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April 1st, 2023


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gschleser 2 Apr 2023 14:12
I never thought an april fools joke would be enough to crash the servers, but it happened. fortunately i was able to find out which rom was needed and play before the set got deleted. I got to be in the top 1% for a day which was pretty funny
TheRealBillHicks 2 Apr 2023 14:30
It is a pretty funny idea. Glad to see so many people enjoyed it!
drisc 2 Apr 2023 14:44
Awesome event, glad I was awake to witness the chaos at the start
rdgvieira 2 Apr 2023 14:55
Foi muito bacana o evento, odorei estar entre os 300 do site por algum momento.
Agora de volta a minha posição original!!!
E vamos lutar para subir de novo!!!!
1979 2 Apr 2023 15:37
Now this gets taken back out of us as inflation. :(
For real however lol funny idea.
Chauckles 2 Apr 2023 17:04
i miss having points
MatheusBrazuca85 2 Apr 2023 17:12
Mariano literally killed RA for a whole day, what the fuck
YahwehTzVaoth 2 Apr 2023 18:50
Easy come, easy go. <3
Kingsombra 2 Apr 2023 20:00
I feel so empty now. D:
Spark5S 2 Apr 2023 22:34
Jungon 3 Apr 2023 03:54
The points were just a distraction, the real thing here was to gain 10 more requests =D
televandalist 3 Apr 2023 06:32
I started planning for this late last year and thought it was too funny not to do it. I had no idea how it was going to go and I certainly didn't anticipate that it would get 500 players (a few untracked users did it so the actual total is 501). My favorite part was watching my dev stats skyrocket... my yielded points were over 50,000,000. I'm glad people had fun with it.

My sincerest apologies and thanks to the RAWeb guys who put up with my shit.
BenTobitt 3 Apr 2023 06:39
I shit a brick when I logged on and saw my ranking. It was definitely one of the more creative ways to prank everyone, thanks for the laugh mate.
KimuraGracie 3 Apr 2023 08:03
Great stuff televandalist. Funniest part for me was the 20 extra set requests. That and the fact that people are requesting this one again.
televandalist 3 Apr 2023 08:51
The extra set requests (which you will lose if you withdraw them) were the real Stimulus
1337haXXor 3 Apr 2023 12:47
Aw, I wish I'd've known the request would stay, I would've used them all! At least I got to use a few. Thanks a bunch for the set, that was a lot of fun! I'm sure the dozens of manual unlocks kept you pretty busy, haha.
Stephie 4 Apr 2023 06:09
I used to be top 500, now I'm in set request debt.
williamgeesdorf 4 Apr 2023 15:09
10/10 set, would play again lol
Kurochi185 12 Apr 2023 18:29
We definitely need something like this again next year!
Froste 16 May 2023 19:25
dahell is this?