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Frogger (Intellivision)

Frogger (Intellivision)
PublisherParker Brothers
Title Screenhot
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Authors: ThatAmericanSlacker (13)
There are 13 achievements worth 143 (201) points.
Beat Level 1 for the first time
33 (32) of 35
(94.29%) players
Beat Level 2 for the first time
17 (17) of 35
(48.57%) players
Beat Level 3 for the first time
15 (15) of 35
(42.86%) players
Beat Level 4 for the first time
15 (15) of 35
(42.86%) players
Beat Level 1 without losing a life
20 (20) of 35
(57.14%) players
Beat Level 2 without losing a life
15 (15) of 35
(42.86%) players
Beat Level 3 without losing a life
15 (15) of 35
(42.86%) players
Beat Level 4 without losing a life
15 (15) of 35
(42.86%) players
Get 5,000 Points on Any Level
25 (24) of 35
(71.43%) players
Get 10,000 Points on Any Level
20 (20) of 35
(57.14%) players
Get 20,000 Points on Any Level
11 (11) of 35
(31.43%) players
Loop around to the other side of the screen on the river
26 (26) of 35
(74.29%) players
Get a frog to the other side of the bank without pressing left or right
24 (23) of 35
(68.57%) players
QRS666 1 Jan 2023 07:42
How does this core work when it comes to controls? First time my gamepad worked fine but after quiting RA and trying again, the pad does not work in the game..but it works to start the game etc. Any hints on controls is appreciated. Thanks!
Glendaal 1 Jan 2023 15:27
It wasn't working for me either until i tried pressing a few buttons randomly, at some point the directional controls returned. Try pressing L1/R1 or L2/R2
QRS666 1 Jan 2023 15:48
I finally understood what was going on lol. YOu need to press the mapped button for "select" as it swaps the controller ports. Then it works. I must have pressed it by misstake earlier on :)
Glendaal 1 Jan 2023 16:53
If you have any problems with some deathless achievements not working, shut down the game completely and try again, that's what worked for me for deathless level 2 and 4
QRS666 1 Jan 2023 17:09
Yeah, I had those problems. I had to restart for the icons to show up again. Saving the 20k for tomorrow. For some reason this version of frogger does not go well with my glasses lol. I get a weird 3d effect and it makes me dizzy! Other than that it is a cool version though!
Jungon 2 Jan 2023 05:49
It worked for me using my player 2 configuration, which was done because about 1/3 of the Intellivision games needed it for different reasons, also deathless 4 was done after resetting, it didn't work the first time ... and the leaderboard might be activating in the second last life instead of the last ... mastered =D
crazychaos1091 2 Jan 2023 23:59

Achievement Distribution

High Scores

11Sutarion Sutarion2023-02-26 03:46
10NEOMAR NEOMAR2023-02-26 00:03
9alphacrust alphacrust2023-01-07 00:20
8guineu guineu2023-01-06 20:47
7crazychaos1091 crazychaos10912023-01-02 23:58
6QRS666 QRS6662023-01-02 15:01
5Jungon Jungon2023-01-02 05:44
4HorseJockey HorseJockey2023-01-02 02:11
3AllKindsOfJames AllKindsOfJames2023-01-01 20:58
2Xotoco Xotoco2023-01-01 19:15


Best score for Level 1
HorseJockey HorseJockey42240
Best score for Level 2
Glendaal Glendaal35690
Best score for Level 3
crazychaos1091 crazychaos109117860
Best score for Level 4
HorseJockey HorseJockey9910