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Lufia: The Legend Returns (Game Boy Color)

Genre:Role-Playing (RPG)
First released:Sep 20, 2001
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


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Recent comment(s):
7 Dec 2018
Anyone with spare time?
19 Dec 2018
I dont know if it's possible for someone to create achievements for this game because some parts of the memory are missing. The "D000-$DFFF" Internal RAM - Bank 1-7 (switchable - CGB only) is the problem here.
19 Dec 2018
RA tool seems to change between all 7 banks in D000-$DFFF so the addresses appear unstable all the time on RATools making it impossible to use some address related e.g. to characters stats.
3 Jan 2019
All ROMs are like that? Is the game playable due to that?
4 Jan 2019
As far as i know the game play fine with the emulator. The problem is with the tool we use to create achievements. These memory bank controllers are stored inside the game cartridge. Some games require these bank to expand the available address space
4 Jan 2019
Unfortunately some games like Lufia store some useful info we need in order to create some achievement in these banks and unless we have a stable way to read all memory banks it is impossible to create achievement for a few games.
7 May 2020
GBC banked data should be accessible through virtual addresses above $10000, so the banking problem shouldn't be an issue any longer.
30 Sep 2020
we must try

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