Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
Genre2D Platforming
ReleasedNovember 21, 1995
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


There are 80 achievements worth 830 (3706) points.
Authors: GalacticSpear (37), Brian (21), Dissection (14), Tiago17 (8)

Find your first DK Coin
11266 (6024) of 12145
(92.76%) players
Find your first Kremkoin
11778 (6195) of 12145
(96.98%) players
Find all KONG letters in any stage
11018 (5927) of 12145
(90.72%) players
Defeat Krow and Reach World 2 - Crocodile Cauldron
6970 (4254) of 12145
(57.39%) players
Defeat Kleever and Reach World 3 - Krem Quay
4982 (3153) of 12145
(41.02%) players
Defeat Kudgel and Reach World 4 - Krazy Kremland
3868 (2491) of 12145
(31.85%) players
Defeat King Zing and Reach World 5 - Gloomy Gulch
3190 (2109) of 12145
(26.27%) players
Defeat Kreepy Krow and Reach World 6 - K. Rool's Keep
2866 (1913) of 12145
(23.60%) players
Reach World 7 - The Flying Krock
2616 (1762) of 12145
(21.54%) players
Defeat Kaptain K. Rool
2394 (1627) of 12145
(19.71%) players
Pay Klubba and Discover The Lost World
3430 (2341) of 12145
(28.24%) players
Finish this silly game properly
1617 (1256) of 12145
(13.31%) players
Receive all of Wrinkly's tips from all of her locations
1426 (1229) of 12145
(11.74%) players
Receive all of Cranky's tips from all of his locations
1421 (1223) of 12145
(11.70%) players
Answer all of Swanky's questions correctly at all of his locations
1547 (1288) of 12145
(12.74%) players
Hire a plane from all of Funky's locations
1628 (1354) of 12145
(13.40%) players
Collect all DK Coins and Kremkoins in Gangplank Galleon
3270 (2463) of 12145
(26.92%) players
Collect all DK Coins and Kremkoins in Crocodile Cauldron
2360 (1848) of 12145
(19.43%) players
Collect all DK Coins and Kremkoins in Krem Quay
2055 (1633) of 12145
(16.92%) players
Collect all DK Coins and Kremkoins in Krazy Kremland
1918 (1528) of 12145
(15.79%) players
Collect all DK Coins and Kremkoins in Gloomy Gulch
1805 (1443) of 12145
(14.86%) players
Collect all DK Coins and Kremkoins in K. Rool's Keep
1712 (1372) of 12145
(14.10%) players
Collect the DK Coin and Kremkoin in The Flying Krock
1819 (1393) of 12145
(14.98%) players
Collect all DK Coins in The Lost World
1591 (1265) of 12145
(13.10%) players
Reach 50% game progress
3984 (2281) of 12145
(32.80%) players
Reach 100% game progress
1693 (1301) of 12145
(13.94%) players
Reach 102% game progress
1553 (1254) of 12145
(12.79%) players
Reach 10% game progress in Hard Mode
551 (501) of 12145
(4.54%) players
Reach 25% game progress in Hard Mode
505 (459) of 12145
(4.16%) players
Reach 50% game progress in Hard Mode
455 (415) of 12145
(3.75%) players
Reach 75% game progress in Hard Mode
427 (390) of 12145
(3.52%) players
Reach 102% game progress in Hard Mode
393 (357) of 12145
(3.24%) players
Collect all K O N G letters in all Stages of Gangplank Galleon in one session
1403 (1158) of 12145
(11.55%) players
Collect all K O N G letters in all Stages of Crocodile Cauldron in one session
1112 (954) of 12145
(9.16%) players
Collect all K O N G letters in all Stages of Krem Quay in one session
914 (813) of 12145
(7.53%) players
Collect all K O N G letters in all Stages of Krazy Kremland in one session
873 (764) of 12145
(7.19%) players
Collect all K O N G letters in all Stages of Gloomy Gulch in one session
865 (740) of 12145
(7.12%) players
Collect all K O N G letters in all Stages of K. Rool's Keep in one session
757 (671) of 12145
(6.23%) players
Collect all K O N G letters in all Stages of The Flying Krock in one session
809 (694) of 12145
(6.66%) players
Collect all K O N G letters in all Stages of The Lost World in one session
695 (612) of 12145
(5.72%) players
Get 75 Kremkoins in Pirate Panic
794 (641) of 12145
(6.54%) players
Find all warps in Gangplank Galleon in one session
