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~Homebrew~ Do I Pass? (Game Boy)

~Homebrew~ Do I Pass? (Game Boy)
Developer:Taylor McCue
Genre:Visual Novel
Released:August 19, 2019
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 6 achievements worth 21 (23) points.
Authors: Infernox (6).

For Me and Me Alone
won by 52 (47) of 52 (100.00%)
Obtain the 1st ending.
Newfound Confidence
won by 44 (41) of 52 (84.62%)
Obtain the 2nd ending.
Float On
won by 39 (37) of 52 (75.00%)
Obtain the 3rd ending.
I Call It... "Thinking"
won by 51 (46) of 52 (98.08%)
Attempt to read your own mind.
Kindred Spirit
won by 45 (43) of 52 (86.54%)
Have a conversation with another ghost.
I Love Microplastics!
won by 27 (27) of 52 (51.92%)
Obtain a handful of glitter.
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Recent comment(s):
9 May 2022
I was thinking about devving this game for Pride Month this year, but it is so damn depressing... it couldn't really have a big enough set for a badge, but should get some recognition regardless
1 Jun 2022
Mastered! Thanks for the set, great game. Powerful stuff, trans rights are human rights bb
1 Jun 2022
Mastered, interesting perspective. Kinda could relate a little. I liked the art and the short narrative. Would recommended.
1 Jun 2022
Thanks for putting this set together, this game deserves it.
1 Jun 2022
1 Jun 2022
how tf do i get glitter
1 Jun 2022
1 Jun 2022
I feel bad hating a set for a game with trans rep as much as I hate this. but that 1/100 chance is one of the worst 2 hours of my life and I didn't even get the achievement.
2 Jun 2022
Mastered. Short, but sweet game. I really liked the story in this one.
6 Jun 2022
Passing isn’t always the goal for some. If you do not want to be, then you need not conform to a gender binary. The real achievements in life are to be your authentic self and surround yourself with those that respect and love you. <3
8 Jun 2022
8 Jun 2022
Playing this, I feel bad for the girl as she is almost always set to doubt herself after the game ends. It's relatable and I can only hope the person who made the game is in a better position mentally than our protagonist. That said, while I keep resetting to find the elusive handful of glitter, I am finding myself avoiding the bus riders that can clock her, even though the game doesn't conclude when I realize the glitter is not there for me on that run, and even when those with neutral or positive thoughts have longer text boxes to read through. I may be more in line with the protagonist than I want to be.
10 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022
Mastered! It's sad that certain people are so intolerant of others ... People should be able to be who they are and not have to worry about what others think of them
22 Jun 2022
I realize 6 achievements = Badge, but a 1/100 achievement is just annoying.
3 Jul 2022
Waste of time.
1 Aug 2022
17 Aug 2022
Can you only find the glitter on the 3rd bus after the second bus with the ghost as a passenger?

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