~Hack~ Final Fantasy VI T-Edition +EX (SNES)

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ShwayNorris2022-06-21 22:44:27Playing ~Hack~ Final Fantasy VI T-Edition +EX
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LockDown2341 6 Jan 2022 08:45
Been hearing a lot about this. I think someone could make some good achievements from it.
atratus 26 Feb 2022 07:17
niiiice. lookin forward to the day this one is taken and drops
LandonTheLad 23 Mar 2022 22:14
Waiting for achievements to play this one. Seems like the definitive version from what I've seen on YT. Hope someone picks up the gauntlet
Granfalloon 24 Mar 2022 22:41
This hack has a system of quests and achievements with a room to track all of them but you do need to navigate to thar room in Narshe in-game everytime. It would be amazing to link it's achievements to retroachievements. They are all documented in Kain Stryder's translated guide in the translation file, 1st link in the OP: http://ngplus.net/index.php?/forums/topic/992-ffvi-t-edition-v294english-10-11922/
atratus 25 Mar 2022 02:57
whoever makes this set, DO NOT MAKE LEVEL CAPS PLEASE. this games already hard enough on its own. don't need hard level caps to come in on this ty
Xenobia 7 Apr 2022 18:56
Strange how one of the best romhacks of all time still doesn't have Retroachievements. Hopefully someone works on this someday.
And like another poster has said, there're achievements in the game already that can be used as a baseline.
And please no level cap ones :P
suspect15 20 Nov 2022 17:45
This is interesting to me. After I'm done with Wild Arms 3, if this is still up for grabs, I'll make a set for it.
atratus 20 Nov 2022 22:40
awesome. as long as no level cap, ima shoot for top 10 for this one



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