Dino Crisis (Dreamcast)

Dino Crisis (Dreamcast)
DeveloperCapcom, Nextech, Nex Entertainment
PublisherCapcom, Virgin
GenreSurvival Horror
ReleasedNovember 15, 2000
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Recent Players:
gothicfilmnerd2022-12-07 04:47:58Playing Dino Crisis
Flameburger2022-12-01 07:00:48Playing Dino Crisis
MrVincetti2022-11-23 22:51:20Playing Dino Crisis
BoomerMurphy2022-10-31 05:15:23Playing Dino Crisis
Blackheart13492022-10-29 12:56:52Playing Dino Crisis
Dekadex2022-10-23 23:05:43Playing Dino Crisis
loezix2022-10-04 01:47:15Playing Dino Crisis
Juniorfsa2022-06-18 14:20:58Playing Dino Crisis
Recent comment(s):
IantasGames1995 12 Mar 2022 00:01
Achievements please :)
Soundwaveomg 4 Aug 2022 08:53
No achievements? :(
Excessiveiser 10 Sep 2022 10:49
Definitely one of the sets of all time. Mans is stepping on poor gde's grave.
flyinggipsy 10 Sep 2022 10:55
thanks for this!
Andrey199650 10 Sep 2022 11:22
Alfex could you make your dreamcast set instead of stealing from the ps1 version? ) much more interesting when the same game but the achievements are different
Alfex 10 Sep 2022 11:25
So you want to be denied a reward for defeating the T-rex without moving, taking damage or shooting more than 6 times just because you did it on the DC version?
Paynamia 10 Sep 2022 15:20
I disagree, I find it annoying when different platforms have different sets of achievements, especially when doing so, as Alfex stated, makes interesting challenges pointless on some systems.
foxsevent 24 Nov 2022 04:18
Any cheevos are better than no cheevos.
If you can make something unique for this version that can't be done on the other version then go for it but if not then I don't see any problem with copying them.
Any reason to replay a classic is good for me.


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