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7th Saga, The (SNES)

Genre:Role-Playing Game
First released:August 3, 1993
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 20 achievements worth 220 (469) points.
Authors: Gaians (20).

Learning the Basics
won by 390 (277) of 407 (95.82%)
Reach level 5
won by 191 (146) of 407 (46.93%)
Reach level 15
won by 109 (84) of 407 (26.78%)
Reach level 25
Grinding is Fun
won by 90 (70) of 407 (22.11%)
Reach level 35
Kamil, the Human
won by 150 (116) of 407 (36.86%)
Reach lv38 with Kamil, or make him join your party
Olaf, the Dwarf
won by 150 (121) of 407 (36.86%)
Reach lv38 with Olaf, or make him join your party
Esuma, the Elf
won by 132 (107) of 407 (32.43%)
Reach lv38 with Esuma, or make her join your party
Wilme, the Alien
won by 101 (82) of 407 (24.82%)
Reach lv38 with Wilme, or make him join your party
Lux, the Tetujin
won by 131 (107) of 407 (32.19%)
Reach lv38 with Lux, or make him join your party
Valsu, the Human
won by 164 (125) of 407 (40.29%)
Reach lv38 with Valsu, or make him join your party
Lejes, the Demon
won by 111 (95) of 407 (27.27%)
Reach lv38 with Lejes, or make him join your party
Water Rune
won by 145 (109) of 407 (35.63%)
You've obtained the Water Rune!
Wind Rune
won by 193 (149) of 407 (47.42%)
You've obtained the Wind Rune!
Star Rune
won by 118 (91) of 407 (28.99%)
You've obtained the Star Rune!
Light Rune
won by 83 (68) of 407 (20.39%)
You've obtained the Light Rune!
Sky Rune
won by 81 (68) of 407 (19.90%)
You've obtained the Sky Rune!
Moon Rune
won by 81 (67) of 407 (19.90%)
You've obtained the Moon Rune!
Wizard Rune
won by 75 (62) of 407 (18.43%)
You've obtained the Wizard Rune!
Legacy in the Ocean
won by 74 (62) of 407 (18.18%)
You've defeated Foma!
A New Hope
won by 72 (61) of 407 (17.69%)
You've defeated Gorsia and finished the game!
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Recent comment(s):
12 Mar 2014
oh damn, i didn't expect to see this here anytime soon. one of the few snes rpgs i have yet to actually explore.
12 Mar 2014
Hy yoyo! Yeah, this RPG is a little obscure, but it's decent and has some good ideas. The biggest problem is the excessive difficulty, good luck getting all achievements :).
15 Jan 2015
Oh god 7th Saga is the hardest RPG of all time, but 7th Saga of a good idea
11 Feb 2015
The Japanese version of the game is considerably more forgiving.
9 Nov 2016
Someone need to make more achievements for this game, seriously this game is awesome and hard too
28 Jan 2017
I would like to see solo clear achievements for all 7 characters, since the set isn't filled out. The characters all play differently, would be cool
4 Aug 2017
Hey there! I was playing my file on ZSNES and I overshot Level 35. I went back to RASNES9X and hit Level 44 and didn't get the Achievement. Can you please help me get it? Thanks!
14 Nov 2017
This is really an epic game
15 Dec 2017
If no one else is going to do it, I've planned a revision for this set.
30 Jan 2018
Alena, I'm glad to see that you are going to be doing a revision for this set. I have followed your sets close and have been impressed by all of them. I look forward to playing this after you are done.
30 Aug 2018
2 Nov 2018
There appears to be a small glitch with the achievements.i convinced Lanes, the demon, to join me and it granted me his achievement but also the one for Kamil, the human.
19 Jul 2019
I played this in tribute to Joe MacDonald, the only person I knew crazy enough to love and beat this grind-fest back in the 90s. Miss you Joe.
10 Feb 2020
One of my weird childhood favorites, but I do love it so~ Had no idea these achievements were a thing until now, so I gotta go for them! ... I-Is that Esuna's name misspelled up there in her achievement...
10 Mar 2020
Grindfest, 480 points is not worth the effort.
27 May 2020
needs to be rescored maybe?
1 Mar 2021
He need revision yes
2 Apr 2021
It's a good game and the achievements are pretty normal, just need more points. This game is too grindy and long for just these points.
9 Oct 2021
Make this a better list! Beat the game with each character as the starting character!!! Let's separate the masochists from the super masochist!
11 Jan 2022

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