Initial D: Street Stage (PlayStation Portable)

Initial D: Street Stage (PlayStation Portable)
ReleasedFebruary 23, 2006
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There are 40 achievements worth 348 (667) points.
Authors: Lewis50248 (40)

Manual Is For Veterans
Defeat any rivals with manual gear
60 (52) of 112
(53.57%) players
A Little Challenge Doesn't Hurt
Enter in Bunta's Challenge
23 (22) of 112
(20.54%) players
Myogi Master
Finish Myogi in less than 3:10 (No Pause and Training Mode Only)
42 (39) of 112
(37.50%) players
Usui Master
Finish Usui in less than 3:24 (No Pause and Training Mode Only)
40 (37) of 112
(35.71%) players
Akagi Master
Finish Akagi in less than 2:58 (No Pause and Training Mode Only)
35 (33) of 112
(31.25%) players
Akina Master
Finish Akina in less than 3:45 (No Pause and Training Mode Only)
35 (32) of 112
(31.25%) players
Irohazaka Master
Finish Irohazaka in less than 3:42 (No Pause and Training Mode Only)
32 (30) of 112
(28.57%) players
Happogahara Master
Finish Happogahara in less than 3:11 (No Pause and Training Mode Only)
30 (29) of 112
(26.79%) players
Shomaru Pass Master
Finish Shomaru Pass in less than 4:01 (No Pause and Training Mode Only)
29 (28) of 112
(25.89%) players
Tsuchisaka Master
Finish Tsuchisaka in less than 3:31 (No Pause and Training Mode Only)
30 (28) of 112
(26.79%) players
Hey You!! You're Coming to Run Too, Right?
105 (88) of 112
(93.75%) players
It Looks Like It's Normal, But It Looks Like It's Running Pretty
90 (76) of 112
(80.36%) players
Are You Still Myogi-Choro-Choro?
Defeat Shingo Shoiji
80 (68) of 112
(71.43%) players
You're Coming to Usui from Somewhere Else
56 (47) of 112
(50.00%) players
I Want You to Battle with me This Time
52 (45) of 112
(46.43%) players
Our Car is Supposed to be the Best Here
Defeat Mako Sato and Sayuki
46 (40) of 112
(41.07%) players
I Saw a Car Like That, So I was so Happy to Talk to Him
47 (41) of 112
(41.96%) players
Even If You Hear That, Don't Look Like You Really Want to do it
44 (38) of 112
(39.29%) players
I Don't Think my FD Will Lose in the Corner
40 (35) of 112
(35.71%) players
We Have a Team Called Akina Speedstars
Defeat Iketani Kouichiro
40 (36) of 112
(35.71%) players
When I was Riding the S13, There was a Rival for MR2
39 (35) of 112
(34.82%) players
Should the Emperor Add it as Target to Conquer the Gunma Area
38 (34) of 112
(33.93%) players
The Number has Changed, But it Must be his Car
33 (31) of 112
(29.46%) players
The Akina AE86.. Well, I think it's Called me That Way
30 (28) of 112
(26.79%) players
When I See That Car, The Unpleasant Memory is Revived
32 (29) of 112
(28.57%) players
I've Been Waiting for You as Promised
Defeat Kyouichi Sudo Rematch
31 (28) of 112
(27.68%) players
No Way I'm on the Same Non-Turbo MR2 as me
31 (28) of 112
(27.68%) players
The Point to Release the Brake is Don Pisha...
28 (26) of 112
(25.00%) players
I Can't Just Watch Daiki Being Killed
28 (26) of 112
(25.00%) players
I Can't Complain Even If I'm a Professional
26 (24) of 112
(23.21%) players
Did You Finally Come to This Pass as You Expected?
27 (25) of 112
(24.11%) players
Did You Hear From Altezza's Glasses?
25 (23) of 112
(22.32%) players
To be Honest, I Didn't Think He Could Run This Far
24 (22) of 112
(21.43%) players
It's This Pass That Darling Will Battle Next Time...
26 (24) of 112
(23.21%) players
It's Been a Long Time Since I Met in Akina
Defeat Ryosuke Takahashi Rematch
24 (22) of 112
(21.43%) players
Man Slips With That Oil, It's Natural to Have an Accident
24 (22) of 112
(21.43%) players
Win the Battle with Project D and You'll Make Money
24 (22) of 112
(21.43%) players
First of All, From the Uphill Battle
Defeat Keisuke Takahashi Rematch
24 (22) of 112
(21.43%) players
I Still Can't Forget About the Battle with You...
25 (22) of 112
(22.32%) players
You Said You Won the Sea and You can Enjoy it a Little
Defeat Bunta Fujiwara (Not Bunta's Challenge)
24 (22) of 112
(21.43%) players
Recent Players:
Fretzi2022-09-26 05:14:27It is in the lobby of The Fastest Legend on Public Roads
Mofush2022-09-24 23:50:15It is in the lobby of The Fastest Legend on Public Roads
BusyBiscuit2022-09-24 00:26:17It is in the lobby of The Fastest Legend on Public Roads
TAITO332022-09-22 22:16:14Is setting your options
KickyPunch2022-09-13 23:57:07Is running against Itsuki Takeuichi in Myogi, Automatic, Difficulty - Ordinary
Masahiro99142022-05-20 20:51:44Is running in Myogi
eval2022-04-29 16:48:02Is running against Atsurou Kawai in Usui, Automatic, Difficulty - Ordinary
CentPie2022-04-21 08:27:46Is running against Takumi Fujiwara Rematch in Tsuchisaka, Manual, Difficulty - New
RubberxDucky2022-04-14 15:52:03It is in the lobby of The Fastest Legend on Public Roads
CrashMatt2022-03-27 13:16:47Is browsing Project D Home
Recent comment(s):
Retrokaiser 31 Aug 2021 13:02
haruuuukoooo 4 Oct 2021 13:55
Mastered! Easily one of my favourite arcade racers on the PSP. Glad it was a part of the launch sets.
deng 13 Oct 2021 19:06
You have no idea how dissapointed i was when after hours of trying to beat the final boss, i realized you could just change the difficulty to easy and all challenge instantly dissapeared. Fantastic game, but the set is missing so much
b0real 13 Nov 2021 15:05
If you have weird issues with your car occasionally not accelerating as it should, try enabling the following options in the PPSSPP core options:IO Timing Method --> HostForce Real Clock Sync --> EnabledMy car (RX-7) would sometimes get into a state where I would be holding down the throttle, the engine sound would play, but the car would accelerate slowly or not at all. Hope that helps someone; the game is much, much more reasonable in difficulty when your sports car can actually hit speeds over 65 MPH :D
heintsi 14 Jan 2022 23:01
Mastered! Little tip, change into 4wd car in uphill battles. Made my life lot easier after I realized that.
Pixelabdrien 24 Mar 2022 00:37
Fretzi 11 Jul 2022 17:43
You can use this scan of the official manual to find you way through the menus.



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