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Zero Tolerance (Mega Drive)

Genre:First-person Shooter
First released:1994
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 11 achievements worth 128 (630) points.
Authors: Stronghammer22 (7), Scott (4).

Weapon Upgrade
won by 699 (343) of 707 (98.87%)
Find and Equip a Shotgun
won by 530 (291) of 707 (74.96%)
Kill your first 10 enemies
won by 302 (183) of 707 (42.72%)
Empty an entire floor of enemies
Dock Of The Bay
won by 401 (234) of 707 (56.72%)
Complete Docking Bay Level 1
Space Station Savior
won by 74 (59) of 707 (10.47%)
Kill the first boss
High Rise Hero
won by 55 (43) of 707 (7.78%)
Kill the second boss
Handgun Master
won by 64 (58) of 707 (9.05%)
On the 1st floor with Maj Wolf - kill all enemies without switching weapon
Zero Tolerance
won by 51 (42) of 707 (7.21%)
Kill the final boss
won by 69 (63) of 707 (9.76%)
Reach the second floor without killing any enemies
won by 57 (47) of 707 (8.06%)
Wipe out all enemies on the 1st floor without losing any life using Cap. Ishii
King Hit
won by 49 (45) of 707 (6.93%)
Punch the Space Station boss
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Recent comment(s):
28 Mar 2017
Also, I will update the pictures for the new achievements once the servers are working properly.
28 Mar 2017
Thanks man
28 Mar 2017
Awesome thank you!
28 Mar 2017
Awesome, thanks for updating!
8 Apr 2017
The Achievements to complete the game have erros I beat the game with two characters and none of them popped out
8 Apr 2017
Sorry now worked and don't if some kind of error on the emulator or the achievement itself but I have the password to the last stage and I tried more times till the cheevo pop
14 Apr 2017
WTF achievements score o_O
27 Oct 2017
So it says no passwords but he used a password. Kind of long without
25 Nov 2017
Also, King Hit achievement is opened before i punched the boss.
25 Nov 2017
A Marksman's Ability and Zero Tolerance achievements are opened, while i was still on Reactor level.
11 May 2020
Why some achievements were removed? I was unable to get this game mastered :(
13 May 2020
Obtained the achievement for killing the final boss as soon as I entered the level with the first boss in it.
29 Apr 2021
Mastered but this isn't an easy game. Beat the final boss on Genesis Plus EX but the 'Zero Tolerance' cheevo didn't trigger. Yes I used the password to start on Sub-basement using PicoDrive emulator and the final boss cheevo triggered.
29 Apr 2021
when I beat him. Apparently the cheevos are not password protected or something like that. Wonder if that was intended.
29 Apr 2021
I think it shouldn't be. This is a long game and I wouldn't wan't to complete it in a single run. I quit, get the password and then go on. Someone will get passwords online, but that's their problem, they will ruin the fun for themselves.
29 Apr 2021
^i think you're right there
29 Apr 2021
Ive always thought this game needs a serious revision
29 Apr 2021
Looks like some cheevos are gone now
15 Jun 2021
It is necessary to return the achievements for the passage of each character
15 Jun 2021
So agree! I started to play for them and was very disappointed they were gone(

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