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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Game Boy Advance)

Developer:Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Genre:Action-adventure (Metroidvania)
First released:May 6, 2003
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 55 achievements worth 554 (20368) points.
Authors: PManningFan1618 (36), Infernox (17), SirVG (2).

Old Bones
won by 4474 (2940) of 5579 (80.19%)
Defeat the Creaking Skull in the Castle Corridor.
won by 3625 (2553) of 5579 (64.98%)
Defeat the Manticore in the Chapel.
Iron Giant
won by 3342 (2383) of 5579 (59.90%)
Defeat the Great Armor in the Study.
won by 3021 (2179) of 5579 (54.15%)
Defeat the Big Golem in the Dance Hall.
Hunter Hunted
won by 2912 (2117) of 5579 (52.20%)
Defeat the Headhunter in the Inner Quarters.
Defying Death
won by 2577 (1900) of 5579 (46.19%)
Defeat Death in the Clock Tower.
won by 2375 (1761) of 5579 (42.57%)
Defeat Legion in the Underground Cemetery.
Evil Eye
won by 2337 (1736) of 5579 (41.89%)
Defeat Balore in the Arena.
False Prophet
won by 2184 (1665) of 5579 (39.15%)
Defeat Graham on the Top Floor.
Raison d'etre
won by 47 (43) of 5579 (0.84%)
Watch the normal ending scene.
J Who?
won by 2013 (1561) of 5579 (36.08%)
Defend yourself against a legendary vampire hunter in the Floating Garden.
Chaotic Disposition
won by 1998 (1516) of 5579 (35.81%)
Defeat the real master of the castle and obtain the game's true ending.
Entropy Distilled
won by 22 (22) of 5579 (0.39%)
[No NG+] Earn the game's true ending on Hard difficulty.
Evasive Maneuvers
won by 4916 (3136) of 5579 (88.12%)
Obtain the Grave Keeper soul.
Double Jump
won by 3391 (2404) of 5579 (60.78%)
Obtain the Malphas soul.
Duck and Cover
won by 3058 (2196) of 5579 (54.81%)
Obtain the Skeleton Blaze soul.
Toki wo Tomare!
won by 2403 (1767) of 5579 (43.07%)
Obtain the Galamoth soul.
won by 2238 (1707) of 5579 (40.11%)
Obtain the Kicker Skeleton soul.
To the Heavens
won by 2179 (1643) of 5579 (39.06%)
Obtain the Hippogryph soul.
Soul Seeker
won by 3263 (2343) of 5579 (58.49%)
Reach level 10.
Demon Hunter
won by 2668 (1970) of 5579 (47.82%)
Reach level 20.
Adept Monster Slayer
won by 2371 (1779) of 5579 (42.50%)
Reach level 30.
Heir to the Throne
won by 2147 (1651) of 5579 (38.48%)
Reach level 40.
Master of the Castle
won by 1712 (1401) of 5579 (30.69%)
Reach level 50.
Life Leech
won by 5372 (3273) of 5579 (96.29%)
Obtain your very first soul.
Bullet Hell
won by 1343 (1121) of 5579 (24.07%)
Absorb every type of Bullet Soul.
Guardian Angels
won by 1363 (1135) of 5579 (24.43%)
Absorb every type of Guardian Soul.
won by 1338 (1131) of 5579 (23.98%)
Absorb every type of Enchanted Soul.
Open House
won by 35 (34) of 5579 (0.63%)
Explore Dracula's Castle in its entirety.
Futile Attempt
won by 2253 (1678) of 5579 (40.38%)
Defeat the Chronomage and add its enemy data entry to your bestiary.
Hey, Get Back Here!
won by 1553 (1286) of 5579 (27.84%)
Defeat a Sky Fish and add its enemy data entry to your bestiary.
The Power to Rule
won by 22 (22) of 5579 (0.39%)
Fill out all of the enemy data and monster drops in your bestiary.
Deep Pockets
won by 1668 (1332) of 5579 (29.90%)
Accrue a total of 200,000 gold or more.
Sword of Light
won by 2102 (1584) of 5579 (37.68%)
Find the legendary blade once possessed by the Tuatha De Danann, the Claimh Solais.
Fit for Consumption
won by 1662 (1323) of 5579 (29.79%)
Purchase the Soul Eater Ring from Hammer's shop.
Infinite Power!
won by 1319 (1092) of 5579 (23.64%)
Obtain the Chaos Ring, the ultimate reward for gaining dominance over the castle's denizens.
Hard Work
won by 1133 (966) of 5579 (20.31%)
Find all 5 pieces of equipment exclusive to Hard difficulty.
King's Blade
won by 1328 (1095) of 5579 (23.80%)
Complete Boss Rush in 6 minutes or less as Soma and obtain Excalibur.
Positively Electronic
won by 1303 (1073) of 5579 (23.36%)
Complete Boss Rush in 5 minutes or less as Soma and obtain the Positron Rifle.
The Sword of Many Slashes
won by 1256 (1049) of 5579 (22.51%)
Complete Boss Rush in 4 minutes or less as Soma and obtain Valmanway.
Party Like It's 1999
won by 1015 (915) of 5579 (18.19%)
Return to Dracula's Castle and defeat the heir apparent in Julius Mode.
Belmont Legend
won by 964 (879) of 5579 (17.28%)
Defeat every boss in Julius Mode on Hard difficulty.
Are These New Sub-Weapons?
won by 27 (27) of 5579 (0.48%)
Complete Boss Rush in 6 minutes or less as Julius.
Sword or Whip?
won by 18 (18) of 5579 (0.32%)
Complete Boss Rush in 4 minutes or less as Julius.
Path of the Boneheaded
won by 45 (44) of 5579 (0.81%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=2] Defeat the Creaking Skull boss without taking damage.
Path of the Deadeye
won by 38 (38) of 5579 (0.68%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=6] Defeat the Manticore boss in 10 or fewer attacks using only Bullet Souls.
Path of the Minimalist
won by 38 (38) of 5579 (0.68%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=10] Defeat the Great Armor boss without taking damage or utilizing souls.
Path of the Summoner
won by 37 (36) of 5579 (0.66%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=13] Defeat the Big Golem boss without the use of physical attacks or Bullet Souls.
