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Donkey Kong Barrelpalooza Hack
Console icon Arcade

~Hack~ Donkey Kong Barrelpalooza (Arcade)


Paul Goes


June 16, 2021

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Author: PaulGoesDEV (16)
There are 16 achievements worth 221 (272) points.
Score 25000 points

18 (13) of 26

69.23% unlock rate

Score 50000 points

13 (10) of 26

50.00% unlock rate

Reach board count 13: you played each of the 12 different boards

12 (10) of 26

46.15% unlock rate

Reach board count 25: you played each of the 12 different boards twice

10 (8) of 26

38.46% unlock rate

Board 1 - Steering Bonus - Double steer ten barrels (each barrel must be steered twice)

16 (15) of 26

61.54% unlock rate

Board 2 - Into The Dark - Complete the board but climb the ladders in the dark only

18 (14) of 26

69.23% unlock rate

Board 3 - Crazy Kong - Grab the top hammer and land on the girder

13 (11) of 26

50.00% unlock rate

Board 4 - More Wilds - Hit a red wild barrel with the hammer

18 (15) of 26

69.23% unlock rate

Board 5 - Pauline's Heart - Get Pauline's heart within a bonus timer decrease of 800

20 (17) of 26

76.92% unlock rate

Board 6 - Both Hammers - Stay for at least fifteen seconds at the smal girder island

17 (15) of 26

65.38% unlock rate

Board 7 - Reverse Run - Make jumpman invisible the moment the first fireball spawns from the oil can

16 (15) of 26

61.54% unlock rate

Board 8 - Slow Barrels - Successfully jump three enemies (barrels and/or fireballs) at once

16 (13) of 26

61.54% unlock rate

Board 9 - Shifted Girders - Complete the board using no more than 4 ladders

17 (15) of 26

65.38% unlock rate

Board 10 - Pauline's Items - Get each of Pauline's Items at the moment she is yelling at you

14 (12) of 26

53.85% unlock rate

Board 11 - Spring Time - Hit six springs with the hammers

14 (12) of 26

53.85% unlock rate

Board 12 - Anti Gravity - Stay for at least twenty seconds at the girder where the barrels roll uphill

15 (14) of 26

57.69% unlock rate

WCopeland 16 Oct 2022 14:42
Focus on the Points and Twelve Boards achievements last.

Prioritize the "BRD" achievements. Which board you play is random, and after every death the board will change. If you land on BRD 01 and you already have the BRD 01 achievement, intentionally die in the hopes you'll land on a board you don't have the achievement for.

Doing this over and over will let you sweep the BRD achievements and also prepare you for the more-challenging Points and Twelve Boards achievements.

I found BRD 08 - SlowMo Triple Jump to be the most difficult achievement of the set. It was too much pain and frustration to attempt any 3-object jump that contained a slow barrel. I waited to get a group of three containing only normal barrels and jumped those.
WCopeland 16 Oct 2022 14:45
Also worth nothing, for the two Twelve Boards achievements, dying increases your current board count. Therefore, while you do need to reach a board count of 25, you only need to survive 22 of those.
WCopeland 16 Oct 2022 14:55
BRD 01 - Like standard arcade Donkey Kong, you can coerce barrels that are above you on the screen to come down ladders by walking in their direction. If you steer a single barrel multiple times, you earn points.

BRD 02 - Take note of where barrels are rolling down. Those paths are the same ladders you want to climb up.

BRD 03 - Tap left as much as you can without falling off the girder. Once you hit that point, tap both left and jump at the same time to wall jump and grab this hammer.

BRD 04 - Camp the bottom right hammer for as long as possible. The moment the wild red barrel appears, grab the hammer.

BRD 05 - You need to replay this one until the level is 1, or maybe 2. If the level is 4 or 5, the barrels will roll down the ladders while you're trying to climb them. You cannot delay at all here, you must dart directly for the heart if you are to grab it within 8 ticks of the timer.

BRD 06 - It's okay to straight jump on the island. The only threat here is weirdly grouped barrels and wild barrels. Try jump steering: straight jump and while mid-air hold left or right to coerce barrels to go down ladders in favorable ways.
WCopeland 16 Oct 2022 14:55
BRD 07 - Immediately dart for the oil can. Be standing behind it while the fireball spawns.

BRD 08 - Get a group of three barrels containing only normal barrels and jump those rather than trying to figure out patterns for the slow barrels.

BRD 09 - For the girders that are nearly touching (see the achievement icon), you can hop onto them rather than taking a ladder. There are two on the screen that meet this criteria.

BRD 10 - Let go of the joystick before landing on the prize platforms. If done correctly, you'll land but not actually grab the prize. Wait until the girl's yelling text is on the screen, then tap right to grab the prize. This is a much easier timing to achieve.

BRD 11 - Very straightforward, just keep your eyes on where the spring is spawning and smash it.

BRD 12 - Steer barrels away from the anti-grav platform.

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