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Hack - Super Metroid




Author: JAM (8)
There are 8 achievements worth 25 (26) points.
  • Escape Ceres Station in 2 minutes without taking damage

    128 (123) of 128 – 100.00%

    96.09% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    100.00% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Evacuating already? Try to hold on a little bit longer

    119 (114) of 128 – 92.97%

    89.06% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    92.97% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Get the best torture item

    104 (100) of 128 – 81.25%

    78.12% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    81.25% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Accomplish the business left after professional escape

    104 (100) of 128 – 81.25%

    78.12% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    81.25% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Find any locked exit you can reach

    99 (95) of 128 – 77.34%

    74.22% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    77.34% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Escape planet Zebes

    101 (98) of 128 – 78.91%

    76.56% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    78.91% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Be faster!

    (5) (5)

    See the good ending or better

    84 (83) of 128 – 65.62%

    64.84% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    65.62% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • See the best ending

    69 (68) of 128 – 53.91%

    53.12% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    53.91% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode

Recent Players

Hotscrock Hotscrock

19 Nov 2023, 1:49am

Watching on area map/inventory

enemigodelbien enemigodelbien

12 Nov 2023, 6:44pm

Samus on Zebes Playing time:99.59

AuroraX AuroraX

05 Nov 2023, 4:16am

Samus on Zebes Playing time:31.28

Lardinou Lardinou

01 Nov 2023, 2:14pm

Samus killed the frames and saved the animals. Clear time:74.9

MaxMilyin MaxMilyin

26 Oct 2023, 4:55am

Playing ~Hack~ Super Metroid: Green Peace

Recent comments

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VectorPrime40 8 Jul 2022 16:59
Mastered! Oofa that speedrunner was a
MatheusBrazuca85 1 Jan 2023 15:29
Mastered, don't know if i'm too addicted to Metroid since i started playing randomizer or it's a freepoints hack.
ahstro 4 Feb 2023 16:06
Pro tip if you're going to try for "A speedrunner is you!": Do the part where you control Samus for just a split second, then restart the emulator. Copy the save to the other slots. This way you don't have to rewatch the intro text stuff over and over and over and oooooooover T-T
AuroraX 8 May 2023 08:55
01:05.10!! HOOLLLyyy moly that was hard...
AuroraX 22 Jun 2023 00:20
@leislonjose I didn't appreciate that. You should've just let me have my win in peace. Try harder pal.
leislonjose 29 Jun 2023 23:16
@AuroraX - Should I have asked for permission to break your record or something? What's that attitude? xD I didn't care or say anything when you took it from me in to begin with! Rank #1 is mine now. Break it again and I'll be back xD
AuroraX 2 Jul 2023 08:58
@leislonjose No. It was disrespectful tho. I put in a day to break it the first time. I don't like that time just going down the drain. I guess I'll just get a time you can't beat then. I don't feel like doing a silly back and forth. You don't have to be on top of nearly every metroid leader board. It's annoying to see.
AuroraX 3 Jul 2023 22:10
You're not gonna beat me leislon. Stop wasting your time.
leislonjose 4 Jul 2023 03:52
I don't think you understand what you're getting yourself into. You can't get rid of me. I will continue to "disrespect" you as many times as I want. And if it's so annoying to see me in #1 place everywhere, why don't you come here and stop me? What is keeping you from showing a time I can't beat, aside from acting like a loser? Answer with skills, not with whining. It's obvious only one of us is wasting their time. Try harder.
AuroraX 4 Jul 2023 06:31
@leislonjose I don't think YOU, understand what you've gotten yourself into. I'm going to push you like no one's pushed you before. You're not the only high level Metroid speedrunner on this website. I hope you know every movement exploit. You're gonna need it. And don't worry. I will. Especially after THAT.

A 1:01 isn't gonna be enough. You're gonna need to do better than that.
Luissi 6 Jul 2023 02:49
The first time I fight Leislon for 1st place, It felt like defeating Nemesis from RE3: Everytime I thought I won, he appeared out of nowhere xD I thought he was the running man from Zelda OoT in real life hahaha

But no need to be mad, he's a nice guy. He just take advantage of his high skills to break records for fun. I would do it too if I was good at Metroid hehehe

Anyway you had guts to challenge him, so congrats on that. You proved to be high skilled too breaking his record once again, but be sure he'll be back :D

I'll be watching this since I like a gaming competition =D Good luck for both players!
AuroraX 6 Jul 2023 02:50
I put everything I had into that 1:01.75. I nailed every possible ledge grab , and got good steam rng everywhere. I'm exhausted with this run.

If you beat it... you're not human.
AuroraX 6 Jul 2023 03:02
@Luissi I will say this is very interesting indeed. I thought this would be easy, but leislon is proving to be just as difficult to beat as a few speedrunning legends I've faced off against myself in SRC.

This latest round actually pushed me to a breaking point.

This scenario is basically akin to "An unstoppable force, meets and immovable object."
AuroraX 6 Jul 2023 16:24
After sleeping on my new time and waking up with new theories, I ran a few test on the game to check if it's actually humanly possible to do any better than what I did (Considering I did the run with literal perfect execution everywhere). So I checked external emulators and did some frame counts, and put my extensive knowledge of the games micro movement exploits to the test and finally came up with a number.

