget one : I tried to die after taking the last treasure, so I returned near from the talking chest, which told me effectively "There are 0 treasures ...". And I'm sure I took all of them in one life
23 Oct 2016
For now, I've lowered the required money for Scotland Treasure Master from $570,000 to $320,000. Doesn't seem to be that much money on that level at all, also some chests are used as steps(you can't collect the treasure).
23 Oct 2016
If this is wrong, feel free to change that address back to 57(hex39). I know other people "got" this, but I can't tell if they GOT it or were given it afterwards. The main objective is to make the treasure counter 00 anyway, not get a specifc amount.
23 Oct 2016
If I remember correctly, the difficulty used may affect some treasurez, with higher ones giving more prizes. That could be why I don't remember any issue while you ran into one.
23 Oct 2016
Hm, I was playing on Difficult myself though, but it's true, some things are ice cream instead of gems on easier difficulty. But the more I look at what Yakurena said about their max being 393,000, I feel like he put in 39 as HEX instead of decimal.
31 Oct 2017
Fix achivku not made King Khufu (10) (17)Defeat King Khufu without being harmed.
4 Nov 2017
I fixed King Khufu so it should be working now.
27 Apr 2018
It seems like the damageless boss achievements are tied to the health meter decreasing rather than Scrooge taking damage, so if you're playing on Easy, where each health blip takes two hits, you're allowed an extra mistake.
27 Apr 2018
But none of the bosses are even remotely challenging to avoid damage on, so I don't know if it's even worth finding a workaround for that, unless the solution is adding a "normal or higher" condition.
26 May 2018
Achievements "Treasure Master" I passed on hard without a ptery of life
17 Dec 2021

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