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Junior Developer Graduate (Events)

First released:2018
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 9 achievements worth 0 (0) points.
Authors: televandalist (9).

Basics I
won by 125 (125) of 125 (100.00%)
RAM Digging, Code Notes, Hit Counts
Basics II
won by 125 (125) of 125 (100.00%)
Pauses, Resets, and Deltas
Basics III
won by 125 (125) of 125 (100.00%)
Alt Groups, Comparisons, and Memory Sizes
Basics IV
won by 125 (125) of 125 (100.00%)
Accurate Descriptions, Protections, No Unwelcome Concepts, and Stability
Intermediate I
won by 125 (125) of 125 (100.00%)
AndNext, Bitflags, and Prior
Intermediate II
won by 125 (125) of 125 (100.00%)
Add Hits, Checkpoints, and Mem>Delta Counters
Advanced I
won by 125 (125) of 125 (100.00%)
Pause Locks, Hit Counts as Timers, Add Address, Add Source, and Sub Source
Advanced II
won by 125 (125) of 125 (100.00%)
Measured, MeasuredIf, OrNext, and BitCount
Best Practices
won by 125 (125) of 125 (100.00%)
RP, Leaderboards, Point Distribution, etc.
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Recent comment(s):
19 Aug 2020
thank you!
20 Aug 2020
I finally graduated! I cheated my way thru this the first time :P
22 Aug 2020
Stupid question: Why 'OrNext' is on "Advanced II" instead of "Intermediate I" achievement? It's the one that you can use when you don't want to use Alts as OR logic flag on some cases. I remember using that as same level of 'AndNext' on my first set
22 Aug 2020
Hmm... Noticed it just now on official topic on forums. It says "Advanced + New" which composes "Advanced I" and "Advanced II" achievements. However, I think I should take an extra look on other level groups (subsets) too to don't miss any information
24 Aug 2020
Mastered and Graduated! :D
31 Aug 2020
It's only under Advanced cause it's a newer one. Also, Mastered!
8 Sep 2020
Mastered. Thanks to savestates!
14 Sep 2020
nice ee tunrack brooooooooo
14 Jan 2021
nice jr dev grad
27 Feb 2021
Can we get a speedrun achievement for this game?
27 Feb 2021
Depends. If by speedrun you mean least ammount of sets until dev, yes, that'd be good. If it's by actual time, idk, I think it would promote less complex and less thought out sets.
8 Apr 2021
I am proud to master this one! Thanks Televandalist for this set (Event) and, also, for the diploma! :)
16 Jul 2021
^ I speedran this one... 1 set = mastered ;) Aaaand then speedran the demotion as well, by being inactive, lol.
21 Aug 2021
"We are the champions, my friends!" :')
22 Aug 2021
I found the hidden message!
9 Sep 2021
Mastered <3
18 Sep 2021
23 Sep 2021
21 Oct 2021
Too bad i'm not one of them!
21 Oct 2021
@Lucoshi Vai depender de voce e de nego te aceitar. Porque se for pra fazer merda igual na revisao que tu propos no Banjo-Tooie em 2020 ao qual mataria 95% do set e do trabalho do Eldexter, acho melhor aprender BASTANTE coisa antes de procurar ser desenvolvedor direito e tambem se dar conta de que Retro Achievements e site proposto pra se criar desafios, nao de tornar as coisas faceis demais... :v (For english speakers: avoid using Google Translate for translation of foreign language - ask their native speaker instead, thanks!)

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