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DEcapAttack (Mega Drive)

Developer:Vic Tokai
First released:December 15, 1990
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 8 achievements worth 80 (95) points.
Authors: (7), (1).

A Good Head on the Shoulders
won by 277 (225) of 542 (51.11%)
Complete all 3 sections Level 7 - Eyeland without using a Continue.
A Leg Up
won by 249 (209) of 542 (45.94%)
Complete all 3 sections in Level 3 - Tibuland without using a Continue.
Both Feet on the Ground
won by 206 (169) of 542 (38.01%)
Complete all 3 sections in Level 6 - Last Leg Land without using a Continue.
Finding Your Center
won by 358 (297) of 542 (66.05%)
Complete all 3 sections in Level 1 - Abdomainland without using a Continue.
No Longer Heartless
won by 210 (172) of 542 (38.75%)
Complete all 3 sections in Level 5 - Pumpington without using a Continue.
On the Other Hand
won by 233 (194) of 542 (42.99%)
Complete all 3 sections in Level 4 - Armington without using a Continue.
Out on a Limb
won by 282 (239) of 542 (52.03%)
Complete all 3 sections in Level 2 - El Beau Island without using a Continue.
Regaining Your Humanity
won by 198 (167) of 542 (36.53%)
Complete every level and finish the game.
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Recent comment(s):
24 Aug 20:17 2015
to Easy !
17 Oct 22:45 2015
Weird... I got the "Undead Savior" when I done the round 1-3. It needs to be fixed.
7 Jan 13:36 2016
I Believe I Can Fly didnt unlock for me, all the others did no problem
16 Oct 20:54 2017
yes undead savior unlocked out of place for me too
29 Nov 12:01 2017
timo game, muito bom pra passar as horas
5 Jan 20:43 2018
Undead Savior -> 1-3
10 Apr 2:27 2018
The undead savior achivement unlocked tome too on 1-3
5 May 21:43 2018
bom jogo para achivement
23 Oct 21:35 2018
Jogo divertido, nao e dificil platinar e nao e necessario derrotar o ultimo chefe que e apelao dica na barra vermelha que fica balancando pule bem alto nela fique pulando para cima na parte amarela nao fique para os lados e sim pra cima recupera vida
9 Feb 2:20 2019
Bem, eu no sei como esta agora, mas quando joguei o set todo estava muito mal trabalhado.. em outras palavras, nem chegar na ultima stage do jogo voc precisa para platina-lo.
25 Jun 4:28 2019
Cool game
29 Oct 11:21 2019
Unlike the Magic Hat, this one is so much better. This is the first time I think I'd go with a hack rather than an original game. The music in this version kicks all sorts of asses!
12 Nov 21:06 2019
I revised this set. Let me know if there's a problem. For the individual level achievements, you can use the Round Select feature, but you must clear all 3 rounds of a level before losing all your lives, which are carried over between rounds.
12 Nov 21:06 2019
Round Select: Go to Options and move the cursor to Exit. Now press right, left, left, right, right, right, left, left, A. The Round Select option will appear. Set it to ON, and when you begin a game, you will be taken to the Round Select menu.
13 Nov 10:23 2019
One final note: I forgot to mention that the 3 rounds must be completed back to back if you use the Round Select. If you enter any other level, then you will need to start over.
29 Dec 0:36 2019
Worst icon in the entire site!someone should have prevented @TheEmpress from making that poor suggestion. :sweat:

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