Pick Axe Pete | Didi na Mina Encantada (Magnavox Odyssey 2)

Pick Axe Pete | Didi na Mina Encantada (Magnavox Odyssey 2)
PublisherNorth American Philips Consumer Electronics Corp.
Title Screenhot
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There are 16 achievements worth 205 (551) points.
Authors: MGNS8M (16)

I Wanna New Pick
Pick up a new pickaxe from a gold boulder. New pickaxes are worth 5 points.
14 (9) of 19
(73.68%) players
Save Keys To Get More Points
Get a key for the first time. Keys are worth 10 points.
16 (14) of 19
(84.21%) players
Doorway to Gold
Enter a door for the first time. Doors are worth 20 points!
14 (13) of 19
(73.68%) players
Doorway to Deep Dark
Enter a dark room, then find your way to an exit that isn't dark without fully dying.
8 (7) of 19
(42.11%) players
Miner Door Master
Enter 10 different doors without dying. (Entering a door in a death-state does not count.)
3 (3) of 19
(15.79%) players
Major Door Master
Enter 25 different doors without dying. (Entering a door in a death-state does not count.)
2 (2) of 19
(10.53%) players
Miner Pickaxe Panic
Get a new pickaxe 10 times without dying, not from level-start or door-entry.
4 (4) of 19
(21.05%) players
Major Pickaxe Panic
Get a new pickaxe 25 times without dying, not from level-start or door-entry.
2 (2) of 19
(10.53%) players
You've Struck Gold!
Get at least 50 points or more.
12 (11) of 19
(63.16%) players
You've Hit The Mother Lode!
Get at least 100 points or more.
8 (7) of 19
(42.11%) players
You're Living Rich!
Get at least 250 points or more.
5 (4) of 19
(26.32%) players
Buy The House On The Hill!
Get at least 400 points or more.
4 (3) of 19
(21.05%) players
Buy Texas!
Get at least 600 points or more.
3 (3) of 19
(15.79%) players
You Have Founded A Dynasty!
Get at least 800 points or more.
2 (2) of 19
(10.53%) players
Buy Alaska!
Get at least 1000 points or more.
2 (2) of 19
(10.53%) players
Is There Bread In Heaven?
Go through all 8 colored gates(including red) at least once without fully dying.
2 (2) of 19
(10.53%) players
Recent Players:
Guigongas2022-09-28 18:33:27Playing Pick Axe Pete | Didi na Mina Encantada
Recent comment(s):
Jungon 21 Jan 2022 07:40
Any brazilians around here..? This game is Didi na Mina Encantada
Anic 3 Aug 2022 00:02
where is Didi
MGNS8M 4 Aug 2022 16:44
As far as I know, other than box-art, there's no difference between those versions. I was going to check to see if it was compatible but the only versions I could find were exactly identical MD5s as the base USA/Euro version already linked.
ParaParaKing 4 Aug 2022 18:04
My favorite game as a five year old. Thank you!
Jungon 4 Aug 2022 18:26
I think there is just one think keeping the set from perfection,.... the achievement "Is there bread in heaven?" ... which is to go through all colors in levels
MGNS8M 4 Aug 2022 18:45
Oh... interesting suggestion. I think it's possible, I'll look into it, will try to add it before you complete the set. Hope the pickaxe ones are working by the way...
Jungon 4 Aug 2022 18:59
I had to invent a new way of playing the game to get the 25 pickaxes on the same level,. .. mastered =D but I'll play it when there is a new cheev, .. thanks for the set, it's great!
Jungon 4 Aug 2022 19:01
Oh, one more idea, might be a good cheev: dying without fully dying, I'd call it "The Mine is Enchanted" or something, ... I might be too much aware of the brazilian name .. XD
MGNS8M 4 Aug 2022 19:06
I would, but it's typical that people look down on die-on-purpose stuff, but it would be fun. My only fear is that it's a tad bit RNG to make it work, otherwise it might have been interesting.
Jungon 4 Aug 2022 19:37
That's ok then.... mastered =D
FabioManoel1977 4 Aug 2022 23:54
The real name of this game is "Didi na Mina Encantada" at least here in Brazil
FabioManoel1977 4 Aug 2022 23:55



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