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Dws18 29 Jan 2022 22:57
Wait There was a Prototype of Half Life 1 on the Dreamcast? Huh... Ya learn something new everyday but hey all im saying is Half Life 1 with Achievements would be pretty pog not gonna lie its the only Main Line Game in the Series that never got a tried and true Achievement Set even if this Version is just a Prototype.
Alurith 7 Feb 2022 18:34
Most fans call it Half Life Gold. It's a prototype, but it's 100% complete, did it myself on real hardware. It's only issue is absolutely horrid load times.
Dws18 17 Apr 2022 22:42
Really? Huh... Thats really amazing if that really is the case, Horrid Load Times or not its not gonna stop me from getting a Mastery on this Game, Might have to finally check out the entire Half Life Series when a Achievement Set for this Game does Inevitably come out im looking forward to this now! ^w^
Achievess 18 May 2022 01:56
Achievements needed for this masterpiece
ArcticiaFrost 1 May 2023 01:01
Yeah, it got cancelled right before release. It was a pretty big hit for a lot of retailers too, because there was even a strategy guide printed for it already that a lot of stores had bought in anticipation for the release.
Ashkuso18 10 Jul 2023 10:28
Thank you, it will have achievements, I already wanted to play it again
carboni13 10 Jul 2023 17:24
is this version complete ?
TrueUltimagod 7 Aug 2023 15:55
It is complete and comes with the Blue Shift expansion, it just lacks optimization so doesn't run too well. But you can play from start to finish it just got cancelled late into development.
MilesTailsFan2005YT 13 Oct 2023 19:53
If this was the last us and uk dreamcast game it would of been incredibly impressive
GibusWearingMann 1 Dec 2023 07:00
Put that down... it's a prototype...
dericobanjo 17 Jan 2024 03:50
This version come with Blue shift? Just like the Half-Life version I have on my Dreamcast, but how is this game in prototype?? If it the same version as mine, I dont see anything wrong and it work fine, just the loading between levels takes forever.
FOnewearl 17 Jan 2024 11:18
it never released. it never had the qa polish neccessary for a release. it was cancelled, and games can be cancelled at *any* point in development, even after there's polish and fixes.
dericobanjo 17 Jan 2024 13:53
Then how do I have the game since alot of years ago??
FOnewearl 17 Jan 2024 15:52
A prototype was found and ripped to CDI back in 2003 and had been bootlegged to hell since.
dericobanjo 17 Jan 2024 16:41
Oh, I see, also Im hyped for that set but please, no speedrun, I already did it under 2h for the PS2 version to master it, so we dont need speedrun.
shub 23 Jan 2024 15:51
The released prototypes (there's three of them) are all very close to being ready for release but they were still "in development" and have some minor issues. The prototype I'm using has some loading time issues and minor bugs, but it's completely playable from start to finish with either a controller or a keyboard+mouse. And yes, Blue Shift is included. I'm considering a subset for that since it's essentially DLC for the main game.
VEJETA777 27 Jan 2024 00:03
como se descarga desde esta pagina
VEJETA777 27 Jan 2024 00:03
como se descarga desde esta pagina