651 (578) of 12145
(5.36%) players
Find all warps in Crocodile Cauldron in one Session
607 (549) of 12145
(5.00%) players
Get at least 6 lives with the help of the same Kloak in Barrel Bayou
522 (472) of 12145
(4.30%) players
Take the letter K by the secret path in Parrot Chute Panic
635 (531) of 12145
(5.23%) players
Yep! Even Stronghold Showdown has secrets!
513 (457) of 12145
(4.22%) players
Find 3 Banana Coins in the Brambles section of Animal Antics
405 (364) of 12145
(3.33%) players
Wait for long enough in The End screen and listen to one last tip
673 (516) of 12145
(5.54%) players
Defeat Krow without taking damage
5438 (3573) of 12145
(44.78%) players
Defeat Kleever without taking damage
3659 (2628) of 12145
(30.13%) players
Defeat Kudgel without taking damage
2847 (2091) of 12145
(23.44%) players
Defeat King Zing without taking damage
2171 (1702) of 12145
(17.88%) players
Defeat Kreepy Krow without taking damage
1955 (1521) of 12145
(16.10%) players
Defeat Kaptain K. Rool without taking damage
1396 (1133) of 12145
(11.49%) players
Defeat Kaptain K. Rool at Krocodile Kore without taking damage
1457 (1159) of 12145
(12.00%) players
Finish Pirate Panic holding right the entire time using only Diddy (No Checkpoint)
726 (639) of 12145
(5.98%) players
Defeat all the Klingers with a single throw in the second bonus of Mainbrace Mayhem
620 (519) of 12145
(5.10%) players
After getting the warp in Topsail Trouble, do in the following order (B.Ballon, Bonus2, Ban.Coin, N, 2 Ban.Coins, O, Bonus1, K, G) (No Checkpoint)
485 (443) of 12145
(3.99%) players
Finish Hot-Head Hop collecting only 1 banana or less (No checkpoint, No Warp)
531 (480) of 12145
(4.37%) players
Get the Goal Post's Balloon in Kannon's Klaim
621 (510) of 12145
(5.11%) players
Finish Lava Lagoon without jumping on Clapper more than 4 times (No Checkpoint, No Warp)
553 (496) of 12145
(4.55%) players
Finish Krockhead Klamber without hurting any enemy (No Checkpoint, No Team Up)
464 (417) of 12145
(3.82%) players
Finish Rattle Battle collecting only 9 bananas or less (The invisible banana bunch doesn't count, no checkpoint)
500 (449) of 12145
(4.12%) players
Finish Bramble Blast under 2 minutes and 30 seconds (No Checkpoint, Timer pauses when the game is paused)
480 (428) of 12145
(3.95%) players
In Target Terror, collect at least 100 bananas without getting hit by any wall during the race (No Checkpoint)
617 (513) of 12145
(5.08%) players
Finish Bramble Scramble without taking damage (No checkpoint)
547 (435) of 12145
(4.50%) players
Smash ALL runners while collecting all KONG letters and finish with 1st place in Rickety Race
613 (514) of 12145
(5.05%) players
Climb the Ghost Ropes and enter the bonus barrel using only Diddy in Ghostly Grove
813 (630) of 12145
(6.69%) players
Finish Haunted Hall without destroying any minus barrel and without entering any bonus (No Checkpoint)
490 (431) of 12145
(4.03%) players
Finish the entire Parrot Chute Panic without being carried by Quawks for more than 2 seconds (Checkpoint OK)
490 (439) of 12145
(4.03%) players
Enter the first bonus in Castle Crush without transforming into Rambi (Impossible in Hard Mode)
425 (391) of 12145
(3.50%) players
Defeat 10 Zingers in Chain Link Chamber while you are invincible using only Dixie
431 (389) of 12145
(3.55%) players
In the bonus stage of Screech's Sprint, finish it using only Diddy (No team-up)
446 (395) of 12145
(3.67%) players
Collect 5 Banana Coins and 4 Banana Bunches during the race, and then finish Screech's Sprint (Must have less than 99 Banana Coins)
401 (369) of 12145
(3.30%) players
After Kaptain K. Rool's 2nd phase, beat his 3rd phase being affected by all three of his poisons and without taking damage [K. Rool Duel]
422 (370) of 12145
(3.47%) players
