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December 14, 2001


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Jawsh 15 Jan 2021 01:55
I know the N64 version can be boring. How can we add this game to retro achievement?
r3tr0gam3r89 10 May 2022 12:59
I know you posted this quite a long time ago, but I only just decided I want to try the original Animal Crossing having only started with ACNH and trying a couple of the other previous games, so I decided to see whether there are achievements here first. I do not know the original all too well, having not played it yet, but to what I understand from reading about the game, there are probably quite a few things which could be achievements. The obvious ones would be paying for your loan and donating things to the museum. Also how about having an achievement where you have to trigger Resetti by not saving the game when you exit? Another could be reaching the maximum of 15 villagers, though I don't know how hard this is and if it would even be worthy of an achievement, I guess it would simply for the start of the game.

Would love to see a set made and any other ideas anyone may have, especially people experienced in playing the game!
JaclynLauren 16 Sep 2022 13:03
Please please please add this game
Necturion 18 Sep 2022 13:54
I think it will come soon. PS2 will be rolled out and I believe GCN will follow soon after.
NickCulture12 2 Nov 2022 19:35
How can there be a set request for a console that doesnt support retroachievments?
Owochi 14 Apr 2023 10:05
I hope this gets added at some point
kpatrickwv 28 Apr 2023 12:38
I would be happy to help contribute to adding this game to RetroAchievments. Currently I'm playing on a Retroid 3+, but it seems like a PC emulator is required. I'm reasonably sure I could get up to speed and devote a couple hours a week to this.
ValentinoT 2 Feb 2024 19:57
But GameCube games gonna have achievements ?!?
Whithbrin 2 Feb 2024 20:15
I only ask one thing. Please don't let there be an achievement for maxing out the bank like in Wild World.
Breembin 3 Feb 2024 01:16
I agree with Whithbrin, I love doing the WW set but some of the bell achievements are just tedious. Very excited to see what this set will bring!
markdarkness 3 Feb 2024 08:20
Hyped! I wonder if Dolphin can run the NES games within AC just fine...
reypacino 5 Feb 2024 09:29
Please consider using the european version for multi-language support.
Bryan1150 6 Feb 2024 04:22
Ill try to see if I can get both USA and PAL compatible
reypacino 6 Feb 2024 08:37
Thank you!
orchidcnr 7 Feb 2024 01:53
my life will finally be able to begin in few months time
Empovyle 21 Feb 2024 08:23
Unfortunately there is an item exclusively obtainable by saving 999,999,999 Bells at the Post Office, so if there's another achievement for collecting all the furniture items in this set like there is in Wild World, the tedious Bell grind might be necessary here too. I hope not and hopefully it can be excluded somehow but we will have to see.
Bigfrog 23 Feb 2024 11:15
Yep. That's the reason I stopped bothering with WW
Bryan1150 29 Feb 2024 23:10
Post Office will probably be subset, asked for approval, 100M would still be core as 10% of the goal does feel viable with some small turnip min maxing