The limit for a human is 1:01.6x.

Every steam boost that pushes you forward saves .2x seconds, and I got all of them except for one at the first room which requires a 20.25 morphball turn around grab time, to line up the steam timers perfectly... on top of executing arm pumps that are higher than 12hz per second on over of risky terrain that can kill the run instantly. Those 2 things are never going to happen, making the 1:01.6x borderline impossible. If steam boost saves .2 , then a 1:01:5x should be possible right?

Wrong. A human after just executing a near frame perfect morphball grab then getting perfect lottery level luck after (bruh), AND perfectly executing the unbelievably precise ledge grabs at the end, is going to be shaking like crazy, and quite a few arm pumps are going to be dropped in the last stretch.

The fact that I got the time that I did is a miracle. It's pretty much a perfect run. The only way to beat it is to spend several days (or weeks) trying to win a lottery just to save .15 seconds.

I don't have the time to be doing that... I have a life and projects I have to work on.

With my time, I've proved that I can match @leislonjose in execution. I have nothing left to prove. We're evenly matched.

At this point it's not a matter of "try harder" ... it's now just a matter of "how much of a gambling addict are you?".

I'm happy with what I've accomplished. I literally cannot push this further.

I'm done.
AuroraX 6 Jul 2023 23:16
@leislonjose huh... well ain't that weird. I kept looking for strats to see if you found a faster strategy than me because you got that .73 so quickly (it seems in less than 3 hours), but I couldn't find one that was faster than what I do (and I know almost every SM trick possible). I even checked the possible moonfall after morph ball, and that wasn't faster either. I executed my run perfectly, it had no mistakes in it. So I'm left here scratching my head in confusion.

...It's very unlikely to get the time you got so quickly if you weren't arm pumping at 20hz+ all over the place to help aid for the .2+ you likely loose by not getting god level steam luck like I did. (not even Oatsngoats or zoast can armpump that fast). You got your .7x in only a few hours when it took me days to get that kind of luck.

Now I'm not outright accusing you of cheating... but... that's extremely sus. It should have taken you days or weeks to get what you got.
This is getting too weird for me now... Only ShinyZeni could do what you just did so quickly, cause he can do Zodin pumps.
leislonjose 7 Jul 2023 20:26
@AuroraX - Being mistaken by a cheater and compared to the most famous SM speedrunners ever is a huge compliment xD Thanks! But I’m not either of those things: I just kept playing until I beat your time. It did take me about 3 hours in real-time, but it’s ‘cause I fast-forwarded all the long cutscenes. Resetting the game, overwriting the save files, watching Samus’ ship land on Zebes, hearing the Morph Ball item fanfare, and watching the planet exploding for every single attempt would take a lot more time. Believe it or not, I also got a life outside of RA xD And considering the movie-recording times in Snes9x, that whole play session yesterday took 8h11m48s in-game.

As for the run, I gotta say it’s still far from my limit, and certainly much further away from the actual human limit. To show what I mean, here’s the video recording of my 1m01s73 run:

I started from a save file right after clearing the Ceres meme escape. The video only shows the important parts ‘cause my drive is running out of space xD Also, you can download the .avi file to watch it in better resolution. So, here’s a breakdown of the run:

1) On the Landing Site, The climb to Morph Ball can be improved by getting a lucky steam boost to push Samus forward, and also by doing better walljumps and ledge-grabs. My best time for the grab is 20s16 (reminder that Samus starts moving at around the 14s mark). I’d say I can save 0.2s on that split.

2) From Morph Ball to the 1st door, Samus bonked on steam two times, and both of them pushed her back a bit. I’ve gotten better steam luck on other runs, and on a few attempts, I was lucky enough to bonk only once, so this can definitely be improved. My best time for entering that door is 28s08, so I’m probably 0.5s behind on this run.
leislonjose 7 Jul 2023 20:26
3) In the Alcatraz segment, the invincibility frames helped avoid bonking on steam, but that’s not necessary for a bonkless room. I didn’t risk doing a mock-ball on the platform in this run, so I went with the normal jump strat. A lighter tap on the jump button would allow for a faster time, since Samus could spend more time running on land before jumping. Going down the Alcatraz bottleneck, I unmorphed a little bit too soon to open the door, so I lost a few frames there. My best time for entering the bottom door is 33s5X (I don’t remember the exact time), and I know I got a sub-34s in this run. It was overall a pretty good room, but it can still be improved.

4) In the Flyway room going right, I could have saved a few frames by doing a lower jump through the door. That way I could shoot the wall sooner, and turn-around to leave sooner. The shot to open the door going right was really good (thanks to a visual cue I use looking at the background), but going left, I could have shot the door sooner. Once again, I could have saved a few frames by doing a lower jump through the door to leave the Animals room, and also by running a bit more to jump with a higher speed. My best time for leaving the Animals room is 37s7X, and I got a sub-38s here.

4) In the Flyway room going left, I got a good spin-cancel near the door. Nothing else too interesting is happening there. My best time for that door is 40s8X, and I got it around 41s.

