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Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letters (SNES)

Developer:The Software Toolworks
First released:October 1994
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 17 achievements worth 49 (49) points.
Authors: Blazekickn (17).

The Princess, The Plumber, and The Dinosaur
won by 279 (262) of 399 (69.92%)
100 percent attendance - Nobody is absent for today's lessons!
Now You Know Your ABCs...
won by 330 (290) of 399 (82.71%)
Next time won't you sing with me?
The Sounds of Literature
won by 300 (274) of 399 (75.19%)
Definitely sounds like a human and not like a computer trying to be human!
An Ear for Literature
won by 273 (254) of 399 (68.42%)
Congratulations! You passed Luigi's Sound World exam!
Like Judging a Book By It's Cover
won by 298 (271) of 399 (74.69%)
First impressions are important!
Now On to the Second Letter... Right?
won by 269 (252) of 399 (67.42%)
Congratulations! You passed Luigi's First Letter World exam!
The End of a Chapter
won by 298 (273) of 399 (74.69%)
You may think this is the end but the education is only just beginning!
Learning Never Truly Ends
won by 269 (251) of 399 (67.42%)
Congratulations! You passed Luigi's Last Letter World exam!
Forget Those Other Letters...
won by 296 (271) of 399 (74.19%)
THESE ones are special!
Real Talk This Minigame Literally Teaches You Nothing
won by 269 (251) of 399 (67.42%)
Congratulations! You passed Luigi's Vowel World exam!
Education is Like a Sentence...
won by 301 (274) of 399 (75.44%)
It keeps going and going until you give up and stop writing forever!
Wait no sentences end... what even are these titles anymore
won by 270 (252) of 399 (67.67%)
Congratulations! You passed Luigi's Sentence World exam!
I'd rather do real jigsaw puzzles than play this anymore tbh
won by 307 (278) of 399 (76.94%)
At least jigsaw puzzles don't make me LEARN!
Education is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle...
won by 275 (255) of 399 (68.92%)
Congratulations! You passed Luigi's Building World exam!
I Don't Need Any Hints!
won by 386 (309) of 399 (96.74%)
I'm smarter than your average preschooler!
...Ok I Need a Hint!
won by 261 (248) of 399 (65.41%)
I actually need educational help Luigi why won't you help me you just keep saying the same thing!
Too Cool for School
won by 276 (256) of 399 (69.17%)
I guess you don't need an education to be successful!
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Recent comment(s):
25 Jul 2018
Can some one tell me how to unlock "Too Cool for School"? I tried leaving during leasons, getting things wrong but I can't figure it out XD
25 Jul 2018
You have to go through the green pipes through the various rooms/lessons and then in the 3rd room take the exit using the blue pipe.
26 Jul 2018
Thanks man! The cheevos are funny as hell man :D
28 Jul 2018
MD5: 18db415de1a6eaf478852bd1f1f63c3a
4 Nov 2018
18 Nov 2018
Who are these people actually playing this abomination just for the sake of getting 100 extra points?
11 Dec 2018
After a long time away from this site, I felt like finally going back to it... and playing this stupid game to get me started off XD well done with that, time for the number game :P
4 Feb 2019
I mastered this great masterpiece
12 Feb 2019
I have mastered this unforgettable classic.
18 May 2019
8 Nov 2019
holy moley, this is so hard man, glad they made a god tier set for this masterpiece
17 Jul 2020
Look man, I play video games to have fun, not to tear my hair out dying to freaking goombas over and over again.Can you please make these achievements a little easier?
16 Sep 2020
25 Nov 2020
16th game that I've mastered. Love some of the titles of the achievements and it's a good learning tool for kids.
27 Nov 2020
Mastered! It was super hard ^^
25 Dec 2020
30 Dec 2020
Mastered. Now i know my ABC's.
24 Feb 2021
Mastered! Now I can be a professor.
7 Mar 2021
2 May 2021

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