Path of the Hunter
won by 31 (31) of 5579 (0.56%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=15] Defeat Headhunter without taking damage using only knives, daggers, and bows.
Path of the Calcium-Rich
won by 30 (30) of 5579 (0.54%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=20] Defeat Death without taking damage using only spears and the souls of skeletal creatures.
Path of the Predecessor
won by 25 (25) of 5579 (0.45%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=25] Defeat Legion without taking damage using only a whip and the souls of monsters from the first CV.
Path of the Pugilist
won by 25 (25) of 5579 (0.45%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=30] Defeat Balore without taking damage using only fist-enhancing weapons and martial arts.
Path of the Warrior
won by 24 (24) of 5579 (0.43%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=35] Defeat Graham without taking damage using only physical attacks.
Path of the Cremator
won by 20 (20) of 5579 (0.36%)
[No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=40] Defeat Julius without taking damage using only katanas and fire-based attacks.
Path of the Goetia
won by 19 (19) of 5579 (0.34%)
[NG+ OK | Hard | Lv.<=50] Defeat Chaos without taking damage using only pistols and the souls of demonic creatures.
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Recent comment(s):
7 Apr 2021
And nobody say something about things like use pokemons without elemental bonus or with some type of thematic, besides of limits like no items, level or events
8 Apr 2021
"if it's boring, then don't play it?" is absolutely the WORST excuse you can give, enven WORSE from a developer. It goes completely AGAINST the whole idea of Retro Achievements. The challanges are suppose to instigate the player to try, to get better
8 Apr 2021
Raison d'etre, Entropy Distilled and Open Hose are good additions to main set, but lvl limits damegeless, deathless, saveless are becaming a fast growing cancer in this comunity. Some games wasn't made to be played like that, so ITS A BONUS CHALLANGE
8 Apr 2021
and yes, the pokemon games became a freaking joke.
8 Apr 2021
If theres no challenge, Where's the achievement? Bonus sets should be absurd, that's why they're bonuses. If you've played the game for a few hours, it's pretty obvious how easily all these achievements can be completed.
8 Apr 2021
Instead of complaining about a set, why not attempt it first?
8 Apr 2021
They ruined this set big time lol Why are top 20 players allowed to make cheevos?
8 Apr 2021
did you born knowing how to play every game? The challange many times are in learn the game, enjoy everything the game have to offer. If you played it a thousand times, doesn't mean everyone wants to do the same.
8 Apr 2021
1)Leviathan, if you want to make cheevos read the document about it2)Danibodom, you say thann the challenge is in learn how to play, after learn you have to challenge for see how much do you learn and the new cheevos do that
9 Apr 2021
Sites ruined, time start GBAXCheevos
9 Apr 2021
Infernoxx, are you crazy?
9 Apr 2021
Why are people who talk out of their ass allowed to make wall comments?
9 Apr 2021
"...Why are top 20 players allowed to make cheevos?" I love this comment considering the person that made the revision isn't even in the top 5000.
9 Apr 2021
Set arruined, tks!
10 Apr 2021
Maximdraco I understand your point of view and I agree to a certein degree. One thing is finish the game in hard with no NG+. another is farm for a soul, hoping not to be overlevel, so you have to reset and try again.
13 Apr 2021
@danibodom E por essas e outras que eu digo que jogador tem que se foder... Chega a ser vergonhoso o cara ter platina pra carai no site e chorar feito um mane desse jeito so porque nao e capaz de platinar um set. Ao inves de reclamar, so NAO pegar o set!
13 Apr 2021
Besides, asking for moving these 17 achievements means "killing" Infernox work since Bonus Sets are pretty neglected (underplayed). So, ask for moving ONLY if they don't really fit on main set and if they aren't a part of the game (native game challenge)
13 Apr 2021
"RA should influence players and NOT vice versa". If you think this is insanely hard, instead of whining like a loser, try to understand developer's side while defending your point wisely and giving enough reasons why changes (or nerfs) are needed to be made!
13 Apr 2021
@danibodom Outra coisa, pare de ficar dizendo de Set Bonus pra qualquer merda! Se uma conquista criada por terceiros for possivel de ser feita mesmo sendo dificil, entao e aceitavel. Aqui, nos nao criamos conquistas passando a mao na cabeca do jogador. Aqui nos assumimos que ele e fera!
13 Apr 2021
The challenges themselves are fine and interesting. It's the setup they require that's a pain in the ass. You don't just have to farm specific souls, you have to reload constantly, lest you overlevel for the next boss.

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Beat the game on Soma Mode (Normal)
Beat the game (All Bosses) on Julius Mode (Normal)
Beat the game on Soma Mode (Hard)
Beat the game (All Bosses) on Julius Mode (Hard)
Complete Boss Rush as quickly as you can.
Complete Boss Rush as quickly as you can.