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Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment, Action-Adventure, Life Simulation


December 29, 1999


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ZamArch ZamArch

28 Nov 2023, 11:10pm

Developing Achievements

B34rM4n77 B34rM4n77

28 Nov 2023, 12:28am

Playing Shenmue

SylvainPonsero SylvainPonsero

27 Nov 2023, 11:50pm

In the Titlescreen

boomersky boomersky

27 Nov 2023, 11:30pm

Ryo is in the Hazuki Residence [๐Ÿ—“๏ธ03/12/1986 | 09:10am]

rob64 rob64

27 Nov 2023, 5:21pm

Ryo is in Dobuita [๐Ÿ—“๏ธ04/12/1986 | 05:18pm]

mult1scr33n mult1scr33n

27 Nov 2023, 1:34pm

Playing Shenmue

iamCornhoolio iamCornhoolio

25 Nov 2023, 4:01pm

Ryo is at the Hazuki Residence [๐Ÿ—“๏ธ29/11/1986 | 04:17pm]

DrDoon DrDoon

25 Nov 2023, 11:04am

Ryo is at the Hazuki Residence [๐Ÿ—“๏ธ29/11/1986 | 04:07pm]

Captured Captured

23 Nov 2023, 11:07pm

Playing Shenmue

NinjaViking70 NinjaViking70

23 Nov 2023, 8:34pm

Playing Shenmue

Recent comments

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Enherjaren 3 Mar 2023 12:39
Hopefully we will see a set for this soon. GL Zam!
MilesTailsFan2005 5 Mar 2023 22:36
Tripaschief 6 Mar 2023 11:51
Common Zamarch !!! you can do this !!!!
Runecrush376 24 Mar 2023 13:00
Looking forward for the achievements.
carboni13 18 Apr 2023 09:23
lets goo
leopazza 24 May 2023 12:36
Where? Where? Come on, it's about time.
JamesDlucy 13 Jun 2023 12:25
Por favor tragam conquistas pra essa obra prima
italomaroja 24 Jun 2023 19:35
Nao vejo a hora de platina espero q seja melhor q a da steam
Chaos447 2 Jul 2023 16:13
It would be nice if people stopped claiming this and immediately go on to develop achievements for dozens of other games instead.
thegotoguyy 2 Jul 2023 16:17
@chaos447 this is a big game and actually they have been working on it cause I’ve seen the progress. If you really want to see sets for games you enjoy I encourage you to become a Jr-dev and dev games on your wish list. However this dev is under no obligation to dev this one game only. You should know very well this is a massive game and it takes time.
ZamArch 5 Jul 2023 20:32
It is indeed a large game. Doing these 200 hours I have spent so far with the game without doing anything else would be a very very boring. That's why tackling smaller sets that takes about 5-10 hours, every now and then, really helps to make the creating of achievements much more enjoyable.

It has taken a long time and I am making progress towards the end station. But how long it will take I can not tell, might be done by the end of the month, might be by the end of the year. Of course, I don't want this to drag on longer than necessary, as there are other large projects I'm interested in, but I do want to end up with something I can genuinely say I'm proud of.
ThresholdAU 6 Jul 2023 04:35
@zamarch No need to even respond and justify the time taken on a set this size or any size tbh.

Take the space and time you need to make it something that will put a smile on so many faces.

ZamArch 6 Jul 2023 08:06
@ThresholdAU, I'm grateful for your encouraging words. My goal is not to justify the time I spent and will spend, but rather to shed some light on what it takes to make a set like this that might not be obvious from the outside. And understandably so, most people are here to play games
thegotoguyy 6 Jul 2023 08:30
Yeah don't let the comments get to you it has 4 discs its a giant game. Take as long as you need will be waiting patiently
ZamArch 6 Jul 2023 08:42
There is no risk of that for me, I take it as a good-faith misunderstanding
lovelessrapture 10 Jul 2023 14:49
@zamarch Thank you for working on the game. Can definitely appreciate it's a giant experience and it will take an ungodly amount of time to get an achievement set built for it that's up to scratch. Just take your time and when it's ready it's ready. It's not like their aren't thousands of other games people can play instead in the meantime
alegoicoe 25 Aug 2023 05:55
Dude, i highly appreciate you effort, been holding off on playing it until the set it's ready.
MegasAlexandros 10 Sep 2023 18:31
Thank you for your time and effort, ZamArch. This is one my list of games to play. Out of curiosity, are you developing it for the USA or EUR version?
Princescyther 6 Oct 2023 16:22
Waiting for the achievements so I can introduce my gf to the amazing world of Shenmue. Keep up the great work ZamArch.
mtsu 24 Oct 2023 14:16
ouh yeah