Finish Jungle Jinx without hurting enemies in ANY way using only Diddy (No checkpoint, no team-up)
419 (374) of 12145
(3.45%) players
Collect all 198 bananas in Fiery's Furnace (Start the Level with 0 bananas, No Checkpoint, Goal's Bananas doesn't counts)
374 (338) of 12145
(3.08%) players
Finish the Brambles section in Animal Antics without taking damage
498 (411) of 12145
(4.10%) players
Defeat Kaptain K. Rool in Krocodile Kore being affected by the first purple poisons he shoots during the entire fight
414 (367) of 12145
(3.41%) players
Complete the game in under 1 Hour and 20 Minutes [Saves are Allowed]
793 (726) of 12145
(6.53%) players
Recent Players:
ratoncitox42023-01-30 22:13:30K.Rools Keep, 76% Complete, โŒš2h34:13.05
RapidNutcracker2023-01-30 22:12:59, 45% Complete, โŒš2h15:56.48
OSITOBAPTIZER2023-01-30 21:57:58Playing Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
RotaryTripod7732023-01-30 21:38:52Gangplank Galleon, 29% Complete, โŒš2h35:49.95
Juninho002023-01-30 21:16:26Lost World, 102% Complete, โŒš12h39:45.16
DrSchlotze2023-01-30 21:10:22Playing Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Fawkes2023-01-30 21:02:20Krazy Kremland, 39% Complete, โŒš2h25:29.70
toxik2023-01-30 20:46:09Crocodile Cauldron, 16% Complete, โŒš35:52.90
tiagoike2023-01-30 20:42:16Gloomy Gulch, 65% Complete, โŒš5h48:16.33
rich13462023-01-30 20:40:32Lost World, 89% Complete, โŒš11h04:43.48
Recent comments: (All 145)
RetroSprites 26 Oct 2022 02:46
Mastered, this game is incredible wherever you look at it, what hasn't been said about its music? How good is it as a sequel to a game that is already legendary? Or his gameplay that is so good? Of his imaginative aggregates? Simply a masterpiece of the platform genre, reaching the iconic level of games of the same genre, such as Super Mario Bros 3/World or Sonic 2/CD
Maicolos 10 Nov 2022 20:16
Platinado? Masterado? Como fala aqui? kkkkk
Foi legal pegar as conquistas desse jogo, me ajudou a saber de segredos que eu não sabia.
JHONZIN444 16 Nov 2022 01:24
irmão, já tô perdendo minha sanidade mental tentando platinar dkc2 cara, tô a 15 horas jogando!!! fico louco, mas eu vou platinar.
RetroSprites 16 Nov 2022 04:17
Boa sorte.
markdarkness 25 Dec 2022 06:25
Why does this core set have so many achievements that are pretty much the definition of a bonus set?
markdarkness 25 Dec 2022 06:26
This is particularly noticeable compared to the other two DK games.
Digifiend 31 Dec 2022 16:46
Yeah, the achievements after the Kore Kaptain K Rool one really should be in a bonus set.
GalacticSpear 4 Jan 2023 01:43
Interesting that everyone who played the set actually enjoyed it a and the ones who didn't even load the rom says that they are bonus matterial, take a look at the actual bonus set for this game to see the difference from how crazy it is compared to core
GalacticSpear 4 Jan 2023 01:52
My intention with this set was to make a wide variety of fun and unique achievements without being frustrating, nothing here was done to make the player hate the game for life, but to add even more to his experience in this amazing game
DryIce53 4 Jan 2023 01:54
ask for deployer make funny ideas xd
coveredingas 4 Jan 2023 01:55
I think that's exactly what you did - and I don't know what they're on about considering games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 have achievements for playing whole zone without pressing left or collecting rings. There's nothing beyond that sort of challenge in this set.
markdarkness 4 Jan 2023 05:28
@GalacticSpear, that's possibly not the best assumption to make. I've cleared DKC2 some 15 or 20 times... sometimes on Hard mode. I know the game well enough. I'm just not looking forward to starting a playthtough with objectives that are so much more difficult than what I consider to be fit for an advanced level of gameplay for this game.

