Batman: The Video Game (Mega Drive)

Batman: The Video Game (Mega Drive)
ReleasedJuly 19, 1990
Title Screenhot
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There are 17 achievements worth 245 (669) points.
Authors: Batman (15), retrorampageryan (2)

Obtain A Full Health Bar
2319 (1047) of 2374
(97.68%) players
Use the Grappling Hook for the first time
1285 (706) of 2374
(54.13%) players
Earn 30000 points
962 (535) of 2374
(40.52%) players
Earn 100000 points
497 (264) of 2374
(20.94%) players
Earn 250000 points
320 (163) of 2374
(13.48%) players
Earn 400000 points
287 (147) of 2374
(12.09%) players
Complete the Gotham City Streets, opening the way to the Axis Chemical Factory
1964 (947) of 2374
(82.73%) players
COmplete the Axis Chemical Factory to open the way to the Flugelheim Museum
738 (421) of 2374
(31.09%) players
Complete the Flugelheim Museum so you can ride the Batmobile in the Gotham City Streets
581 (329) of 2374
(24.47%) players
Complete the Gotham City Streets in the Batmobile and then take to The Sky Over Gotham City
440 (250) of 2374
(18.53%) players
Complete your battle In the Sky Over Gotham City and enter Gotham Cathedral
437 (248) of 2374
(18.41%) players
Survive the Gotham Cathedral and prepare to battle The Joker
365 (208) of 2374
(15.37%) players
Defeat The Kickboxer without taking any damage
774 (422) of 2374
(32.60%) players
Defeat Bob The Goon without taking any damage
400 (239) of 2374
(16.85%) players
Defeat Sword Fighter without taking any damage
259 (147) of 2374
(10.91%) players
Defeat 'The Joker'
344 (198) of 2374
(14.49%) players
Defeat 'The Joker' on Hard Mode
221 (147) of 2374
(9.31%) players
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ZloZitz2023-02-03 21:21:42Batman is | Score: 034700, Batmen Remaining: 0
Sixtol2023-01-24 02:41:40Playing Batman: The Video Game
langy19872023-01-01 12:48:20Batman is Patrolling the Gotham Streets | Score: 000900, Batmen Remaining: 2
Akirazazel2022-12-31 10:37:47Batman is | Score: 000000, Batmen Remaining: 2
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brigand 21 Jan 2019 08:00
Can I say just how terrible it is to have a no-hit boss achievement on a game with hitboxes as bad as this one? It isn't fun to have to play 10-15 minutes for one shot at it.
SuperCarloConti 7 Aug 2020 11:24
I agree. Games without saves should not have them
Webodan 1 Oct 2020 14:49
Or at least make it so you can retry on the next life or continue. What a pain.
GuitarHeroMike 15 Mar 2022 10:50
All these achievements were easy to get, great game
TheMysticalOne 26 Mar 2022 23:44
Added Leaderboards
DryIce53 17 Nov 2022 03:24
punny mastered: a yellow light,if you want I'm Batman (25) and Savior of Gotham (50) goes triggered the same time,the first chevos I'm Batman doesnt triggered until you defeat joker. awcs out.
TheMysticalOne 23 Nov 2022 00:24
Added Rich Presence
SlyKornell 29 Jan 2023 01:22
Even though there are tactics to be found against every boss in this game, going through undamaged is just a bad choice to achieve. Might be worth changing them to get past the boss without spending a continium per game or something like that.
Everything else is fairly balanced.

Thank you that there is no nonsense like "pass boss without baterangs" and all that.

By the way, I got a trophy for a swordsman just like that, but then I had to earn it at the end of the game (boss rush section).

Good game. Look forward to complete it on 100%.

Привет, ребята! Сет довольно простой (насколько можно судить по ретроиграм и здешним манерам подбора трофеев для них), так что за пару-тройку грамотных подходов можно все закрыть. В опциях можно поставить побольше жизней, и не забывайте про двойной прыжок, которым можно пользоваться по-итальянски!


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Achieve as many points as possible.
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Achieve as many points as possible.
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Beat the game on Normal as quickly as possible.
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