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RoboCop 3 (NES)

Developer:Probe Software
Publisher:Ocean Software
First released:August 1992


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Recent comment(s):
21 Jul 11:02 2018
The best Robocop on Nes there are no achievements. And what a great music here
21 Jul 14:35 2018
At the moment they are only in the unofficial.
22 Jul 0:22 2018
Join with another dev to make more cheevos for this game. At least, for weapons and secret ways.
22 Jul 9:13 2018
I wrote to you about weapons and rooms. What is not clear? Will you say the same thing ten times?
23 Jul 9:40 2018
Dude, calm down a bit. If some dev will add more cheevos then the set will be official. If you want to be that "some dev" you must learn new things.
23 Jul 9:40 2018
If you don't want to learn (and just release what you CAN do) then the set probably will be in current state forever.
23 Jul 15:08 2018
Believe me, I'm completely calm, buddy. I did not pretend that they would make me a developer. Do not you know that many people asked for a pack. I tried to at least something to transcend. And now everyone can try, and imagine what they can in futur

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