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December 1990

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Author: PhilInTheBlanks (28)
There are 28 achievements worth 425 (1,653) points.
You got the mighty yo-yo!

1,186 (659) of 1,193

99.41% unlock rate

You got the Shooting Star!

258 (176) of 1,193

21.63% unlock rate

You got the Super Nova!

169 (118) of 1,193

14.17% unlock rate

Defeated the C-Serpent and began your search for Uncle Steve

701 (421) of 1,193

58.76% unlock rate

You defeated the evil Octo and helped the dolphins

476 (317) of 1,193

39.90% unlock rate

Exorcised Maxie and retrieved the Crystal Ball

256 (173) of 1,193

21.46% unlock rate

You used the Scroll Of Obob and awakened Bananette

249 (169) of 1,193

20.87% unlock rate

You've been swallowed by a whale?!

246 (167) of 1,193

20.62% unlock rate

You deciphered the code and began homing in on Uncle Steve's location

246 (168) of 1,193

20.62% unlock rate

You cleared the Captain's Strait

208 (144) of 1,193

17.44% unlock rate

Defeated C-Serpent without taking damage

322 (245) of 1,193

26.99% unlock rate

Got Peter to talk!

240 (166) of 1,193

20.12% unlock rate

Entered the underground ruins

204 (141) of 1,193

17.10% unlock rate

Congratulations! You've beaten StarTropics!

148 (101) of 1,193

12.41% unlock rate

You found Uncle Steve!

182 (123) of 1,193

15.26% unlock rate

Defeated Octo without taking damage

219 (167) of 1,193

18.36% unlock rate

Defeated Magma without taking damage

99 (75) of 1,193

8.30% unlock rate

Defeated Maxie without taking damage

95 (73) of 1,193

7.96% unlock rate

Find and defeat the final Minie in the Graveyard

130 (101) of 1,193

10.90% unlock rate

Defeated Broken Joe without taking damage

79 (58) of 1,193

6.62% unlock rate

Defeated The Twin Statues of Sumocho without taking damage

86 (64) of 1,193

7.21% unlock rate

Defeated The Jet-Pack Jumpers without taking damage

68 (47) of 1,193

5.70% unlock rate

Defeated Osteroid without taking damage

65 (44) of 1,193

5.45% unlock rate

You got the 2nd Magic Cube! Let's take out those alien scum!

156 (105) of 1,193

13.08% unlock rate

Defeated Zoda Prime without taking damage

63 (46) of 1,193

5.28% unlock rate

But nothing happens...

170 (124) of 1,193

14.25% unlock rate

Found the secret room in Captain Bell's Cave

179 (152) of 1,193

15.00% unlock rate

Found the secret room in Sumocho Cave

121 (88) of 1,193

10.14% unlock rate

Recent Players:
PennNationalDude2023-06-01 22:21:05Playing StarTropics
zxx12023-06-01 13:06:07Chapter 4: Confession
pianoman882023-05-30 02:11:22Chapter 1: Prelude
MrPacman2023-05-15 20:00:14Chapter 1: Prelude
lurock2023-05-07 02:02:08On the Title Screen
Microdose2023-05-04 04:14:25On the Title Screen
Elevatorninja2023-04-15 00:59:53Chapter 3: Storm and Calm
ShifterDX2023-04-08 21:22:43On the Title Screen
exodus2023-04-05 20:26:17Chapter 3: Storm and Calm
galewind122023-04-04 01:59:18Chapter 1: Prelude
PranHunter 27 Aug 2016 02:35
The last one, it's impossible, who unlock him it's a really badass!!!
HippopotamusRex 28 Dec 2016 09:36
Zoda has a weakness when he's 1 diagonal away since he can't attack diagonally. He has to come to the adjacent square, in which you go diagonal again. As long as you have a 2x2 and control it well it's not too bad.
Lava303 8 Jan 2017 03:43
Chapter 3 Mountain Tunnel Screen 4 is pure fuck. I hate it and dont working with my Hori Pad. 1000times and everytime i die.
MasterSwordUltima 26 Feb 2017 17:47
Some reason I can't get Search and Destroy to pop for me. Any reason for that? Is there another hidden Minie somewhere that I'm not aware of? (Besides the one that leads to the healing room just before the Maxie fight).
Lava303 27 Feb 2017 21:32
After you have defeat the big ghost, you must go in left room and there you can find the last mini ghost.
MasterSwordUltima 28 Feb 2017 06:15
Oh my god, that was it. I can't thank you enough.
groff16 18 Mar 2017 23:17
I got the last chest for the last Achievement gg .... Love this game ...
ROTFLandmines 21 Jun 2020 07:23
Finally wrapped this up today. Thoroughly underestimated how long Osteroid took lol
Kat2K 7 Nov 2020 00:43
"Watch your step" was ridic. I think that was luck.
SYKEKO 31 Jan 2021 17:22
Such a great game, each world has something new.
groff16 31 Jan 2021 18:31
One of the greatest I have ever played ...
ChronoGear 7 Feb 2021 00:33
Mastered! Underrated game, definitely worth playing
CristianNicolai 24 Jul 2021 03:40
Mastered, thx for the set.
BloodiestCODY 29 May 2022 19:22
being able to find rom that works with both Retro Arch and This site is a pain...
groff16 14 Jul 2022 03:47
Try using USA(Roms) it works most of the time. But another thing you can try is switching to different cores as well.
Deansrule 3 Nov 2022 19:40
Mastered! So many great memories of this growing up, calling NiN power for the code to the sub because of no manual lol.
***Warning*** don't keep hitting Zoda at the end once he's beat, this will skip the final scene and the cheevos won't pop. I found this out the hard way and had to beat him twice! Good luck folks, I'm off to play the sequel.
chocolatiel 11 Feb 2023 14:25
First timer, loved it! and the set: cheff kiss! thanks for the fun set PhilInTheBlanks! 11:44 playtime. Hardest cheevo for me: Watch Your Step. Galactic Domination was surprisingly easy. Heading for Zoda's Revenge now :D RUN, RUN! HURRY, HURRY!

Achievement Distribution

High Scores

39deewhiz deewhiz2023-05-06 07:08
38Subotai666 Subotai6662023-04-24 18:39
37HalDanGhor HalDanGhor2023-04-13 20:20
36BenTobitt BenTobitt2023-03-13 09:06
35leravioli leravioli2023-02-14 16:09
34chocolatiel chocolatiel2023-02-11 14:11
33Deansrule Deansrule2022-11-03 19:27
32Osiristime Osiristime2022-09-22 18:30
31DigitalJeremiah DigitalJeremiah2022-08-30 18:43
30Glendaal Glendaal2022-03-16 20:09


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