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Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (Mega Drive)

Developer:The Bitmap Brothers
First released:1991
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 23 achievements worth 450 (3375) points.
Authors: Stronghammer22 (23).

Seeing Stars
won by 32 (19) of 111 (28.83%)
Have all 5 of your sides stars lit up, at one time
Twinkle, Twinkle
won by 77 (34) of 111 (69.37%)
Hit your first star
Party Time
won by 33 (16) of 111 (29.73%)
Win a match
Double The Fun
won by 11 (8) of 111 (9.91%)
Score a goal with two blue lights on the score multiplier and an electrified ball
Ooh, Shiny
won by 31 (13) of 111 (27.93%)
Pick up 10 coins in a single match
Saving For A Rainy Day
won by 1 of 111 (0.90%)
In a league season, have at least 10,000 in the bank and 7 or more wins
won by 2 (1) of 111 (1.80%)
Deactivate an opponent's star while the freeze power-up is in effect
Welcome to Thunderdome
won by 9 (6) of 111 (8.11%)
Hit the bounce dome 15 times in a single match {Combined with other team}
David and Goliath
won by 5 of 111 (4.50%)
Score any points while Reduce Team or Increase Team are in effect
Knockout Champion
won by 2 (1) of 111 (1.80%)
Win the knockout championship
Clean Sheet
won by 33 (15) of 111 (29.73%)
Keep your opponent scoreless for an entire match
Let Me Out
won by 19 (10) of 111 (17.12%)
The ball is in your opponents half for 140 seconds of a match
Wooden Spoon
won by 2 (1) of 111 (1.80%)
This is a secret achievement
Speedball Master
won by 5 (3) of 111 (4.50%)
Remain undefeated for an entire league season
won by 30 (18) of 111 (27.03%)
Score a goal while the ball is electrified
The Best Defense...
won by 6 (4) of 111 (5.41%)
Have the highest 'Points For' total at the end of league season one
We Will Not Be Broken
won by 2 (1) of 111 (1.80%)
Have the fewest amount of 'Points Against' at the end of league season one
An Electrifying Finish
won by 4 (2) of 111 (3.60%)
Take the lead in the final 10 seconds, with an electrified shot
Be Aggressive, Be, Be, Aggressive
won by 33 (12) of 111 (29.73%)
A player on your team has reached 200 in the aggression stat
I Could Do This All Day
won by 34 (16) of 111 (30.63%)
A player on your team has reached 200 in the stamina stat
I Can Do This With My Eyes Closed
won by 30 (16) of 111 (27.03%)
Score 100 or more points in a single match
Easy Come, Easy Go
won by 44 (23) of 111 (39.64%)
Deactivate an opponent's star
A Token Effort
won by 0 of 111 (0.00%)
Collect 50 of each timer based token {Across games}
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Recent comment(s):
15 Feb 2017
Nice! This was going to be a game I was gonna make cheevs for when I stopped being lazy as hell, glad someone else did it instead xD This game is a masterpiece of retro that I feel people that weren't into the Amiga missed. Give it a go peeps!
1 Sep 2019
can i just let you know, the achievements some are broken because the opponent (CPU) can unlock it too. I got electric goal and deactivate a star from CPU doing that
22 Nov 2020
I've fixed the achievements so that the opponent can no longer trigger them. I've also tweaked the logic for almost all of them to prevent false unlocks (demo mode unlocking Clean Sheet for example). Some of the achievement requirements need to be...
22 Nov 2020
changed, like A Token Effort or Wooden Spoon. Until then, at least the whole set should function as intended.

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