Put into other words, the difference between people getting "Donkey Kong Is Back" and something like "The Final FINAL Fight" is quite significant.
coveredingas 4 Jan 2023 05:37
I don't see it. Yes, completing this set is a challenge - but if you're up for completing the game, everything is absolutely doable with some practice.

There are games on here - I'm thinking of several entries in the Mega Man franchise - where you have to go through entire boss rushes without taking damage to complete the set. Those achievements are far more ridiculous than anything in this set.

I freaking love DKC2 and I wouldn't change a thing about this set as it is now. To me, it hits that sweet spot of being a legitimate challenge and making me play the game in ways I never would (or didn't know I could) otherwise.

Something that's closer to the current DKC3 set would be fun but dull. I like that this set is creative - and I don't like it when the mastery badge is easy to get. I really wanna see more sets that are like this. There's nothing in here that requires glitches to get. It rewards research and deep knowledge of the game. I came away appreciating DKC2 more than when I started, and that's the whole reason I signed up for this site.
GalacticSpear 4 Jan 2023 12:55
@markdarkness Again, you didn't play the set, doesn't matter how many times you have beaten the game, if you really played the game 15 times you would get all the achievements in a very minimal ammount of attempts, and the comparsion of "Donkey Kong is Back" and "The Final FINAL Battle" doesn't make sense, one is for beating the normal final boss and another is for beating the true final boss, it would make more sense to compare the later achievement with "Something's Fishy", but even still, one achievement launched in 2013 and another launched in 2021, which is a very big difference, and to consider that the lowest unlocked achievement in the set (Don't Forget the Banana Bunches at the VERY Start!), still has 328 hardcore unlocks even though the revision was released not too long ago and still nobody complained that the achievement or not any other specific achievement, actually was too difficult to core, this is more than enough proof that nothing from here is "much more difficult than advanced level" and should not be moved to the bonus set
PrimalGiratina 4 Jan 2023 13:06
As someone who actually played both the Main Set and the Bonus Set, I agree with everything GalacticSpear said, the achievements here are cool challenges that explored the game's full potential but are not impossible, comparing the achievements here to something like the achievement of clearing the wind section of Animal Antics using the spider from the Bonus Set is ridiculous. The people saying this have no idea what Bonus Sets are, they are places for SUPER HARD challenges only. And, like GalacticSpear said, the people who actually played the Set (myself included) enjoyed the challenges, the Set was bland before the revision.
MatheusBrazuca85 4 Jan 2023 13:33
@markdarkness If you want to talk about Bonus Set go in the Donkey Kong 64 page and see those core achievements where you need pratically to glitch the game to get them, intankable the RAzil.
GrayCloudSpectator 4 Jan 2023 16:22
This set and the revision of the first DKC are some of the best sets I played on this very website and I consider them like the SMW set to be the gold standard of what type of challenges a core set should include, since it's my belief that a core set should always strive for creating new experiences for a game beyond 100%ing it as long as it doesn't involve glitches or frame-perfect inputs while still being a challenge that can be mastered with practice and the study/observation of how a particular game works.
coveredingas 4 Jan 2023 20:24
I completely agree, @GrayCloudSpectator. This set is one of the reasons I signed up for RetroAchievements. I hate achievement systems in most modern games because they're boring and the majority of platinums are either handed to you or require ridiculous amounts of grinding - I don't care about achievements in them because they add nothing.