5) Back at Alcatraz, I got pretty good ledge grabs to escape the room, and the stutter near the door was also good. However, when leaving the morph tunnel, it’s possible to unmorph and get hit by steam at the same time, gaining I-frames without triggering the knockback animation. That allows for running through the door while invincible, avoiding some nasty steam placement. I didn’t get that trick in my run, so it can be improved too. My best time through that door is 46s8X.
leislonjose 7 Jul 2023 20:27
6) Back at the Landing Site (last room of the run), I got an awful bonk leaving the door, losing quite a bit of time. And on the way to the ship, I arm-pumped on the downwards slope, which is also pretty terrible. Samus went airborne, and lost all the speed when touching the ground. At least I didn’t bonk after that, but I don’t know if losing speed increases the chances of avoiding the steam section at the end. The jump to the ship was good, and I entered it just over the 51s mark. The ship flying away cutscene takes almost 11s, so my final time was 1m01s73.

As you can see, there’s tons of possible improvements here, both on RNG and execution. After 3 hours of non-stop playing, my arm was getting tired of mashing L and R xD So even more frames can be saved with quicker mashing. I believe it’s perfectly possible to go beyond 1m01s4X.

To end this giant comment, I hope this makes you reconsider your attitude over this, and perhaps become a bit more humble. Sentences like “My extensive knowledge of the games micro movement exploits”, “I executed my run perfectly”, “I know almost every SM trick possible”, and “We're evenly matched” are incredibly arrogant, even if they were true. Breaking your time doesn’t mean that I’m inhuman, or that I’m comparable to top runners, or that I won the lottery. I’m not a gambling addict - I’m a Metroid addict! I don’t have to be in #1 place, but that doesn’t mean I’ll silently walk away whenever an obstacle appears. Heck, maintaining #1 place in a leaderboard wouldn’t mean a thing if all the other competitors decided to give up. I’ll keep checking the leaderboard in case anyone beats my time - Not to be or feel superior, but for fun! There’s always room to learn new things, to make new mistakes and improve every day.

@Luissi - Thanks for the nice comment xD I hope you enjoyed watching this silly back-and-forth xD
AuroraX 7 Jul 2023 23:20
...OOOHHH... *facepalm* ...dude how did I miss that..

Okay @leislonjose while I didn't record my actual 1:01.75, Here's a mock-up of it i did on bizhawk. The only difference is that on my actual run I got 2 forward steam boosts. Everything else was done basically exactly the same. That's pretty much what it looked like.

As you can see, my route back to the ship is completely different from what you do. Playing both at the same time, it seems like your strat is .1 seconds faster, but I don't arm pump on the platform because im too nervous and i don't wanna mess up the ledge grabs. Even so, your strat is still faster. The biggest separation comes after that, when exiting the morph tunnel and shooting the door. What you do is significantly faster than what I do, which is jump and shoot the door. I basically copied what I've seen high level runners do to open some doors during runs, but this small movement optimization isn't really well examined or understood except for maybe TASers.
Your door shot strat is roughly .2 seconds faster.

THIS... is where the discrepancy was. You can see that my examination was spot on, down to the milliseconds, without ever having too look at your run. Not to come off as anymore arrogant than I already have, but that should show that yes... I am that good and I do know what I'm talking about.

I'll go ahead and break down a few more points you've made that caught my eye:

1) 90% of my runs die here. I HATE the wall jumps so much. They're so tight, and my controller drops L R presses sometimes TwT . My best ball time is a 20.23.
AuroraX 8 Jul 2023 00:02
*sigh* my long ass comment didn't go through... I'm not gonna write it all over again. I'll just summarize it...

3) Mockball is slower.

4) I hate this room. I use intuition. Going lower is slower. You want to be in the middle of the door entering and exiting. You lost .1+ in animal room.

5) I knew of the i frame with knockback. Never encountered it in my tests, prob cause what I do is slower. I just copied what I saw runners do in the past (which is jump and shoot doors)

6) Jumping into the ship is slower than Landing and arm ping into the ship (but only by a few frames) I don't arm pump because I'm too nervous, so I loose time here.

I will say this latest string of comments has made me humanize you.

The reason I'm so arrogant is because it makes me play better. It's also because I actually am knowledgeable as I claim to be. I've been with the SM speedrunning scene since 2014. I also have held WRs in Nestroid, and my greatest rival there is CScottyW (he's forced me to becaome good at stat hunting to keep up). I do have pride in the efforts I've put into speedrunning. It's not because I wanna be a prick it's because it's genuine emotion from me. I take everything to the extreme.

I appreciate you sharing the video.

And also I did start from a save file and fast forward. But it seems mine is way slower because I use BSNES which has a slower fast forward. Your 3 hours of attempts for me would be like 4 or 5. lmao.

I'm happy with what I was able to accomplish. We're basically tied despite me doing a slower route. I might return to this if ever I have freetime, but I really do need to go back to my stuffs.

I guess the real human limit is 1:01.3x. I wonder if a 1:00 is possible...

*shrug* Anyway, yeah... that's it.