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Aladdin (Mega Drive)

Developer:Virgin Interactive / Disney Software
First released:November 11, 1993
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There are 22 achievements worth 320 (1016) points.
Authors: GamerPupUK (10), GGM (8), Scott (3), StingX2 (1).

The Desert
won by 3164 (1444) of 3553 (89.05%)
Reach 'The Desert'
Black Market in Nowhere
won by 1190 (699) of 3553 (33.49%)
Find The Peddler in 'The Desert'
One Jump Ahead
won by 2384 (1217) of 3553 (67.10%)
Reach 'Agrabah Rooftops'
Black Market in Downtown [m]
won by 387 (289) of 3553 (10.89%)
Find The Peddler in 'Agrabah Rooftops'
Arabian Nights
won by 1848 (1017) of 3553 (52.01%)
Reach the Sultan's Dungeon
Cave of Wonders
won by 1504 (884) of 3553 (42.33%)
Reach the 'Cave of Wonders'
The Escape
won by 1241 (752) of 3553 (34.93%)
Begin Your Escape from the Lamp
Rug Ride
won by 899 (488) of 3553 (25.30%)
Reach 'Rug Ride'
Friend Like Me
won by 888 (485) of 3553 (24.99%)
Reach 'Inside the Lamp'
The Palace of Agrabah
won by 809 (443) of 3553 (22.77%)
Reach 'Sultan's Palace'
Jafar's Palace
won by 779 (429) of 3553 (21.93%)
Reach 'Jafar's Palace'
Prince Ali
won by 596 (359) of 3553 (16.77%)
Complete the Game
The King of Thieves
won by 319 (247) of 3553 (8.98%)
Complete the Game on Difficult Mode.
Abu the Thief
won by 355 (247) of 3553 (9.99%)
Complete 'Abu in Agrabah' without taking damage (Level Select allowed)
Abu the Kleptomaniac
won by 273 (190) of 3553 (7.68%)
Complete 'Abu in the Cave' without taking damage (Level Select allowed)
Lucky Day
won by 1423 (717) of 3553 (40.05%)
Win 4 times in a row at Genie's Machine
Duplicated, Duplicated, Duplicated...
won by 366 (254) of 3553 (10.30%)
Fruity Street Rat
won by 2454 (1165) of 3553 (69.07%)
Collect 90 apples!
Rich Street Rat
won by 2829 (1332) of 3553 (79.62%)
Collect 10 gems!
Someday, Abu
won by 3266 (1454) of 3553 (91.92%)
Collect an Abu Minigame token
Robber's Loot
won by 589 (369) of 3553 (16.58%)
Get 50000 Points
Sultan's Wealth
won by 300 (223) of 3553 (8.44%)
Get 100000 Points
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Recent comment(s):
5 Nov 2020
Excellent set, easy! Only problem was the Abu bonuses in the hardcore, I could never get the pattern right XD
23 Jan 2021
@alexdatadestroyer I have the USA ROM with the same hash than the one in the "info section". Achievements load, but they dont unlock :( . Maybe it is an emu problem? I use master system with genesis plus GX . Thanks.
26 Jan 2021
@noxter7 This set is for Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) console, not for Master System though. Only emulators available to play MD sets are RALibretro and Retroarch right now. Make sure that you are using an updated version of them and their cores.
26 Jan 2021
I'm trying 3 hours to beat ''Lucky Day'' Award just by luck.
2 Feb 2021
@alexdatadestroyer thanks. I dont know what I was doing bad, but know it works :)
6 Apr 2021
16 May 2021
None of the level achievements work for me. The checksum seems to be correct, and i've tried Genesis Plus GX, Picodrive and BlastEm. Also tried every difficulty.
16 May 2021
@Falkkensys Try updating your emulator and cores and try again through a cleaner gameplay without any cheat usage
16 May 2021
@Alexdatadestroyer This is what i've tried: Latest RALibRetro (1.3.6), and latest Genesis Plus GX and PicoDrive cores, no cheats (why would i cheat?). I've made it to the escape level, and i've unlocked other achievements on my way there.
16 May 2021
Why the level achievements aren't unlocking.. I have no clue about that. I've played Sonic 1 and SoR2, and they've worked perfectly. These are the first achievements i've had problems with.
16 May 2021
@Falkkensys So, I suppose that you already updated RA Integration on RALibretro, right? This one is mandatory to update if emulator asks for it. If everything is correct on your side, I can take a deeper look on this set later...
16 May 2021
@Falkkensys Which Rom are you using? Can you post the hash here? (Go to "ROM Information" on "Retroachievements" tab in RALibretro to get it).
16 May 2021
@Alexdatadestroyer Yeah, i've used RALibretro for the games i've played here. Updated the cores in Settings -> Manage Cores. The RA integration is fully updated, and i'm using hardcore mode. The rom checksum is: a6fc42bd5d19e36e5d8a2d8c4f4e9d23.
16 May 2021
@Falkkensys As for cores, you have to unzip them manually after download since RALibretro can't do it itself like Retroarch does. Did you do it already? By the way, other things seems correct enough.
16 May 2021
@alexdatadestroyer Hmm, where can i find the zipfiles for the cores? Just checked the /cores directory, and i can only find genesis plus gx and picodrive dll files there. No zip files.
16 May 2021
@Falkkensys So, it seems that is it possible to directly download them now? :o Zips were deposited on this same directory before. I found a ticket just now pointing the same issue as yours created in this month. I will take a deeper look at this issue later!
16 May 2021
@Alexdatadestroyer Awesome, thank you so much :D
18 May 2021
I'm currently repairing the set, stay tuned. Already know why the progression achievements weren't working.
18 May 2021
@Ryudo Nice! xD
18 May 2021
Set is back up o/

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