This absolutely did. And frankly, I'm staggered by anyone who thinks that beating the game at 102% - which is what you'd have to do to get "The Final FINAL Battle" - is unreasonable to ask of the player, or that anything here is truly beyond the pale for someone who is already capable of completing the game by the game's own standards.

If there's ANYTHING I would do with this set, I might remove the achievement that requires you to start with 0 bananas and collect every banana in the level. (Or close enough to it I don't recall there being a difference.) I found that a little tedious - but it took nothing away from the overall experience because you can save in every world and restarting from your last save makes retrying it FAR less tedious than some of the other achievements I've gone for. The best I've got as someone who thoroughly enjoyed this set is nitpicks.

@markdarkness following your suggestions seems like it would lead to much less interesting sets and would make me care about retroachievements as much as I do about most modern achievements - which is not at all. This was satisfying to pull off but well within reach of someone who has mastered the game in the conventional sense. That's what a good core set of achievements should be.

You want an example of a ridiculously difficult set that should be a subset - look at the hard mode achievements for Dynamite Headdy, or the bonus game achievements for Darkwing Duck on the NES.

Of all the sets to criticize - why this one? Why one of the most masterfully put together sets on the site? This should be the gold standard - not something further revised.
markdarkness 4 Jan 2023 20:27
It's a question of who is it for, though, isn't it... as a general observation of how RA has taken shape, the most complex sets here are exactly those made for the most popular games; this has unintentionally been pointed out in previous replies (as examples of why this set is balanced in comparison).

Those popular games are likely to be the ones from which new players will start from. In thinking of how to make retro games reach people who have never experienced them, this is a bad strategy.

In my mind, core sets should be so that people can find the magic of retro with the fun modern twist of achievements, while bonus sets are for the people who have sharpened their skills over decades of retro gaming.

It's just my opinion, though. :) It's definitely why I didn't join the platform until last year even though I low-key followed it since 2017. Everything was just so hardcore that it didn't make sense even for me.
coveredingas 4 Jan 2023 20:51
I would be surprised if new players even came across Retro Achievements much less started with an interest in them.

If they did - there's no shame in softcore mode. Play however you like; in whatever way offers you enjoyment. Life is too short to get my knickers twisted over someone enjoying a game differently than I would.

Retro games themselves aren't for everyone. Part of the magic is they demanded that we meet them on their terms, and they didn't care if you couldn't overcome the challenges they threw at you. It was overcoming those challenges that have made a lot of them stick in our heads even decades after we first encountered them.

There's certainly a case for achievements that are TOO hardcore in core sets even for people who want to meet the game on its terms - but I think that's the yardstick: The game's terms.

There is absolutely nothing in this set that goes above and beyond what the game itself asks of the player. If anything, there's just some things I would never do if there weren't an achievement for it - but those things gave me a deeper appreciation for the game, and I think that's what a good set does.

The experience would be lacking if it were made easier to get the Mastery badge. If the badge is all someone cares about - the Completed badge can be gotten with any of the tools someone wants to use and completely trivializes anything in this set.

The subset would be hard to pull off even WITH save states. That's the difference.

Given that the ones most likely to be interested in something like this are likely deeply familiar with these games, it would be strange to craft sets entirely around newcomers who don't want to be challenged, or people who want to play the game exactly the same way they always have for the 100th time.

Some sets get it more right than others - I really don't see the criticisms for this one. Like I've said, I think this and DKC1 should be the gold standard for other sets to be compared to.


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Arrepiu Arrepiu35:33.41
Complete the game as fast as you can with 102% of the game done. Ends after K. Rool in Lost World.
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