Batman: The Video Game (Mega Drive)

Batman: The Video Game (Mega Drive)
ReleasedJuly 19, 1990
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There are 17 achievements worth 245 (660) points.
Authors: Batman (14), retrorampageryan (2), Scott (1)

A Wealth Of Health
Obtain A Full Health Bar
2075 (941) of 2126
(97.60%) players
Grappling Hook
Use the Grappling Hook for the first time
1177 (650) of 2126
(55.36%) players
Bruce Wayne Award
Earn 30000 points
882 (489) of 2126
(41.49%) players
Vicki Vale Award
Earn 100000 points
452 (241) of 2126
(21.26%) players
Joker Award
Earn 250000 points
295 (152) of 2126
(13.88%) players
I'm Batman
Earn 400000 points
263 (136) of 2126
(12.37%) players
Chemical Warfare
Complete the Gotham City Streets, opening the way to the Axis Chemical Factory
1766 (858) of 2126
(83.07%) players
To Flugelheim
COmplete the Axis Chemical Factory to open the way to the Flugelheim Museum
671 (387) of 2126
(31.56%) players
To The Streets
Complete the Flugelheim Museum so you can ride the Batmobile in the Gotham City Streets
535 (306) of 2126
(25.16%) players
In The Sky
Complete the Gotham City Streets in the Batmobile and then take to The Sky Over Gotham City
402 (235) of 2126
(18.91%) players
Gotham Cathedral
Complete your battle In the Sky Over Gotham City and enter Gotham Cathedral
401 (233) of 2126
(18.86%) players
Survive the Gotham Cathedral and prepare to battle The Joker
333 (193) of 2126
(15.66%) players
The Kickboxer
Defeat The Kickboxer without taking any damage
552 (320) of 2126
(25.96%) players
Bob The Goon
Defeat Bob The Goon without taking any damage
353 (216) of 2126
(16.60%) players
Sword Fighter
Defeat Sword Fighter without taking any damage
221 (132) of 2126
(10.40%) players
Save Gotham
Defeat 'The Joker'
313 (183) of 2126
(14.72%) players
Savior of Gotham
Defeat 'The Joker' on Hard Mode
201 (135) of 2126
(9.45%) players
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Recent comment(s):
brigand 21 Jan 2019 08:00
Can I say just how terrible it is to have a no-hit boss achievement on a game with hitboxes as bad as this one? It isn't fun to have to play 10-15 minutes for one shot at it.
SuperCarloConti 7 Aug 2020 11:24
I agree. Games without saves should not have them
Webodan 1 Oct 2020 14:49
Or at least make it so you can retry on the next life or continue. What a pain.
GuitarHeroMike 15 Mar 2022 10:50
All these achievements were easy to get, great game
TheMysticalOne 26 Mar 2022 23:44
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