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~Bonus~ Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (NES)

Genre:Platformer (Side Scrolling)
First released:August 28, 1987
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 5 achievements worth 160 (174) points.
Authors: Mutawarrior (5).

Nothing But The Star To Guide You
won by 9 (9) of 9 (100.00%)
Get the Morning Star as your 1st item (no other whips, no Dracula parts, nothing else)
Fully Stocked Vampire Hunter
won by 9 (9) of 9 (100.00%)
Get to Dracula's Castle fully stocked (all items and subweapons, 8 Laurels, 8 Garlic, Flame Whip)
Wealthy Vampire Killer
won by 8 (8) of 9 (88.89%)
Beat Dracula having 256 Hearts at Level 3 or less (no laurels)
5-4-2-3-1 We're Having Fun
won by 9 (9) of 9 (100.00%)
Beat the game getting Dracula's parts in Ring, Nail, Heart, Eyeball, Rib order (no passwords)
Simon Says Don't Die
won by 8 (8) of 9 (88.89%)
Beat the game without losing a life (get the parts in the Rib, Heart, Eyeball, Nail, Ring order)
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Recent comment(s):
18 Nov 2018
Note: Do not use any passwords for any achievements in the Bonus set. These are meant to be a challenge and have been password protected for that reason.
18 Nov 2018
UPDATE: Wealthy Vampire Killer does allow passwords. If you're careful, you can get Fully Stocked Vampire Hunter, Wealthy Vampire Killer, and 5-4-2-3-1 We're Having Fun all in the same run (which I did while testing these in local).
18 Nov 2018
Updated Rich Presence to include Simon's Level & hearts.

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