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November 15, 2000


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samucka 12 Mar 2023 20:29
Set please
jeantyrr 13 May 2023 11:52
Just copy cheevos from PSX
dhamerian 21 May 2023 20:07
Is it possible we could get the PSX achievements on the DC version? Not interested in playing the inferior PS version if this one is available.
foxsevent 13 Jun 2023 23:09
Capcom isn't gonna gives us a DC remake so at least can we get another set?
shnick1980 8 Aug 2023 22:55
If I knew Dino Crisis more as a game, I would consider taking this up because it does seem like the unfinished demoted set mostly works, so I could maybe use it as groundwork. But I'd also want to at least do a few things to help it stand out from the PS1 set, and unfortunately I've never finished Dino Crisis before, so I don't know if I would be the most creative mind to take the mantle.
foxsevent 8 Aug 2023 23:10
I say go for it, better a copy set than no set I say, and while doing so you may get some new ideas and if not the set can always be revised later on.
Drurso 9 Aug 2023 02:35
Obrigado pelo set.
AlexGatao 10 Aug 2023 14:22
Obrigado pelo set.
retroplayer123 11 Aug 2023 07:02
@shnick1980 Hopefully it is not directly copy from ps1.
People who want to finish this game can finish it in ps1 instead.
I believe the control button in ps1 is more or less the same as dreamcast.

If you didn't finish it before, I think it might be better to leave it to others who might want to create a more difficult/difference set.

There are more games that is not popular, doesn't have sets at all in others platform.

Here is some ideas for u, if you really want to finish this set.

Killing all dino before leaving every room visited, unlock secret passage to helicopter pad, fry a dino in a Elevator, test poison gas with a dino, collect all plugs, killing 2 dino with 1 bullet, no damage clear with best gail ending, finish op wipeout without using shotgun only, give a gift to researcher K, steal the identity with Mark Doyle.

Too bad I am not developer and can't claim a set.
retroplayer123 11 Aug 2023 07:07
ps1 set didn't include most of the ambush as well. It will be good to include those ambush scene or "prevent" ambush scene happen by doing some action as an achievement.
foxsevent 11 Aug 2023 10:06
Tell that to all the people who refuse to play PS1 Soul Reaver because it's a inferior version to the DC one and they rather wait for a DC version to get a set.
The PS1 set for Dino Crisis is pretty much through when it comes to it's content.
You have some good ideas but they maybe not possible for one reason or another otherwise they would've been part of the ps1 set, for example no damage run would've need to be done in one session as there's no way to track health between sessions without letting people cheat
There are plenty copy sets around people shouldn't be forced to play a specific version of a game they didn't grew up with and for that they shouldn't be robbed of good cheevos.
And like I said the set can always be revised and added to by other devs if they want to.
shnick1980 11 Aug 2023 15:49
As it stands right now, I’m approaching this how I did Spider-Man Dreamcast, using a mix of existing achievements from the PS1 set, some stuff from the PS1 set that’s modified to fit what I want, and new original achievements I’m surprised weren’t in the PS1 set. At the moment, I can say with certainty there will be speedrun and no saving achievements. And I’m using completely new names and badges, not the ones from the PS1 set…or that “Achievement 1, Achievement 2, etc.” junk

I might not have finished the game before, but that also holds true for a few other games I devved sets for, like Terminator and Winback. Plus, I am a massive Resident Evil fan, of which Dino Crisis is very similar to. If this works out I might want to do RE2 on Dreamcast next (or wait until the GameCube version is supported).

It might take a while since I’ll need to play through the game and look at all the choices and stuff…but it helps that I can use Alfex’s notes as groundwork to make things a bit easier, and it also helps that unlike Spider-Man, the game seems free of pointers.

I’m hoping IRL crap won’t force me to drop this (probably not, but there’s always that lingering chance), because it seemed like nobody else wanted to do this (possibly because of the mess Alfex left behind), so I figured may as well lay this infamous moment on the site to rest…
foxsevent 11 Aug 2023 16:08
Neat definitely can't wait, the PS1 set was made in 2019 so obviously it was made with an older toolkit not to mention the PS1 version probably works completely different when it comes to memory making some ideas hard or impossible to implement.
I don't suppose I could convince to take a shot at the Soul Reaver DC set? The PS1 set was made by the same dev who did DC PS1 set, sadly he hasn't logged in in a long time.
shnick1980 11 Aug 2023 16:59
Unfortunately, I will have to leave Soul Reaver to someone else.

I know even less about Soul Reaver compared to Dino Crisis, and unlike Dino Crisis what little I have played of Soul Reaver just didn't seem all that appealing to me. Sorry.
retroplayer123 12 Aug 2023 11:02
Thanks for your opinion @foxsevent
1. Sorry I know little on Soul Reaver. I believe there are major differences between DC version and PS version to make them to refuse to play (maybe censor and uncensored of something). However difference between both console in dino crisis is negligible, it is their loss if they choose to limit themself on one emulator.

2. Hopefully u understand it is hard to add cheevo for completed set when you are not the owner of the set. And almost all original dev wont add new cheevo for a released set. Not many developer hope things happen like crash 3. That why I think a completely free set in another platform is quite important for others want to develop cheevo as well.

3. Copy set around doesn't mean it should be worked like that. I feel I am deceiving retro pts by repeating exactly same thing again and it is boring. It don't have to completely different, just dont completely the same.

4. Why not single session for a two hours long game, no damage in 1 session is easier than u think as u got tranquilizer. Even dev find it difficult, they can separate cheevo in two by setting a save point in between them. For instance, no damage from start to unlocking secret lab room. Another cheevo for getting no damage from 3rd energy simulation in secret lab room cutscene to the end. Ppl can save and repeat in that point.
For killing all enemy before leaving room, you got room id and enemy hp address. It is doable in 1 session,but ye it just take time to find all room id that spawn dino.

Btw u can't prevent others to cheat if they want to anyway.
retroplayer123 12 Aug 2023 11:07
@shnick Thanks for your reply.
Hopefully my comment didn't sound impolite. I was worrying on getting exactly same set or some rush set. As a dino crisis fan, I rather have no set compare to repeat exactly same set to deceive some retro points. Good to know u didn't plan to do it.

Again thanks very much for your input.
foxsevent 12 Aug 2023 11:26
Undesirable just thought I ask, I looked at your other sets and you make some very good sets.
Soul Reaver on DC is the same just better looking and with higher framerate and nothing else.
Like I said better a copy set than no set IMHO, I wouldn't call it deceiving as you still need to play and beat the game that takes time and effort plus it gives the player a good reason to replay a good game on a different platform and notice how different it is.
Plus it wouldn't be right for the people who grew up with DC on DC to make their version progression or challenges only, and force them to play a different version, not to mention then people would also get into arguments on which set is better which wouldn't be good.
shnick1980 13 Aug 2023 05:06
Pleased to announce that I've completed a playthrough of the PS1 set and jotted down some ideas as I did.

Mainly I want to see if I can add extra achievements for killing dinos from some of the ambushes, as well as playthrough stuff like I mentioned before.

Also going to look at Operation Wipeout to see if there's any possibility of doing killcount achievements with certain weapons, as the main game doesn't seem to track killed enemies in an easy way.
foxsevent 17 Aug 2023 19:26
I meant understandable not Undesirable, freaking autocorrect and me not double checking.
alegoicoe 25 Aug 2023 06:02
I'll wait as long as it takes as i rather play the dreamcast version. Thanks a lot for your effort.