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Advance Wars (Game Boy Advance)

Developer:Intelligent Systems
Genre:Turn-based tactics
First released:September 10, 2001
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SmolEpsilon2022-01-27 06:43:21Joe - 🎖️️89 Opal Hen - Playing Campaign with Andy
gameboiGeorge2022-01-27 03:59:23George - 🎖️️90 Grey Hen - Playing Campaign with Andy
lvjesse2022-01-27 03:14:28Playing Advance Wars
gomas642022-01-27 01:30:08Ken - 🎖️️90 Grey Hen - Strategizing
Bartis19892022-01-26 23:50:30BARTIS - 🎖️️96 Grey Rat - Designing Maps with Andy
renatosd2022-01-26 02:50:23CAM - 🎖️️96 Grey Rat - Strategizing
H2OMan2022-01-26 02:36:00Bingus - 🎖️️96 Grey Rat - Strategizing
thePigMaster1172022-01-26 02:19:14Dom - 🎖️️96 Grey Rat - Playing Vs. Mode with Olaf
Bi0hazard2022-01-25 17:09:53Playing Advance Wars
Stone682022-01-25 08:48:19Playing Advance Wars
Recent comment(s):
18 Jul 2017
Thanks for the help, but I wasn't referring to how his CO power works or how often he does it... just that it always feels like he's got a massive tidal wave of forces that I can't penetrate...
18 Jul 2017
You can. If you have kanbei, after his bombers and medium tanks are destroyed, kanbei tanks can easily smash anything he sends. The bleu team can reinforce throught south, but that will take time. Just survive the first attack and the victory is your
18 Jul 2017
And go capturing the buildings. The first Time I played I didn't realised how important capture those buildings are. the extra money sure helps a lot when the battle is dragged.
18 Jul 2017
The only problem with the Kanbei strat is that you apparently need to be using Eagle to get his bonus mission... which I am. I've also got Max, since I've heard he's the best to pair up with said aerial ace.
18 Jul 2017
Of course, I COULD just use the glitch of ultimate OPness, but that feels dirty.
18 Jul 2017
Just let Sturm capture the Airport at the middle. Then let him spawn units from them and only damage them w/o killing & you'll drain his money quickly. As for his CO, bait it with 5x5 diamond positioned Infantry.
19 Jul 2017
Well, it took an in-game month tricking him with infantry, shooting his planes, and bombing his ground forces, but I FINALLY did it legit! ...Only to reset and use the cheat anyway, I did NOT want a measly D rank!
2 May 2019
Um for some reason when I just started up the game it unlocked the Advance Campaign achievements for missions 7 to 22. Does anybody know how to fix this and have them not unlocked yet?
21 Nov 2019
I have the same problem
10 Jun 2020
Welp this game officially broke for me, it keeps unlocking the exact same achievements so I have to delete them and when I do beat the requirement the achievement doesn't pop
11 Jul 2021
where have my cheevos gone?
24 Jul 2021
No Achievements for AW... What is hapenning here?????????...Its one of my favorites GBA games ever :-(
25 Jul 2021
I've just noticed, you're right, Advance Wars 1 doesn't even appear in the of GBA games anymore.
30 Jul 2021
There's a known glitch that the set wasn't protected from. Very few people used it from what I understand, but apparently it was enough for them to pull the set.
14 Aug 2021
Are any programmers working on this? Its such a great game!
19 Aug 2021
This set will come back one day, but the process isn't easy at all, just one addendum to ToxicAntidote's comment above:
19 Aug 2021
i dont see the point of pulling the whole set because of a rarely / if ever used exploit.. just let us enjoy this great game with cheevos and update them when they're fixed. like how any software is developed.
13 Dec 2021
weird this doesn't have cheevos
13 Jan 2022
It really is the wrong choice to pull the set down for a year just for the fear of a few cheaters. Who cares so much about some people cheating in one game, that they take away the fun for EVERYONE else. This is not such a competitive environment where sportsmanship and integrity is necessary for everyone to have an enjoyable time, because this is no direct competitive environment to begin with. This is a place to challenge yourself and make your own moral decisions and most importantly wanna continue my playthrough and keep track of my S-Ranks, so pls return it. Thanks
15 Jan 2022
Let's hope there is a way to fix this i don't feel like continuing my advance wars 2 game without clearing this one XD

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