Tomb Raider
Console icon Game Boy Color

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Core Design


Eidos Interactive, THQ


Action-Adventure, Cinematic Platforming


June 8, 2000


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03 Dec 2023, 10:57pm

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29 Nov 2023, 11:50pm

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28 Nov 2023, 8:40am

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Z0N4 3 May 2023 17:20
Can't lie about it but, being a little kid, this game scared the frick out of me. Hope it will get a set.
sllide 17 May 2023 07:09
i vaguely remember playing this on on a old j2me phone
Mendil 28 Jun 2023 21:42
Looks interesting!
PhunkyWizar65 19 Oct 2023 20:43
No set for this one? :(